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Summary: How the Teen Titans really began: in chaos. Spoilers and pairings are non-existent.

Chapter 1:


There was one day in the history of Jump City that stood out to the residents as a day of unprecedented chaos. Sure, the city had suffered through standard petty crimes, several disruptions perpetrated by aliens, mass hypnosis on more than one occasion, hostile takeover by a madmen, several near cataclysms, and, to top it all off, time stopping completely. Although, to be fair, no one knew really knew about that one. Except for a few very puzzled car passengers who suddenly found themselves upside down and halfway across the street in smashed vehicles. And the city officials who appointed the construction crew that eventually had to give up on finding a way to separate two office buildings which were mysteriously forged together and sported with a gaping hole in the middle.

ANYway, Jump City was a town that lived the meaning of the word chaos. But there was one day, more than any other, that in the future, grandparents would relate to shiny-eyed children: the day the Teen Titans formed.


A very disgruntled teenager with painstakingly gelled black hair slowly drove his motorcycle onto the road at a rather sedate pace. Behind him, the officer in the police car which had just stopped him for going thirty over the speed limit nodded and gave him a friendly wave. The teen glared and gritted his teeth together in a grimace that might generously be called a smile. This was NOT a good beginning in his career as Jump City's newest superhero.

The day had started out well enough. The weather was perfect for the drive from Gotham, and Robin had been cruising along in his costume—no more secret identities for him, he was going to be a hero full time—and coming up with a good speech to use on the police commissioner of Jump City. While Batman had allowed the transfer, Robin had wanted to handle the details himself. He had been so involved in his speech, in fact, that he had been neglecting the road signs...

Twenty minutes later, he had backtracked enough to make the turn for Jump City. Robin had to take a few deep breaths, but he was determined not to let anything ruin his first day as an independent crime fighter.

That was about when he heard the sirens.

The officer who had pulled him over kindly didn't say anything about his costume, but he could tell that the man had never been anywhere NEAR Gotham before. Robin's face burned with the memory of the encounter. The guy probably thought he was some kind of nut job. Of course, that didn't stop the officer from giving Robin a ticket...

And where we he going to come up with the money, anyway? Speeding was expensive, and there was no way in hell he was going to admit to ANYONE why he needed it. Maybe he'd work out a little advance in his salary when he talked to the commissioner.

Robin's face fell. The commissioner! This wasn't going to look good at all.

He firmly restrained himself from speeding up as he finally turned a bend in the road and caught sight of the skyline of Jump City. It's not like he was in a rush to get there anymore. Surely the commissioner would be understanding about the ticket.

Robin's planning flew out of his head as he drew nearer the city and he heard the alarm. Under the tinted visor of the helmet, he smirked. Maybe if he did something brought in a few criminals, he'd get into the commissioners good graces a little easier.

And he wouldn't be mistaken for some crazy kid any more if he had a reason for being in costume.


Raven gracefully stepped out of the shadowy portal created by the combined energy of her mentors on Azarath. After she had grown into full control of her emotions and her powers, Raven had begun to chafe at the constant supervision of the elders. And who wouldn't? It's not like she needed to be supervised when taking a bath anymore. That was only one time when she was much younger that she had tried to send shadows along the pipes to find out where the water came from. How was a six year old with imperfect control supposed to know that all those pipes were supposed to twist and connect in a certain order? There were still bitter individuals who glared at her for that incident. It wasn't like the maintenance crews hadn't gotten things straightened out within the span of a few months...

Raven brought her thoughts back to the present with a light cough. Since she understood the reasons for her mentors' concern, Raven had bottled her emotions and attempted to suppress her frustration. But her suffering at not gone unnoticed. They had decided, for Raven's well-being, and for their own—no need to actually INVITE a gigantic hell-spawned demon to destroy them—to send Raven away. After careful consideration, they had chosen this planet, the home of her mother, to be her new home as well. Looking around, Raven found that she was not entirely displeased by the location. Of course, she couldn't really feel one way or the other. At least she wouldn't have to worry about hating her surroundings.

Hearing a strange whooshing noise somewhere above her growing progressively louder, Raven thought momentarily about revising her opinion. Seconds before the airborne whatever-it-was crashed into her, Raven unleashed her powers and diverted its course into a nearby building, nearly driven to her knees with the strain. Oops.

With a sigh, Raven realized that she should probably check on the occupants of the building, and on the contents of the flying...thing. If she didn't, her mind would certainly be troubled, which she knew from experience—as did all of the cooking staff near her home on Azarath. Raven paused as she cleared her mind of the memories of the time when she had felt so guilty about taking a snack from the pantries that she had tried to use her powers to help the food cook faster. The experience was valuable in some respects, however. How else would she have known that she never wanted to see what a re-animated Azaranthian version of a chicken acted like?

