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Summary: Truth or Dare has become a pastime for Ginny and her friends. When one dare leads to Ginny having to wrap a one Draco Malfoy around her finger, there's much to be done.

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Chapter 2

Another silence swept the room.

"Well… You see… It's like this…" said Cat, finally breaking the tense hush. She couldn't find the right words to say. She stumbled and stuttered, which Cat never did. At last, Cat took a long breath and let it out in one big gust. She shook her head and collected herself. Cat looked straight into Ginny's eyes. "What I'm about to tell you has never stepped foot outside of the functions my family has held with our other relatives. I'm only telling you because I trust you not to tell a soul." said Cat.

"If you don't want me to, of course I wouldn't." assured Ginny, her voice steady and face devoid of any insincerity. "What is it, Cat? You're scaring me a little."

Cat sighed. "It's nothing to be too frightened about. Well, let me start with this. I never told you this before but Tina and I are cousins. Her father is my dad's brother." said Cat.

Ginny's mouth drooped open in astonishment. "Tina's an Ainsworth, isn't she?"

"Yes and no." answered Cat tentatively.

Ginny's head went from side to side in bafflement. "I'm not quite getting it…"

Caterina's gaze leveled with Ginny's once more. "Originally, Tina wasn't an Ainsworth."

Ginny's mouth hung even lower, blue eyes wide. "What do you mean she wasn't originally an Ainsworth?" she asked.

"Think, Ginny. Do you remember any Ainsworth being sorted into Gryffindor in your first year?" said Cat.

Ginny ruminated over this for a moment, trying to think back as clearly as she could. She came up blank. "Well, no. But hardly anyone ever really listens to what goes on during the Sorting Ceremony. Even the ones being sorted. They're too busy wracking themselves over what House they think they'll be sorted in and all that." said Ginny defensively.

Caterina let the tone be, deciding to continue instead. "Exactly. That's partly what made it so easy for them." she said.

Ginny held her hands out to freeze Caterina for a moment. "Now, you've lost me. Made it so easy for them to what? And who's them?"

"Tina's parents. To change her name." replied Cat in clipped tones.

Ginny's eyes seemed to widen as the conversation went on. Currently, they were the size of saucers. "What? So Tina Ainsworth isn't really Tina Ainsworth?" Ginny virtually yelled. Cat just shook her head in answer. "But how? Why?"

"Don't you see, Gin? She's related to me, a Slytherin. I'm just lucky that I ended up with parents who never really cared much for Voldemort. He's dead and they still curse him for what he did to their friends. You've met my parents. You know how they are." informed Cat. "But not many of the other Slytherins' families are like mine. The others regard all the other houses as rubbish, especially Gryffindor." said Cat.

"So they…" Ginny began. Cat nodded solemnly. "Are you trying to tell me that her parents disowned their own daughter just because she was sorted into Gryffindor?"

"Well, not completely. They haven't thrown her out or anything. If they did, she wouldn't be in Hogwarts." said Cat. "Oh, but don't think they're not so bad because personally, I still think they are. And you know why? Because it wasn't her parents' first decision to let her stay. My parents had to get drawn in for that. They convinced Uncle Paul and Aunt Nicole to, at least, let Tina stay with them and school her. They eventually gave in but refused to let her carry the name. I'm not even allowed to acknowledge her as my cousin."

Ginny contorted in disgust. How could a family be so vindictive? "That's atrocious! Why would someone do that? Who would have the heart to do that? Or in this case, no heart!" Ginny bristled for her friend, despite the little detail that she wasn't speaking to her at the moment.

"Any offspring of a historically Slytherin lineage being sorted into Gryffindor is the ultimate disgrace. My aunt and uncle chose long ago to have only one child for reasons I have no clue of. So Tina is their only heir and seeing that's her position, it intensified their shame." told Cat somberly.

Ginny could never imagine what it would be like for her family to repudiate her. She relished in the love they offered so freely and never really gave thought to other situations different people were in. It shocked her to no end. She just couldn't comprehend why or how a family could even think of doing something so spiteful to one of their own. "But how could they just change her name like that? Wouldn't her friends notice? Wouldn't everybody else notice?" Ginny asked.

"Part of the reason it was so simple for her parents was the fact that Tina didn't have friends. At least not that year. The moment her parents heard of the Sorting Hat's choice, they flooed over and gave Tina the reprimanding of her life. They modified her name the very next morning. She hasn't recovered, even till this day. Her first year, she shut out everyone, speaking to no one. So whatever little anyone knew of the Tina then was left as nothing but a passing memory. The next year, Tina came back and no one even recognized her as the same girl who chewed a person out if they so much as spoke to her. She had a different look and a different personality." explained Cat.

