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July 1971

"Frances, please, just hear me out! It was…nothing! C'mon baby, please, just one more—"

"One more what? Chance? Do you actually expect more out of me? And I thought I told you never to call me baby! The nerve of you, I—"

"Frances Houseman Garrett, if you hang up this—"


Baby glared down at the smooth, glossy black telephone sitting on her mahogany desk. Sighing, she laid her head down in the crook of her arms, fighting off the sobs that threatened to engulf her. If she were to tell the truth, she wouldn't know why she was crying. Joshua Garrett had been bad news from the beginning. Only problem was, she had been so desperate that she couldn't see it, even when every one around her had told her repeatedly.

What had she gotten herself into? She couldn't do it again. This was the last straw. A woman could only take so much, couldn't she? After seven years of marriage to a man whore, what more could Baby do? She had tried turning her head the other way, she had tried forgiving and forgetting, and every time he always came back to her and promised not to do it again. He would be as good as gold for a few months, and then the same old tendencies would creep up on her like the demons that had haunted her life. Josh would come home, Baby would send Katie and Chris to bed, and then she would take the brunt of his drunken fury herself. He had never given her more than a black eye or a bruise, but she was too afraid to find out what would happen if she went home tonight.

Baby had just told Josh that she wanted a divorce. Of course, Josh was a "Christian man", and being separated from his wife would look bad at company parties. There was no way he would be happy. Then she would have to confess to his beatings to get full custody of Chris and Katie, and to manage a restraining order. But those worries were for later. Wiping her eyes, Baby touched her cheekbone, still tender from last night, and glanced up at the clock. 4:30. Time to go.

Baby walked out of her office, thanking heaven that it was Friday. As she walked past Susan, the front desk secretary, she rapped on the wood. Susan glanced up abruptly, and smiled when she saw Baby's face.

"Well, hey, Frances, are you stepping out early this afternoon? I would've thought you would have stayed to finish up this weeks article on—" Baby held up her hand.

"Yeah, Susan, I'm cutting out today. I have to pick up Chris and Katie from camp this afternoon. I haven't seen them since they left a few weeks ago, so I'm a little anxious." Susan smiled, her green eyes lighting up.

"Say no more." Susan glanced up at her friend, and her brilliant smile faded softly at the slight bruising on the side of Baby's face. Baby began to turn away, then stepped back as if reconsidering herself.

"Hey, Susan, I'm, um, I'm going up to visit my parents' next week. Could you tell Jake that I won't be back till next week, but that I'll send him the stories needed before we go to print next week, okay?" Susan's smile disappeared.

"Frances, did he tou—" Baby laid her hand on top of her friend's hand lovingly.

"Don't worry. I'm taking care of it. I just need…time. Can you do that for me, please?" Susan nodded, but no other words escaped her mouth.

"Thanks," Baby whispered, tears filling her eyes again. She quickly turned from the desk and walked briskly towards her white '65 Ambassador.