The last door….

I can almost reach it…

She'll be here, when I can get to it…

…I know she will….

I…I can't reach it….

…Just a little farther…

Please… …I can almost hear her …


"Huh?" Sora sat up… "oh" he sighed lying back down, "it was just another dream." His gaze fell to the

nightstand beside him. There was the picture of her… She was the only reason he kept going… "I miss

you" he whispered to the picture. "I'll find you, I promise. Then we can go home." He sighed and

pushed himself out of bed and set her picture back down gently on the nightstand. He walked slowly

to the window. The sun was just rising over the tops of the building in Traverse town. He looked over,

across the room to where his companions should be. Donald was there, and Sora could smell breakfast

cooking, he knew where his friend was. How could they follow me across the worlds for no other reason

other than a sense of duty? He wandered back into his room, and picked up the picture. He glanced back

out the door, then he pulled the picture to him. "I will find you, and we can stare at the sunset over the

ocean…and…and…everything will be ok again. It will! I promise."