Everyday Average Ordinary

A/N: Yay! It worked! All right, this is my first ever fanfic. It is an AU where the Titans are just kids at high school. Here is a list of the Titans and the names they have in the fanfic:

Robin: Dick Grayson
Cyborg: Victor Stone
Starfire: Kori Anders
Beast Boy: Garfield (Gar) Logan
Raven: Rae Roth
Bumblebee: Beatrice (Bea) Nallan
Speedy: Rob Harper
Mammoth: Matt Teth
Atlas: Allan Ross
Aqualad: Gil Santher

Well, I hope you like it. There's not really any fluff in the first chapter, but no worries, it'll come in the second and beyond! Here you go...

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans. I frighten small children. I don't own a toothbrush. I'm not the norm. Yeah, anybody who's a Chris Farley fan knows where I'm going. Woo! Farley fans unite! Anyways, those of you who are slightly disturbed, its one of his Saturday Night Live skits...moving on...

Chapter One

Brrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggggg! The shrill bell at Jump City High School rang noisily. Students began streaming into different classroom doors, all ready to resume school once more.

In Room 207, junior student Dick Grayson quickly sat up towards the front of the classroom. He was in his advanced math class, probably his favorite class of the day. The average-height boy had spiky black hair, big glasses with black frames, and wore a red sweatshirt and green cargo pants.

"Please, students, simmer down now," said the math teacher, Mr. James. The 50-somehting teacher ushered the students to their seats, everyone groaning slightly and putting their binders into the desks. After taking attendance, Mr. James turned to the chalkboard and started writing formulas on the board.

Dick began scrawling down notes on his paper. Mr. James was going fast and he was probably the only student in the class able to keep up.

"All right," the old math teacher announced. "Now for a short review." A chorus of groans sounded out from the classroom as sheets of paper were handed out to each student. Dick looked down at the first question. The Pythagorean Therum, triangulation, and advanced calculus looked back at him.

"Piece of cake," Dick muttered as he scribbled down some equations.

"Hey…" Dick squared the x value…

"You! Dick!" The spoken of boy turned around, immediately wishing he hadn't.

Sitting behind him was Matt Teth and Allan Ross. The two were the biggest bullies at Jump City High School. Matt was a huge, bulking mass of a man, all brawn and no brain. His best friend, Allan, was also large, though not quite as big as Matt, but had two digits in his IQ to Matt's one. Allan was also hyper-competitive and egotistical.

"What's question one?" Matt muttered under his breath. Dick just turned around and tried to get back to work.

"You!" Allan then called something that made his eyes widen slightly. He took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. Something hit him in the back of the head.

"Leave me alone!" Dick hissed through his teeth. Matt grinned slightly.

"Sure thing, buddy. Just tell me what one is." Allan smiled as well.

"No! Just let me be. Do it yourself!" Dick was starting to get really angry.

"It's just a simple number. Let's hear it-" Allan started trying to reason with Dick, but was cut off by a very mad sounding Mr. James.

"Mr. Grayson! Why, of all people. Certainly, I would have expected this from Mr. Teth and Mr. Ross, but Dick, my best student! Cheating!" Dick's jaw hung open slightly.

"Mr. James, I wasn't cheating, I-" Before he had a chance to explain, Mr. James swooped up all three of their papers and said,

"Detention. After school. All three of you." Matt and Allan just groaned, but Dick felt his face grow hot. Detention. He never so much as got a warning in class. Ever. And now he was going to detention for something that wasn't even his fault.

"All right, good job Bryant! Keep it up!" Victor threw the football back to his linebacker and continued in on the drill.

The Jump City High School football team was currently running practice on the field. The large players were running drills and plays, and Victor was loving it. Football was his passion. He had been playing it since he could remember. As soon as a football team was available, he started in on it. He practiced twice as hard as anyone else, and was more committed to it than his schoolwork, often causing him to slip below average. In his junior year, Victor was made captain of the football team, and had become even more devoted to it then. He was a tall, muscular man who seemed to literally be built for football. He was in his senior year and had many scouts looking for him to play college.

"Stone! Here! Now!" Victor turned around to see Coach Malloy, motioning for him to join him outside of the locker room. Victor jogged over, grinning.

"Hey, Coach. What's up?" His grin faltered slightly as he saw the dark expression that covered Malloy's face.

"Stone. We need to talk," he said sternly.

"Sure thing, Coach. What is it?" Victor felt slightly uneasy inside, like he was about to be told he wasn't doing good enough. He hated whenever anything like that happened.