Raven levitated herself over to the hole in the building where the space debris had entered. In her low, monotone voice, she asked, "Is anyone injured?"

After a few of the nearby workers exchanged glances, one woman was apparently appointed spokesman. She moved forward slightly, hugging her arms across her chest nervously. "There wasn't anyone in that office," she barely finished before Raven moved to the next floor.

Miraculously, there had been only one injury, which Raven had healed. She now stood before the object which had been the cause of her troubles. It hadn't moved. Raven frowned. The crashed object wasn't making this any easier on her. Stepping forward, she placed her hand lightly on the metal—

Only to suffer an incredible loss in dignity as she burned the hell out of her hand. Hissing in pain, Raven waved her hand rapidly up and down in the air in a futile attempt to cool the burned flesh. Only the flush cheeks showed her inner embarrassment with her unthought-out actions. "Stupid...of course it's going to be hot! It just came from space!" she muttered angrily to herself.

Raven took a deep breath to rediscover her emotional center. So much for going away to stay calm. She winced inwardly as one last wave of embarrassment caused a slight outburst of shadow, which slammed into the crashed device.

The object wobbled slightly. A door suddenly flew outward, catching Raven unprepared and slamming her backward into a wall.

"Ow," she muttered dryly as the hot sheet of metal slid off her hastily formed shield and onto the floor. "That really hurt." She closed her eyes to again reclaim her emotions.

Opening her eyes again, she winced. "This is so not my day."

In front of her, floating in the air, was a wide-eyed, innocent-looking girl about her age. The girl was attempting to speak to the petrified employees, but apparently not having any success. As Raven regained her senses, she realized that the lack of success was probably due to the fact that the girl was speaking a language that sounded like she was choking on a handful of pebbles.

Raven debated her options. On the one hand, she could simply phase through the wall and be done with this whole mess. There were plenty of places on this planet that she could go, and if that failed, plenty of other planets she could try. But, on the other hand, Raven couldn't help but feel a small twinge of conscious at the problem that she had had the slightest hand in creating.

Raven's eyebrow began to twitch. This planet was not at all calming. She quietly floated up behind the alien girl and encased her with black energy. Before the girl could begin to struggle, Raven placed her hands at the other's temples and concentrated. Slowly, her levitating form began to lose altitude, and just as she opened her eyes, she fell to the ground. Or she would have, if her fall hadn't been broken by the alien's...grebnaks. Scrambling up quickly in embarrassment, Raven prepared herself to face the onslaught of the now-defensive alien.

"What have you done to me?" the girl demanded angrily as her eyes and hands began glowing an alarming shade of green.

"Listen to yourself," Raven responded calmly.

"You are believing that I am speaking—"

Raven winced at the mangled grammar. Apparently the language transfer hadn't been perfect. She cut the alien off. "Listen to what you are saying. I placed the native language of this part of the planet into your brain so you can communicate."

The alien was shocked into silence. After thinking this over for a moment, she squealed in delight and clapped her hands, not seeing Raven's grimace at her over-exuberance. "How wonderful! Please, what is your name? Will you be my friend?" The girl's eyes practically shone with delight. Wait, scratch that. They did shine.

"My name is Raven," she stated in a subdued voice, hoping her loud new acquaintance would take the hint and speak more quietly.

"Friend Raven, it is a pleasure to be meeting you! My name is Starfire. I have come of recently from the planet of Tameran. You must contain great knowledge of this place. Will you help me in the learning of new customs?" Starfire asked, apparently not noticing Raven's lack of excitement.

"No." Starfire looked crestfallen. As she was about to speak again, Raven felt pangs of conscious kicking in AGAIN, and inwardly cursed the day she had even thought about complaining about her life on Azarath. "I'm not actually from here. In fact, I only arrived right before you did."

Starfire was interrupted in her response by the distant wailing of an alarm. "Please, new friend, do you know what is that noise? It sounds most distressed."

Raven thought for a moment. "It's probably an alarm." Before she realized what had happened, Starfire had grabbed her wrist and yanked her out of the hole in the building.

Raven attempted to pry the alien's fingers from her arm and realized the girl was stronger than she appeared. "Azarath metrion zinthos," she muttered, and shadow covered her wrist, allowing it to slip out of the other girl's grip. "I can fly, too, you know," she stated in annoyance, hovering alongside Starfire. "The question is, why are we flying?"

Starfire looked at Raven in confusion. "An alarm does not mean that someone is in need of assistance?"

"Well, it does, but—"

"We go to help!"

Raven opened her mouth to reason with the alien when she realized that she was partially to blame. She closed her eyes, but opened them immediately as she sensed that she was coming perilously close to the top of a building. Now that she had helped the girl partially understand what was going on, she felt responsible for making sure that partial understanding didn't lead to any more problems. After all, the girl knew her name.

