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Fighting and Infighting

Beast Boy never knew what hit him. One minute, he was racing his newfound partner-in-crimefighting, Cyborg, from the bus station to a crime scene, and the next minute he was face-first in a brick building.

Somewhere behind him, he heard a voice that somehow managed to be borderline-panic and monotone at the same time. "Starfire! That wasn't the criminal!"

"He was not? But he seemed to be harassing the smaller being of metal," a higher pitched, more innocent sounding voice replied.

Beast Boy groaned and morphed back into his human form, sliding slowly down the wall toward the ground. "Eeek! He attempts to obfuscate us!" cried the higher-pitched voice, and suddenly he felt a blast of almost unbearable heat strike him in the back. Beast Boy blessedly passed out before he could reach the pavement.

Starfire jumped in surprise—while she was flying, no less—and readied more green energy. This time, Raven was prepared. Before Starfire could attack the unconscious green being, from whom she had sensed no evil or criminal intent, Raven encased Starfire's entire body in a black bubble of energy.

"I am going to be so tired by the time this day is finally over," Raven muttered to herself. Still floating, she positioned herself in front of Starfire and raised the volume of her voice. "Look, Starfire, there are going to be many things you don't understand here, but you can't just go attacking people because of that. There was no criminal intent from that boy you just blasted, and for that matter, there wouldn't be store alarms going off because of a loose dinosaur."

Starfire looked confused but repentant. "I am sorry, Raven. Truly the ways of Earthlings are strange. I was unaware they were able to perform such wonders," Starfire looked down at Beast Boy. "But if he is not the criminal, who is?"

Raven had just opened her mouth to suggest interviewing store owners when she was suddenly tied up by a grappling hook and yanked from the sky. Taken by surprise and lassoed, Raven couldn't summon her powers. She fell helplessly, wondering what else could go wrong that day.

"Leave her alone!" her assailant yelled, barely doing anything to cushion Raven's fall.

She glared at him. "Who the hell are you?" Before the brightly colored, mask-wearing teen could answer, Raven took a few breaths to calm her rapidly rising anger.

"That doesn't matter. I just want you to leave that poor girl—aaahh!" Raven watched in surprise as Robin was hit with a blast of blue energy and went flying into the side of another building, causing pedestrians to scramble aside in panic.

"I think YOU need to leave HER alone, pal," shouted Cyborg. "This girl was stopping her trigger-happy friend from attacking my little buddy there!" Cyborg pointed at Beast Boy, who was beginning to moan and regain consciousness.

Keeping a wary eye on Robin, Cyborg walked over to Raven and helped her untangle herself from the grappling hook's rope. "Thanks," she muttered. "It's good to know that I'm not the only sane one in this city."

Cyborg grinned. "Well, maybe you didn't know since I'm new to it. The name's Cyborg."

"I wouldn't recognize your name even if you weren't new. I just got here today." Raven looked wearily at Starfire, who had freed herself from the shadow bubble after Raven was entangled. The alien was now tending to Beast Boy in a fit of guilt for mistakenly having attacked him. "I'm Raven. Starfire practically crashed on me right after I got here."

Cyborg winced in sympathy. "I can see how you musta stopped her though. Those're some pretty impressive powers you have. Me, well, with me, what you see is what you get."

"There's nothing wrong with that," Raven wondered why she was even attempting to reassure this man she had just met. "What about your friend who Starfire blasted?"

"Me and Beast Boy met at the bus station probably twenty minutes ago. Both got dropped off in this town at the same time. You know anything about the caped wonder over there?" Cyborg helped Raven stand, and they both turned to look at the terribly confused Boy Wonder, who was just standing up.

Apparently Robin was having some trouble recovering from the sonic cannon blast he had just been hit by, for he was shaking his head and smacking his right ear with the palm of his hand. "Think he'll knock something loose doing that?" Raven remarked dryly, causing Cyborg to let out a sharp bark of laughter.

"Girl, I don't know if there's anything up there to knock loose," Cyborg shot back, causing her to smirk.

"What the heck is going on here?" Robin yelled in frustration as he observed Cyborg helping Raven and Starfire helping Beast Boy.

"Maybe you should have asked that before you decided to pull me out of the air," Raven glared.