Ginny blinked in disbelief. She shook herself of the daze and halted Cat. "Wait, before we go on. How do you even know this, Cat? I mean, sure, I can understand the fact that you know what's going on with her family and her out of school… But inside it? You only arrived last year. How could you know that there wasn't an Ainsworth called in the Sorting and that she had no friends?" asked Ginny curiously.

Cat looked down, abashed. "Well… When I was at Tina's house one day, I was innocently going through her stuff when I found this bowl thing… There were so many swirls and ripples when I peered into it. I was so riveted that I touched it and found myself running through Tina's experiences…" admitted Cat.

"A Pensieve?" asked Ginny incredulously. Cat gave a muted nod. "Oh. Well, that explains it. After all, you are one of the nosiest people I know." said Ginny in half-hearted humor. She wasn't exactly in the mood for cheerfulness but she couldn't bear to see Cat so down. "But what does this have to do with Draco and Blaise? And what happened to her that caused her to show up the next year completely transformed?"

Cat forced a small smile at Ginny's crack but her face fell as Ginny's questions rolled on. She exhaled a long breath before continuing, "She changed because…" Cat paused for a few moments. No, Ginny deserved to know. So she resumed, "When she went home…" she said but stopped herself. Home for Tina was not where her parents were and Cat knew it. "When she went back, Tina could not do anything but scream, kick and punch. She refused to do anything else. Not even eat or sleep. But her parents wouldn't do anything so my dad took the responsibility of sending her to an institution to be treated. Then, she came back to us, all smiles and completely proper. My parents thanked the healers but they warned us that she wasn't entirely free from her sickness. She was okay enough to be let out into the normal places again but there was still something that remained. She would behave but there was something that even the healers couldn't pinpoint." elucidated Cat without further pause.

Horror was permeated every inch of Ginny's pale face. "So she's batty and roaming the halls free to inflict harm on anyone she chooses!" shouted Ginny.

"That's precisely it, Gin. We can't just lock her up and throw away the key if she hasn't given us reason to. Until then, we can do nothing but go on with our lives. We have no idea what she will or can do. I just know that she isn't right in the head. She's off her rocker, Gin. I just know it." said Cat, her lips formed in a steadfast line.

"Well, this is just great, isn't it? Our school is playing container for a possible loony. Just perfect." said Ginny, rubbing her temples.

"Well, it's not assured but it doesn't hurt to be careful."

"Right." replied Ginny instantly. "So, Cat, enlighten me as per what this has to do with the two Slytherin boys."

Cat's back straightened once more, as if remembering suddenly. "Oh, yes. Well, I have a feeling that Draco and Blaise have become her solution to getting her parents to accept her again."

"Oh? And how does that figure?" asked Ginny.

"Well, if there's anybody that can manipulate the whole of the Deatheater families, it's Draco and Blaise. They are the wealthiest boys in Slytherin and not to mention that their fathers were Voldemort's right hand men. They're considered the cream of the crop. To them, Draco and Blaise are most eligible bachelors they could possibly think of." said Cat, gesturing downstairs to where she supposed the boys lay waiting. "So if she were to have any of them as her boyfriend or even better, her husband, she'd immediately be in the good books of her parents once more. Getting her parents to acknowledge her as their daughter has become her obsession, her life. And she thinks Draco or Blaise is her path to getting her life back. I believe she'll do anything for that. Whenever I catch her alone, she's always murmuring and that's all she murmurs about."

Ginny grimaced. It was all so emotional and she pitied Tina a great deal but it was all so twisted as well. "How do you know?"

Cat shrugged. "I heard her. I was over at her house when our families were having one of their small soirees. She was in her room, mumbling to herself and I heard everything." answered Cat simply

Yet another quiet saturated the room, a room that had previously held a series of rapid streams of question and answer. Who would have thought someone as normal as Tina would be… how she was. "Wow." was all Ginny could say.

"I'm sorry I kept this from you but I was sworn to secrecy." said Cat.

"It's alright." replied Ginny instantaneously. "So… Her real name is Tina Dunlain?"

Cat sucked in a breath. "Yep."



"Can I ask something, though?" said Ginny.

"Course. Go ahead." permitted Cat without hesitance.

"If she wants Draco or Blaise for herself, why would she send me after one of 'em?"

Cat gazed vacantly at the carpeted floor. "That's what I don't know."

