"ARGH!" Elec Hakushaku grunted as he entered the curry shop in an easily visible tired state. "Why do we have to pass out these flyers? It's so unbelievably tiring…"

"Hey, it can't be helped!" Madoi murmured as she tended to customer orders in the crowded shop. "Ever since Adver Man was destroyed, there are no more commercials!"

"Agreed," Hinoken said as he cleaned finished tables and picked up customer tabs, all the while wearing an apron that read: Kiss the Cook or Die. "Ever since there were no more ads on the Internet or on TV, we've been forced to do things the conventional way!"

"Hey, at least we have a new full-time personnel member to balance out our work load!" Mahajorama said happily as he looked back toward Dekao, busy preparing the mix and final ingredients for his latest experiment: Atomic Happy Stew.

"Hehe!" Dekao shouted as he rubbed his nose. "This one's gonna be HOT! Both off the pan and on your tongue! It just needs a little something-or-other!"

With that, he took out a flask filled with a bright crimson liquid and poured it into the curry.

"No! Don't do it!" Madoi cried in vain.

"You'll kill us all!" Hinoken screamed, the palms of his hands furiously grating against his scalp.

"It's too late!" Count Elec shouted as he found cover beneath a table. "Everyone duck for cover!"

"DO IT! DO IT!" shouted the excited customers.

The minute the red liquid made contact with the curry…it detonated messily, spreading declicious, delicately seasoned firey stew all over the shop.

"So how'd I do?" Dekao asked, staring around at his pride and joy.

Mahajorama got up from the mess and embraced his apprentice, tears of unbridled joy in his eye, as the other members of the former World Three grudgingly began cleaning up.


"Beautiful!" Sunayama cried. "Brad and Susan finally made up!"

"Er…didn't Brad mistakenly eat Susan's donuts, causing another breakup in Episode 30?" Tesla Magnets asked in bewilderment.

"You must be thinking about episode 27," Gauss Magnets replied while rolling his eyes. "You're also mistaken about the donuts. That was Kevin, who broke up with Devon after accidentally taking out the trash and tripping on a banana peel, spilling his trash all over her."

"Shh!" Rei whispered as he turned to face the others. "Susan's about to break up with Brad again!"

"Oh, this is going to be so GOOD!" Takeo squealed while limply waving his wrists and jumping up and down.

"You know," Narcy Hide sighed, "this soap opera of ours gets so much more enjoyable…"

And with that, all members of the Neo World Three continued in unison:



Jasmine sighed as Cardamom continued to remain glued to the television. Now that there were no commercials for him to see, he could watch all his favorite programs uninterrupted. Jasmine would have no problem with this…if Cardamom didn't constantly hound her to watch his favorite TV moments with him.

"Jasmine! Come quickly!" Cardamom shouted. "You're missing the part where MacGyver makes an atomic destruction laser gun out of his microwave and a palm tree!"

Jasmine sighed, once again leaving her work as a pharmacist for the better part of amusement.


"What?" Manabe cried. "You and Tron have made up?"

"Yeah," Casket sighed. "We decided that slipping over a banana peel that either one of us could have dropped to begin with wasn't really worth fighting over after all."

"Not…not even a little fight now?"

"Yup, squeaky clean!"

"Maybe now we'll finally get some peace and quiet around here!" Meijin and Kifune shouted in unison.

"Hopefully not too much," Yuuichirou Hikari murmured. "Things around here get pretty boring without any action…now that Adver Man's gone. There will be others…and soon enough too."

Manabe congratulated Casket, and then walked off slightly disturbed that there was no more fighting between the two of them to keep her occupied, at this crucial point when crime was at an all-time low. She may have been a Net Savior leader of noble intentions, but even she was prone to enjoy a little gossip.


"Have the modifications to the Adver Code been completed yet?" Slur asked as she woke up from a much-needed afternoon nap.

"I've recalibrated the data for Adver Man and activated his new protocol," Duo replied. "The new Navi should be ready to reboot any moment now.; however, he needs a new host, one whose body he can use. I have not granted him a new personality…the possibility of Adver Man's data re-entering the intelligence matrix is too risky."

"Then we shall activate him now," Slur said worriedly as she closed her eyes, not knowing if this new Asteroid Navi, with its red cloak, angelic cybernetic halo, and oddly adorable appearance slightly resembling Adver Man, would bring as much horror as the last. "What human shall we bestow this new one on?"

"I already have the perfect candidate," Duo replied, staring at the as-yet-unactivated Navi floating before him. "An amateur criminal working in Aron City in Amerope."

"Then it is done," Slur replied as she opened her eyes and transformed the new creation born from Adver Man into data. "I will take him to this candidate of yours…I only hope that he never learns of the horrible tragedy that was his past."