Starfire piped up. "I appreciate your assistance, boy of the mask, but I was not in need of saving. Friend Raven was simply explaining to me that I was wrong in attacking new friend Beast Boy!" She looked apologetically at the changeling, who was now standing with her help, and looking interestedly at the well-endowed skin covered by her tight-fitting outfit.

"Hey, it's cool, Starfire. No lasting harm done," he looked up at her with a grin.

"Will someone PLEASE explain what happened here to me?" Robin was getting impatient.

Before anyone could respond, the teens heard twin crashes from opposite sides of the street. Pieces from the buildings that Robin and Beast Boy had slammed into fell to the ground in concert, leaving gaping holes in the walls they had once been part of. The five guilty parties sweatdropped.

"Um, maybe we should take this somewhere else?" Beast Boy suggested nervously. The group looked around and noticed a few citizens heading for phone booths to call the police. Although the teens didn't realize it yet, these citizens were well-versed in one of Jump City's leading publications, Your Business Could Be Next: A How-to Guide for Dealing With Madmen, Evil Geniuses and Criminals. Clearly, these good citizens had placed our, um, heroes, in the "madmen" category and were taking the appropriate steps to handle the situation.

"Good idea," Robin replied. "Wait, I came down here because I heard—"

"A siren!" Suddenly all of the would-be crimefighters remembered their reason for converging.

Beast Boy turned into a dog and cocked an ear. "Dudes, I can still hear it down that way," he said as he morphed back into a human.

"Right, I'm going to check it out," Robin and Cyborg both spoke at once, then glared at each other.

"You stay here, I'LL go!" After they chorused again, they faced off, assuming fighting stances in the middle of the street, the alarm forgotten again.

"But should we not search for the criminal?" Starfire reminded the boys of their reason for clashing.

"You guys were all going toward the alarm?" Robin asked. When he saw three nods of varying enthusiasm and one noncommittal eye-roll, he frowned. "Fine. If we're all going, we might as well join forces, just this once. But after that, I'm going to be protecting this city, so you can all find another place to help."

"Hey, since when is this city your territory?" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Yeah, are you like, official, or something?" Beast Boy demanded.

"There are rules about these things?" Starfire looked terribly confused.

"Whatever," Raven shrugged.

Robin was getting quite upset at the questioning of his authority. "Look, I'm transferring here from Gotham City. I trained under BATMAN. I think that gives me preference here! But for now, let's just GET MOVING! GO!" Some of the group more reluctantly than others, the teenagers followed Robin down the street, beginning a long-standing tradition of ignoring the dismayed and stunned looks of any townspeople who had seen their confrontation.


"If all of the criminals in town are this stupid, I don't think even one superhero is needed," Raven commented dryly. The bickering group had arrived at the building where the alarm had been set off to discover the thief had long since departed from the jewelry store. However, he had been sidetracked by an electronics store and then a bank on the same street.

The teenagers reached the bank just as the criminal was about to leave. Beast Boy lead the charge—at least until the thief threw open the doors of the bank right into his face.

"OOOWWW! MY NOSE!" he managed to shriek, despite the oddly muffled quality of his voice. Beast Boy retreated to the side for a moment to nurse his injury.

The others prepared their attacks. The criminal had not yet run through the open doorway, mostly due to his shock at seeing the strange assortment of people in his path. As he started to move forward again, Raven encased the thick metal doors in shadow and slammed them shut in his face.

Unfortunately, she did this a fraction of a second after Robin had thrown a pair of birdarangs and an explosive charge, Starfire had released a barrage of starbolts, and Cyborg had fired his sonic cannon.

"Oh, crap," Cyborg groaned as their attacks were all reflected back toward them. He froze as the starbolts deflected over his head at Raven, who quickly threw up a shield of dark energy. Although she blocked all of them, she lost her concentration and was thrown to the ground. Starfire dodged one of the birdarangs and blasted the remaining one and the explosive charge. Robin managed dodged the quickly moving sonic cannon blast, although he forgot to take his surroundings into account as he did so.

As the other three teens recovered, Cyborg and Beast Boy, who was again standing, although breathing heavily through his mouth, turned their attention to the wide-eyed criminal who had taken advantage of Raven's lapse of attention to reopen the doors.

"Freeze!" shouted Cyborg, leveling his sonic cannon at the young man. Beast Boy transformed into a lion and roared at the thief.

