By Hikaru Hayashi

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Chapter 4: Epilogue

The rest of the festival went by. Unfortunately, because of the well incident, Mokuba's brother ended up missing the rest of the festival. All because of his great big ridiculously long name. In about a week, he was as good as new!

Unfortunately, because he missed the end of the festival, he was also very pissed off. ("Darn it all! I hate my name!" "Don't worry, Nii-sama! There's always next year!")

However, bad consequences don't always come with bad events. The family learned many important lessons after the last well incident.

Mokuba learned that no matter what other people think of you, you can always accomplish great things to show them up and prove that they're dead wrong.

Mokuba's older brother, Seto, learned that sometimes, it is good to do what people tell you, even when it takes the fun out something. He also learned to stay away from wells (he never went back, I'll tell you that much).

And their mother learned the most important lesson of all: That all your children, oldest or youngest, can achieve great things, and that it is better that all your children have nice, little, easy-to-remember, short names instead of great big ridiculously long names that not even your little brother can remember and so that they don't get teased. It saves everyone some grief.

So, from that day forward, Mokuba's brother was always called "Seto".

And he liked a lot!

And, so, the moral of this tale is quite simple. No, it's not "don't give your children great big ridiculously long names" and it's not "when something goes wrong, just blame your no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather" (though that has nothing to do with the story anyway).

The moral of this story is: STAY AWAY FROM WELLS! Especially ones that happen to have WATER at the bottom of them, or ones that just happen to TRANSPORT YOU THROUGH TIME! No matter what kind, the message is clear, no well is a good well.

And that, my friends, is that.

The End!

My third completed fic::Cheers: I'm so happy!

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