"It's about your grades." Victor immediately frowned. He thought he knew what was coming next. "Stone, you're slipping under. Now, normally your grades have been fair. Not great, but good enough to keep you on the team. Right now you've got mostly C+s and B-s. Except for the A's in PE and tech." Victor put on a smile.

"So we're good, right?" He started jogging in place, anxious to get back to running the drills.

"No. We're not. Stone, I was talking to Ms. Beverly, you're English teacher, earlier today. You're pulling a D+ in her class." Victor stopped running, but didn't say anything.

"Stone, I can't keep you on the team. You need a passing grade in each of your classes. Look, our first game isn't for two weeks. If you can pull your grade up, even to a C-, then I can put you back on the team. But, for now, you're benched, and you've got detention."

"What? Coach, c'mon, you can't do this to me!" Victor pleaded. "Football…well…it's my life! You can't bench me!" Coach looked down slightly, putting his hand on the captain's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Stone. We need you. You're an excellent player and a wonderful captain. But I gotta do it. Just get that grade up, okay, Stone? We need you." Victor sighed, looking at the ground.

"You can go suit down now."


Three girls sat in the back of the classroom, all in a row. They were the It Girls. The in crowd ones, the popular girls who everyone wanted a part of. They were Bea Allan, Kori Anders and Kitten Moore. Bea was a tall girl with dark skin, curly black hair and big hazel eyes. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad and known for her trademark attitude. To her right was Kori Anders, an equally tall redheaded girl with bright green eyes and tan skin. She had previously moved to Jump City from a small European country, Tamaran. To Bea's left was Kitten Moore, an average-height blond girl with fair skin and big blue eyes. Kitten was known as the meanest of the trio, materialistic and bratty.

Bea looked at her French teacher, making sure that she was still looking at the board. She expertly kept her eyes on the teacher, while drawing her hand under her chair and towards Kori's. The redheaded girl brought her hand down and picked the slip of paper up. She unfolded it in her lap and began to read it.

As soon as Madame turned her attention to another student, Kori quickly began to scribble a reply to the note. She then passed it to Bea, and received one from Kitten. All three girls were experts at this process, having done it every day in every class they had together.

Kitten began to pass Bea a note.

"Kitten Moore!" All three girls jumped into the air as Madame stormed over to them.

"Let me see that." Madame drew out her hand, snapping it and glaring at Kitten.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Kitten said sweetly, blinking her baby blue eyes a few times.

"Cut the act, Miss Moore. I want the note." Kitten bit her lip, looking at Bea and Kori. They looked flustered and had blushes growing on their faces. Kitten sighed, but handed over the note.

"Hm…you too, eh, Bea? And Miss Anders! You know, girls, this is getting out of hand. This is the third day in a row I've had to deal with this," Madame said sternly.

"We're sorry, we-" Kori started, but was interrupted by the French teacher. She quickly said,

"Detention. All three of you. Enjoy it." She then turned her back on the three gaping cheerleaders.

"Bye, Mr. Evers," Rae waved as she walked out of the door. The art teacher looked up and smiled warmly at his best student.

"Good-bye, Rae. Have a wonderful day." He waved as well.

"Thanks, Mr. Evers. You too." Rae Roth then turned and headed for her next class. She looked at the ground, deep in thought, and trudged along, taking careful measure not to touch anyone or make eye contact with them. Rae was a small girl, short for her age and a petite frame. She had pale skin, large indigo eyes, and lavender colored hair. She was wearing dark colored jeans and an oversized baggy black sweatshirt.

The girl walked silently through the door to the girls' locker room. She quickly changed in her corner, trying not to draw too much attention to herself. She filed out with the others, and sat in her spot in PE. She sighed, wishing she was still in art class.

Art was Rae's love. She could sit for hours in front of a canvas, or with a hunk of clay, or ceramics. Anything. She could make anything and everything beautiful. She had been involved in the arts for as long as she could remember. She excelled at it, while, her least favorite subject, PE, she just couldn't get. The teacher was constantly making them run laps or do push-ups or sit-ups. Rae did well at them, the teacher, Mr. Holland, just didn't seem to like her much.

"All right, class, pay attention! We're doing basketball today. But, we don't have enough basketballs, so A-M are going to do 2 on 2 first, while N-Z does laps."

"What? Not enough basketballs!" Rob Harper shouted out. He was a tall boy with bright red hair and green eyes. He had a lean physique, and was the star of the school track team. An easy favorite for a teacher like Mr. Holland. "That's ridiculous!"