Starfire floated over behind the boys. "Desist, evildoer!" she cried, causing them to look at her quickly in surprise. The evildoer in question took advantage of their moment of distraction to shoot a grappling hook around her body. Holding onto the end of the line, he whirled and flung the girl into the side of a building. As she pushed herself off the hard surface, Starfire groaned weakly. "Ow...that is not desisting!"

Growling in anger, Beast Boy and Cyborg mobilized. Cyborg ran straight at the criminal with a wordless cry, while Beast Boy morphed into a pterodactyl and flew overhead. The criminal panicked and did nothing to defend himself.

Robin had regained his equilibrium after crashing into a parking meter when he had dodged the sonic cannon blast. With a nod of approval, he watched the other two boys work together to take on the thief. At this point, he didn't really care WHO apprehended the man, but after causing so much trouble, they had to have SOMETHING to show for it...

He groaned. At this rate, they were going to have to develop telepathy to keep out of each others' way.

Cyborg and Beast Boy had approached the unmoving criminal at the same time. Cyborg swung his arm in a powerful punch—at the same time that Beast Boy landed right in front of him, now in the shape of a ram. Instead of the thief, a green ram was now sent sprawling somewhere in the interior of the bank. From inside, a loud crash was heard.

Robin ran over to help, reaching the doorway at the same time that Beast Boy came running out of the bank. "All right, now just hold your hands up. We have you...surrounded?" Robin trailed off. Instead of helping him surround the criminal, Beast Boy and Cyborg had started a violent argument about who was to blame for the botched attack. "Guys! Come on, help me out here! Guys!"

The thief took advantage of his unbelievable luck and ran out into the street, still carrying the bags of stolen jewelry, electronics, and money.

"This is ridiculous. Azarath metrion ZINTHOS!" The boys stopped fighting and gaped in shock as Raven encased a parked minivan in shadow and dropped it on the thief.

"Raven! You can't do that!" cried Robin.

"Why not?"

"Dude! You probably killed him!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Move the car. Now." Robin commanded. Surprised at the stern authority in his voice, Raven complied.

There was no one there.

"He has...unappeared?" Starfire questioned.

"Disappeared. And it looks like he pulled his little trick by going into the sewers," Cyborg answered and pointed at the open manhole.

"We can't let him get away! We've got to—" Robin's declaration was cut off by a hand on his shoulder. He spun around in surprise. "Who are you?" he demanded of the angry looking middle-aged man who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"I am Police Commissioner Roberts," the man ground out.

The teenagers' eyes collectively widened. Except for Starfire. "Friend Raven, what is a Police Commissioner Roberts?" The others winced. The commissioner's face began to turn an alarming shade of red.

Robin decided to brave the man's anger. "Um, Commissioner, I know how this looks, but we're just trying to—"

"I don't really care WHAT you're trying to do. Do you have any idea how much damage you five have caused to this city? Compared to that, the thief who just got away from here has only taken pennies!" the commissioner yelled.

Beast Boy opened his mouth to answer the commissioner's rhetorical question, but before he could, the man continued. "You...KIDS...have destroyed seven office buildings, bus station, an apartment complex, done damage to four streets, destroyed a minivan and countless other pieces of personal property...AND wracked up a speeding ticket!"

The teens slowly turned to stare accusingly at Robin.

"WHAT?" he said defensively.

Raven arched an eyebrow. "You're the only one who drove here, Wonder Boy," she commented scathingly.

"It's one ticket! You guys wrecked entire buildings!" Robin exclaimed.

"To be truthful," Starfire raised a finger helpfully, "the destruction of buildings was helped by Robin. Did I speak incorrectly?" the alien asked innocently after becoming the recipient of Robin's glare. Beast Boy giggled madly.

Robin made a firm effort to ignore his unwilling companions. "Look, I, at least, came here to help out the police and to be a hero. I certainly didn't intend to cause any damage, and I'm sure that none of the others did either. We'd love to make it up to you, but the fact is that we're penniless teenagers. We're going to need someplace to stay, in the very least," he spoke sincerely to the commissioner, ignoring the glares of death and muttered comments from the other teens after including them in his statements.

The commissioner seemed unimpressed. "You also need to pay for all of the damage. Saying sorry isn't going to help pay for construction crews."

Robin smiled. "For that, I propose a trade."

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