With this, Slur emailed herself back to Earth, back to a hotel room in the uptown beachside district that was Aron City. She entered a computer network in the hotel and her eyes met with a somewhat powerfully built, late-teenage male.

"You are the one known as Chin…" Slur began softly as the man woke up in a T-shirt and boxers, rubbing the back of his head. "I shall grant your wishes of achieving a name for yourself in the criminal circle. I shall use this data to turn your standard Navi into…"

A brilliant flash, and a series of high-pitched squeaks later…

"…Asteroid Navi…Cyber Man!"

The tiny, chubby, adorable little weapon of ultimate destruction greeted its new master with a wave of its chibi hands, and in the third and final brilliant flash of light, Slur was gone. A tall and slender teenage purple-haired female entered the room and yawned as she moaned, "Ugghhh…what happened here…Chin?"

"Nothing much…Lumine," Chin responded with a slight grin as he stared down at his new Navi. "I think our problems were just solved."

"Blind.exe…what do you think of Chin's new Navi?" Lumine asked as she looked down at her own PET.

"I think it looks rather simple, and the cuteness is rather deceiving," said a mysterious and charismatic blue fox-like Navi with moth wings, nine glowing tails, a Chinese harp, and a purple kimono. "But like all other enemies we have faced, I'll wait until I see him fight to reserve my ultimate judgment."

Chin and Lumine stared at the little chubby red Navi as it waved cutely at them…and waved back nervously. What would become of Lumine and Blind, and of Chin and Cyber Man…remained to be seen.


Mariko sighed happily as the students ran cheering out of the school, then opened a small safe beneath her desk to reveal a swimsuit and straw hat. Finally, three months of relaxation where all she needed to worry about was whether her tan was even. Come to think of it, that was a big worry, but it sure beat thinking about more tests to spend the week grading.

"FINALLY!" Netto cried as he was the first out of the school gates. "Summer vacation begins now!"

"Um, Netto…" Meiru murmured with a sweat drop on her forehead, "weren't we just at the beach a few days ago?"

"I can't say I blame him, really," Yaito shrugged. "Once you go to San Constantinople, you can't really dream of anywhere else you'd rather go."

"Agreed!" Shuuko nodded. "However, I can't help but wonder if we'll ever see any of Kenishiro and Adver Man again."

"I'd prefer you not bring that up," Mary murmured as she shuddered with disgust. "All that aside, I'd like to spend some more time somewhere relaxing before I have to go back to France."

Suddenly, a long black limousine pulled up in front of the school, and as the rear door opened, everyone saw a group of very familiar faces: Enzan, Kristen, Laika and Tron.

"Get packed and ready!" Enzan shouted happily. "I've just been granted a whole new week of paid vacation after the Net Savior department and my board members heard of all our heroics!"

"We've even found the perfect place, too!" Kristen cried gleefully.

"The best place to relax and have fun that I can think of, I'll say that much," said Laika as he grinned, a very rare sight indeed.

"Y-you don't mean…" Netto stammered as his face lit up.

"That's right!" Tron replied. "WALT DIZZY WORLD!"

"ALL RIGHT!" everyone screamed as they ran home at light speed, got packed in a matter of minutes, then ran at frightening speed to meet Enzan, who was still waiting in his limousine.

"We would have taken each of you home to pack, you know," Enzan muttered with a sweat drop adorning his forehead.

"Running's faster!" everyone replied happily. "Now let's go!"

"Not a moment too soon, either," Enzan replied, an expression of anxious happiness spread across his face. And with that, the limousine sped off toward Densan City International Airport, tires smoking in its wake.


A man in an red Aloha shirt and brown hat sat down to begin yet another day at work. He removed his hat and, after thanking his new employers for hiring him to such a high position, thought of the perfect scheme with which to get back at his previous employer. He opened his laptop computer and activated his email account, which upon activation, uttered a monotone message: "WELCOME."

The man sat in his new corner office, typing furiously as the room became ever dimly lit…and then he turned his head toward the ceiling and shouted:

"HEY! Get some light in here! Who's paying the electricity bill here, or did it all go to TAXES again?"

And with that, his laptop hissed an ominous message of foreboding doom:


Netto Hikari. Enzan Ijuin. Meiru Sakurai. Shuuko Kido. Kristen Adams. Mary Towa. Tron. Laika. Yaito. All the names of elite rank Net Battlers. They have faced countless trials to achieve their hopes, goals, and dreams. And yet they all have names by which others call them, they still have yet to make other names for themselves. Will the world be safely sheltered beneath the arms of these new heroes, or will evil rule once again? The troubling past, the worrisome present, the uncertain future…all these will depend on the consequences of their future actions.