Ginny's brows knit together at her friend's reply. "It doesn't make sense." said Ginny.

"I know. But there's most definitely a reason. She's got some sort of plan." said Cat.

"Fine. But why don't we just throw a sack over her, do a body bind then lock her in one of the dungeons or something? I'm sure if Dumbledore knew, he'd authorize it. Well, maybe not. But he'd do something about it."

"Dumbledore does know, Gin. And he consented to having her come here even if she may be mentally ill. Tina's parents and mine notified Dumbledore when Tina was released from the institution. He agreed and promised my mum and dad that he'd make her life as normal as it could be."

"Fine. But remind me again why we have to go along with what she says?" growled Ginny at the thought of that blasted bet.

"Because, Ginny. She's unpredictable. We don't know what she's capable of. We need to know a bit about her before we become militant and all." said Cat.

"And we just wait till she hurts someone? Bugger that!" said Ginny, propelling herself from her seat on the bed.

"Correction, Ginny. Not wait. Observe." said Cat. "And I'm afraid you'll have to do your thing with Draco for the meantime. If not, she'll get suspicious and we don't what actions she'll take."

"No, Cat! I won't-"

"Ginny, please! We need to stay in the sidelines for the moment. Get a feel of things before we run in to save the day and claim victory as ours." Cat beseeched, remaining in her seat rigidly.

"Well, that's very Slytherin of you, Cat. But I'm a Gryffindor and we-"

"Ginny." whispered Cat. Something in Cat's voice made Ginny stop. "Please. Do this for me." Cat slowly lifted her head to gaze at Ginny with pleading hazel eyes.

"Fine." was all she said.

Cat smiled her first genuine smile since they had reached her room. "Thank you. Now, I'm supposing you'll be staying over here tonight?" said Cat. Often, Ginny and Cat would stay over one another's dorms. The other students didn't mind and either the teachers didn't know or didn't care.

Ginny returned with a mock-angelic grin, her hands in prayer form. "Please?" Ginny said. Cat just rolled her eyes and went to her armoire, took some articles and hoisted one at Ginny. Ginny caught them and saw it was an oversized Falmouth Falcons T-shirt. She went over to the bathroom, changed and brushed her teeth with the extra toothbrush she always left at Cat's place. Ginny had exited the bathroom just as a resounding knock was placed on the other side of the dorm door.

"Who is it?" called Cat.

"It's us. May we come in?" came the deep, sensuous voice of none other than Draco Malfoy.

"No. You boys should stay on the other side of that door for the rest of your lives." said Ginny sarcastically. She took residence under the sheets of the free bed in Cat's dorm.

"Well, too bad. We're coming in." they heard the rich baritone of Blaise Zabini. And just like that, the door was open in a flash and the breathtaking owners of the voices they had listened to not long ago were inside and assuming seats. Draco sat on the foot of Cat's bed while Blaise sat on the floor.

"Hey. We just wanted to check up on you girls. We heard some muffled shouting awhile ago but when they died down, we presumed you were finished with your little catfight." said Draco.

"Which is really rather disappointing. It's unbelievably arousing when girls fight." said Blaise with a dazed look and lips curling up in a semi-smile to one side. He sighed. "But it's just as well. Might have ended up seducing one of you or bless the holy gods and goddesses, both of you gorgeous ladies into my bed and we wouldn't want to take away that impeccable virtue, now would we?"

Ginny snorted, oddly still able to grasp some sense of femininity. "Like we'd actually shag you, Blaise." teased Ginny.

Blaise looked at her with arch eyebrows and his continual grin. "Oh, and you wouldn't?" returned Blaise superciliously.

Ginny raised an eyebrow of her own. She, then, slid the covers off agonizingly slowly and stepped off the bed lightly. Every male mouth in that room went dry at the sight of Ginny Weasley. Sure, that shirt was oversized but it wasn't a full nightgown's length. It reached an inch or so higher than halfway up her smooth thighs and hung over one side of her shoulder tantalizingly. She drooped her eyes and casually sauntered over to where Blaise sat. She stood above him for a few seconds, his eyes fixed on nothing but her, before she leisurely lowered herself to crouch in front of him on all fours. She pouted her lip, moving closer and closer. She finally found his ear and whispered, "Maybe." she laughed raucously before squealing and running to her bed as he jumped up and chased her.

"Why, you little minx!" said Blaise, all in good humor. He rushed toward her bed and began to tickle her like there was no tomorrow. When Ginny begged for him to stop, she glanced at Cat who mouthed a 'wrong boy', although she was grinning.