As she followed the cheerful alien, Raven wondered how a simple trip that was supposed to help her find a new, calm life had turned into this.


The half-metal teenager stepped off the bus and took a deep breath. That ride could have gone a lot better. He opened a small compartment in his arm and counted his few remaining bills. "Damn," he murmured. "Almost broke. I can't believe they made me pay for that!"

Cyborg looked around, then raced back toward the bus, which pulled away as he neared it. "Come on, man! Hey! This isn't Seattle!" He growled under his breath. How was he supposed to get a job as Bill Gates' brilliant assistant if he wasn't anywhere NEAR Bill Gates? "That was so not my fault..."

His musings were interrupted by a sullen voice. "Heh, no one listens when I say that, either." Cyborg looked up and blinked to see a green-tinted teenager lounging on the bus station steps.

Bristling a little, he returned the comment. "Yeah, well you've probably never been thrown off a bus because they discovered you had a hidden weapon! I mean, come ON! The guy was trying to rob people with a knife! And I can't help it if I accidentally took out the front part of the roof! And then it rained..." Cyborg trailed off for a moment. "But I fixed the parts that shorted out! I don't see how they get off leaving me here!"

"Oh yeah? Well you've probably never caused a mad panic on a bus when you accidentally turn into a rat when you were asleep. It's not like I meant for that one guy to hurt himself when he jumped out before the bus stopped completely. And I'm STILL hurt from all the high heels women threw at me!" Beast Boy rubbed a particularly sore spot on his arm. "And the only way the bus driver even agreed to take me to here was if I stopped annoying him with my 'lame' jokes. My jokes so aren't lame!"

Cyborg growled at the lack of attention the other teen was giving his problems. "Do you have any idea how many strange looks you get when your body is mostly metal?"

"Do you have any idea how many strange looks you get when your body is GREEN?" the irate changeling yelled back.

They traded glares in a standoff before Cyborg started laughing. For a moment, Beast Boy looked insulted, but he thought about their situation and began laughing along with his companion in misery.

"Man, I think I like you," Cyborg chuckled. "What's your name?"

The green boy flashed him a dazzling grin. "The ladies man is named Beast Boy! You better watch out, or you'll be trampled by my fans, once they get to know me in this city!" He lifted his eyebrows for effect. "So what's your name?"

"I'm Cyborg, for pretty obvious reasons. But I bet you didn't see this coming," Cyborg transformed his arm into the sonic cannon and enjoyed the reaction as his new friend's eyes grew huge.

"Dude! That's totally sweet!" Beast Boy peered at the arm closely, drooling in awe. Cyborg grinned proudly, not noticing Beast Boy reaching for a certain button on his arm's control panel until it was too late. The cannon charged up and fired, taking out a large chunk of the bus station's roof. Cyborg glared down at the other teen. "Heh heh. Oops?"

The station's manager rushed outside, gaping at the damage. Cyborg was about to drag Beast Boy over with him to help him explain what had happened when they both heard a high-pitched alarm. Before he realized it, the changeling was dragging him away from the station with, holding his arm tightly in his...trunk?

When he noticed Cyborg paying more attention, Beast Boy released his companion and turned back into a human. "Dude, I think that's our exit cue!" Cyborg didn't move. Realizing the problem, Beast Boy rolled his eyes. "Beast Boy, remember?"

"Uh, right," Cyborg mentally shook himself out of his daze. "But we need to clear things up with the manager back there!" Cyborg protested. "You are NOT running off and leaving me with the bill."

"Of course not! I'm running off and taking you with me! Besides, someone probably needs the help of a dashing green hero and his metallic sidekick," Beast Boy grinned impishly.

"Sidekick? Oh, I don't THINK so! Cyborg ain't nobody's sidekick!"

The two boys began to race each other down the street toward the alarm, startling more than a few unsuspecting citizens in their fight to reach the scene first. After all, no one had seen a gigantic green tyrannosaurus rex running down the streets of Jump City before.

And I think we can all figure out where this is going...

:sigh: This was a one-shot when I first thought of it, too. Now, it's going to be a three chapter deal. After this comes the fight, then the aftermath. And for any of you who might be waiting for the aftermath chapter of The Worst Holiday of Them All, that's coming, too. I have parts of all three of those chapters written.

As for Raven's history, well, I pretty much made that up, except for the fact that she does say on the show that she comes from Azarath, and I believe in the comics her mother is a human from earth. Can she put a language into someone's brain? Who knows. But it's a pretty fair guess that she could. Oh, and for those who missed "Fear Itself," grebnaks seems to be Tameranian for breasts.