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The lights come on in the studio as the host, Moonyasha, enters while everyone is cheering. She walks over to the podium and sits down and shuffles the papers on the podium before looking up. "Hello and welcome to Who's Line is it Anyway, where things are made up and the points don't matter! Yes, the points don't matter just like Grima and Saruman! On tonight's show we have Aragorn the returned king, Frodo the hobbity ring bearer," The audience looks at her, wondering is hobbity is even a word. "Sam the stupid fat hobbit," she receives a death glare from Sam. "Pippin the hungry hobbit, Merry the cautious one, Gandalf the grumpy wizard, Gimli the smelly dwarf, Boromir the dead Gondorian, and Legolas the perfect Elf!" Moonyasha resists the urge to hug him to death. Legolas reclines in his chair, then smiles and flips his hair behind his head causing every female in the audience to faint. "So... hot." Moonyasha mutters, then composes herself. "Anyway, in case you have never seen this show before, what I will do is give the performers things to act out right off the top of their heads and then I will award points at the end. Okay?" The Fellowship nod their heads. "Okay! First we'll do my personal favorite, Crazy Newsecasters. This one will be for Aragorn, Legolas, Pippin and Merry. Aragorn is the news anchor who is looking for a girlfriend, Legolas is the co-anchor who is on a rollercoaster, Pippin is doing sports and will be acting like Brittany Spears, and finally, Merry is doing the weather and is on a sugar high," Moonyasha finishes, watching the selected people set up the stage. As they sit down, the music starts and they begin.

"Good evening and welcome to the 7:01 news. I'm you new anchorman, Noo Bee. Today's top story: A building is attacked by rabid mushrooms." Aragorn pauses for a moment, scanning the girls in the audience. "Let's go to my co-anchor, Meat Ball. What's the story Meat?"

Legolas is holding his hands out as if he is holding onto the lap restraints of a roller coaster. "Well Noo, the mushrooms were faced by the local fire depart... MMMEEENNNTT!" he finishes, screaming and acting like a roller coaster has just gone down a large hill. He stops, taking a breath,"As I was saying, the fire department squashed all of the mushrooms and everyone was FFFIIINNNEEE!" It seems that the roller coaster has gone down another hill.

Aragorn gives Legolas a strange look. "Anyway, lets go over to Baked Beans for sports."

"Thanks, Noo," Pippin says in a high-pitched voice, then begins singing, "Today in ping pong, the Eagles beat the Nazgul, 2,534 to -34!" He finishes, ignoring the audience and Moonyasha who have covered their ears.

"Right." Aragorn says, glancing at Legolas who is still on the roller coaster. "Lets check on the weather, shall we? Bam?" Aragorn checks out the girls in the audience again.

Merry is bouncing up and down on a pogo stick. "In today's forecast, there will be a mix of cotton candy and sun, with ice cream showers a little later." He begins bouncing higher, oblivious to the fact that the ceiling hangs low where he is jumping. "Then it will hail. The high for today will be 2,135,694,023 degrees." He yells, having banged his head on the ceiling.

"Okay... thanks Bam. Thank you for tuning in. Up next is last week's horse race. Good night all." Aragorn finishes. Moonyasha is currently laughing her head off, smashing the buzzer which looks as if it is about to break. The audience is laughing their heads off.

"Okay... everyone... gets... one... thousand... points!" Moonyasha gasps as Aragoron, Legolas, Pippin and Merry return to their seats. "Great job, guys! Anyway, time for the next game, Super heroes! This one is for Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, and Gimli."

"What about me?" Boromir whines.

"You'll go next." Moonyasha sighs. "Like I was saying, Frodo will start and each person will be making up a name for the other, Okay?" All nod. "Good," she turns to the audience. "Okay, give me a bad situation involving a car." There are many shouts, then she chooses. "I heard flat tire. Okay, Frodo is Mr. Cheese Guy and has a flat tire on his car. Start."

Frodo walks on stage and pretends his car has a flat tire. "Now what am I going to do? I'll be late for the super heroes convention!"

"Sorry I'm late Mr. Cheese Guy!" Sam walks over heroically.

"Thank goodness you're here, Rubber Man!" Frodo says. Sam looks embarassed at the name. "Now you can fix my tire!"

"I'm on it!" Sam pretends to patch the tire as Gimli walks on stage, accidentally falling over Sam.

"Sorry I'm late, I came as soon as I could." Gimli says getting up off the floor.

Sam decides to get back at Gimli. "Thank goodness you're here, Helium Boy!" You can blow the tire up!"

"Sure," Gimli mutters, then begins to blow up the tire as Sam continues to patch it. Suddenly the tire explodes and Sam and Gimli fall over.

"No what?" Frodo cried, trying to make this skit as funny as possible. "Now I can't get to the convention!"

Gandalf walks over. "Sorry I'm late!"

"Thank goodness you're here, Sub-Space Lad!" Gimli almost bursts out laughing. "Now you can get us a tire!"

"Right on it!" Gandalf pretends to pull a tire out of sub-space and has Gimli and Sam replace it. Then, Moonyasha bangs on the buzzer, signaling for them to stop.

"Okay, one thousand points to everyone! And an extra two hundred to Gimli. I liked the Sub-Space Lad thing." she chuckles. "Anyway, until next time on Who's Line is it Anyway!"

So, did you like it? I know it was short, but If you want more, tell me, and also tell me the names of the other games other than Scenes from a Hat.