Ginny nodded and chanced a glance at Draco who looked like he was in a brood, as he liked to call it. But most other people just called it sulking. "What's wrong, dear Draco?" asked Ginny as Blaise lay back in her bed and she sat up.

Draco crossed his arms and huffed. "I'm jealous. I didn't get one." snapped Draco. Everyone was silent a moment before they realized the impending grin on his face.

Ginny chortled lightly. "Don't worry. You'll get yours soon enough. And maybe, if I like you enough, I'll get Cat to join me." said Ginny. His face lightened considerably and he couldn't help the smirk he sent at Blaise.

"That's not fair! I want one too!" yelled Blaise, clearly sulking.

"You already got yours, Blaise. May this be a lesson to you from now on." said Cat. "But." she began with a sly smirk. "I may be in the mood one day to give you a lap dance type of my own." she winked.

"I'll hold you to that, Dunlain." said Blaise, beaming.

"Well, I need my beauty sleep so it's time for you boys to evacuate." said Ginny with a yawn. But the grinning boys made no move to leave. "NOW." she said.

"Why? You don't need any beauty sleep. You're more than gorgeous already, Gin." said Draco, pouting his lips.

Ginny put a hand to her chest softly. "You flatter me, Draco. You really do. But that doesn't mean you get to stay any longer."

"Unless, you guys are sleeping here." interjected Cat. Ginny looked at Cat oddly for a moment before she realized what she was doing. No better time to start then now, huh, Cat? thought Ginny.

The boys looked at each other. Sure, there had been times when they conked out in the girls' room and they'd more than a time spent the night with a girl… But never these particular girls. They'd never even stayed just to snooze for the night, at least not intentionally. "All right." said Draco.

"Oki doky. Blaise, you're staying beside me tonight." announced Cat. "Take note. BESIDE me. Not anywhere else."

Blaise sighed. "Fine. You got my hopes up for nothing, Cat."

"Well, I guess that leaves you, Ginny." said Draco with a smirk.

Ginny patted the spot beside her. "Right. But same rules apply."

Draco sighed. "And I repeat: Fine." he said. The boys then unbuckled their pants, slid them off and shimmied out of their shirts. It was the girls' turn for dry, dry, DRY throats as Blaise and Draco stood in front of them with nothing but boxers on. Sinewy muscles tightened and released as each boy stretched with utter calmness. It seemed like this was a nightly ritual for them. Thank God in heaven for whatever influenced them to do this every night. They really should sleep there more often, thought the two girls. Shafts of pale moonlight soaked the unsullied bodies that Caterina and Ginny were just about ready to pounce on if it wasn't for their brilliant self-control. Every sacred ab was distinct in the natural illumination as well as each and every bump that formed the perfectly toned arms. Everything about them was a masterpiece.

The works of art took the free spaces on the bed before Blaise sat up and declared, "I need to drain the main vein. Back in a mo." he said, smiling widely. Darkness prominent, Ginny heard the rustles of sheets and assumed it to be Cat.

Draco, who had sat up a tad with Blaise's sudden movement, relaxed and eased back into the bed. He lifted his arm and put one hand under his head. Ginny, who had her back to him, flopped over and said, "So how do you feel sleeping with me?" she said suggestively, a wily smirk in her countenance.

Draco chuckled softly. He tossed over onto his side as well. "Oh, it's nothing special." joked Draco. Ginny whacked him on the arm and he laughed once more.

Just then, Blaise swaggered back into the room and flopped himself on the bed. An angry groan came from his bedmate. "Sorry." said Blaise loudly. There were some whispers and a little tittering between the two before Cat called out her goodnight. "G'night. Don't do anything I would do." said Blaise.

"What? How'd he know?" exclaimed Ginny lightheartedly, although in an undertone.

"I know. Killjoy." Draco called lightly at Blaise.

Ginny sniggered before an idea struck her. Well, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it well, she thought. She snuggled closer to Draco, throwing her arm over his tight stomach and said, "G'night, Draco."

Draco was left in shock. Cat and Ginny were always playful and there were many a time that he and Blaise had come in physical contact with them. They'd hugged, they boys had put arms over the girls' shoulder and so on… Well, Blaise had even snogged Ginny a few times… But this… This felt different. It was just her arm over his stomach but… Was Ginny into him? Of course not. She couldn't fancy me, he said inwardly He gazed around the room, the rays of the silent moon drifting through the room. He looked down at the girl clutching onto him. She was beautiful, no doubt. One of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. But he had been there once… To hell with it. I'm going to bed, he thought before shutting his eyes and letting slumber take him.

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