"I agree, Harper. But don't worry. We're taking some of the art departments funds to pay for some more." Rae's cheeks went warm.

"What?" She spat out. Some students turned to look, surprised that the brooding artist Rae Roth so much as uttered a sound. "That's an outrage! The art department needs those funds! There's hardly enough hairs on the ten paintbrushes we have to make one decent one!" Some kids snickered.

"Well, that's not my problem." Mr. Holland said.

"It should be! You can't take the funds! Mr. Evers needs them! I need them! This is an outrage!" Rae shouted.

"Look, chill. We don't have enough basketballs. It's not going to kill your precious art department if we take some cash from it," Rob said, shrugging his shoulders.

"How could you say that? What if we just started taking money from the PE's budget?" Rae said. Most of the students had began to play basketball or run laps, all except Rob and Rae, who were standing across from each other.

"You can't do that though, cause I'm in ASB and I voted to take some from the art budget. So tough luck, sweetheart," Rob whispered, leaning down towards Rae's face and grinning a small evil smile. She felt her cheeks grow warm once more. She muttered something under her breath, glared, and then leapt on Rob. She tackled him to the ground, and started punching him and calling him choice words and phrases. Everyone stopped to watch as tiny little Rae took out Rob Harper, star athlete.

"Hey! Hey, c'mon, Roth, off of Harper!" Mr. Holland ran over, blowing his whistle. He picked a still kicking and punching Rae. Rob scuttled backwards, then stood up.

"This is ridiculous. I've seen third graders more mature. C'mon, Harper, this is unbelievable. Detention to the both of you." Rob and Rae stood there, mouths agape and staring at the PE teacher. Rae then repeated some of the words under her breath to Rob once more.

Gar Logan quietly ducked around a corner and peeked down the hallway. No one was coming. Grinning to himself, the boy darted around the second corner, hiding in the shadows.

Gar was an average height boy, but was pretty skinny. He was long and lanky, with moppy hair that he dyed green, olive skin (a/n: get it? Olive skin? Cause you can have olive skin that's tan, but then there's olive green. And BB has green skin…okay, stopping now. Sigh.) and jungle green eyes.

He was known at his school to be a prankster. He always had a joke at the ready, and provided humor for Jump City High School, mostly at the expense of others. He was often rendered immature, though, and seemed to concentrate more on getting a few laughs than a passing grade.

Currently he was skipping Biology to pull this one off. He didn't really care though. He hated Biology. They were probably dissecting a frog or something. A vegetarian and strong animal rights activist, that was one thing Gar Logan refused to do.

The boy ducked around a corner until he came to the door of the Teachers Lounge. He pulled out a lock pick from his pocket and got to work. Once the door came undone, he silently slipped through and dove behind the couch.

If he had one thing going for him, though, it was his creativity. Gar excelled at subjects like shop because of it. He always made inventions and devices that were complex and intricate, but seemed like a piece of cake to him.

Gar pulled one of these trinkets out of his pocket. He pressed a button in the middle, and waited for his brainchild to erupt.

"EeeeeeeAAAAHHH!" A feminine wail sounded out, and a loud eruption of running water could be heard. Gar tried to hold back giggles. He did it. He got back at Miss O'Malley, the cranky old Drama teacher. He waited to see her race by. But his face lost color as he saw whom it was.

A soaked Mrs. Anderson walked by. Beast Boy gulped as he looked at the drenched principal.

"Garfield Logan I know you're behind this!" She roared as she pushed her wet hair behind her ears. "Get out here this instant and I may not bring your parents into this!" Gar did as he was told. His mom and dad were already on his case about his most recent failing math grade, and he couldn't afford anything else.

"Garfield Logan, explain yourself right now. How on earth did that toilet explode?" Mrs. Anderson gestured behind her where water was flowing out of the bathroom. Gar giggled slightly.

"Well, you see, it's not my fault. Today when I was walking to school I saw a UFO over the school and it was a colony of brainwashing toilet people who were trying to flood the earth, and-" Mrs. Anderson held up her hand to stop him.

"I've heard enough. Garfield, if you could only use all of that energy and creativity for a positive use, then think of how great you could be." She sighed.

"Right, I'll work on that," Gar said. "In fact, I think I'll start right now-" Mrs. Anderson held up her hand, sternly saying,

"You're going to start on it, all right, Mr. Logan. Right after detention you'll start."

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