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Warnings: Nothing much really. Just beware of the perfect-ness of Mary Sue.


If there was one word to describe her, it would've been this.


Right down to her last split-end-less hair tip, she was perfect.

Her eyes glistened with the right emotions at the right time.

Her perfectly straight white teeth glowed with the perfect amount of shine to draw people's attention to them, but not blind them in the process.

Why teeth glow, well, I don't know. What I do know was that her teeth were perfect.

Now, the name of this seemingly flawless girl was also perfect.

It fit her personality perfectly.

(And I've managed to throw in seven "perfects" in the above eight sentences. Eight if you count this sentence.)

Her name was Kiki.

And remember, it suits her personality perfectly!

...which basically tells you what you need to know about Kiki and her mental capacity.

Or lack thereof.

Either way, Kiki was perfect.

She was just an innocent teenage girl thrown into the chaotic world of Naruto.

Whilst 99.9% of all other teenage girls would've been screaming in joy, Kiki was apart of that 0.1% who did not find her situation on amusing.

Oh no! Not at ALL!


Because she thought outside the square...

She thought wisely and beyond her years, therefore startling all other adults into awed silence with her philosophical and jaded-but-still-innocent outlook on life.

How a "jaded-but-still-innocent" attitude can come about, I have no idea.

But if there was one person who could pull it off, it was Kiki.

She was perfect.

But, back to the story. The reason why Kiki wasn't happy was very simple really.

It was because Kiki understood.

Yep, that's right.

She understood.

Understand what you ask?

Kiki understood that getting stuck in another world was a very serious matter and shouldn't be treated lightly.

Out dear Kiki had been on fanfiction and had seen the countless Original Character and Mary Sue stories floating on the web and she scoffed at them.

Scoffed at them I tell you!

Because, it was simply not possible to leave one's life behind and start a new one in a few minutes.

No matter how badly they were abused/bullied/generally suffered trauma/overlooked/outcast-ed/is a freak-of-nature on Earth.

Which is why Kiki was currently crying in the Hokage's office.

It was dignified sobbing, mind you.

None of that wailing as loud as humanly possible nonsense.

Kiki was perfect.

Therefore she cried perfectly as well.

"There, there," Tsunade said soothingly, feeling a motherly sort of urge well up inside her (rather ample) chest.

Seeing the poor black haired girl sitting in the chair and crying so dignified whilst her world was falling apart touched some long forgotten and possibly non-existent string within the Hokage.

"It's alright. You can stay here for as long as you like. Don't worry, we'll help you find a way back to your world."

Kiki just nodded whilst drying her large amber eyes with a handkerchief, all those tears not leaving a single trace on her perfect porcelain face.

"I-I don't want to intrude," Kiki said softly, her musical voice floating through the room like wind chimes.

Tsunade felt an amount of joy that she had never felt before at just the sound of Kiki's voice.

(For all Lord of the Rings fans, Kiki is not an elf. Or, at least I don't think so. But Kiki is perfect, so technically, anything is possible)

"Oh no, dear! You won't be any trouble at all! Here, I'll even assign a team to show you around and help you settle in."

Kiki sniffed once more before smiling. Her face glowed.

Not literally.

It wasn't like it was some giant lantern that switched on every time a muscle moved in Kiki's face.

Her face glowed with life.

With the vitality and joyfulness of youth!

With the happiness and emotions of a person in their influential years!

With the - mmphh!

Sorry about that. I just leave for two seconds and Gai tries to hijack the story.

Moving quickly on, Tsunade called up - who else? - Team 7.

Sasuke saw her first.

His heart clenched painfully and his eyes misted.

The girl reminded him so much of his cousin.

They even have the same hair colour!

Of course, Sasuke decided not to remember at that particular time that black hair wasn't really that rare.

Hurrying the last few steps into the room, Sasuke grabbed Kiki's arm and looked down with something akin to desperation on his face.

"Don't leave me," he said pleadingly, tears threatening to spill from his eyes as memories of his past swarmed his brain.

Kiki glanced up at Sasuke.

She knew who he was, but in fear of altering the timeline (for she thought outside that bloody square), Kiki opted for a confused face.


Sasuke looked so hurt and Kiki could never say no to a person in need.

Scooping the Uchiha heir up in one fluid movement (and ignoring the fact that Sasuke seemed to have shrunk physically), Kiki hugged him close and murmured comforting things into his hair.

Tsunade looked on with motherly pride, proud that Kiki was handling the situation so well and that Sasuke was finally opening up.

It was about bloody time too! It's been what? Five? Six years? You'd think he's get over the death of his entire family already!

Sakura saw her next.

And the pink haired girl knew she was in heaven.

Kiki was perfect!

Those teeth!

That hair!

That skin!

Sakura quickly hurried over and started asking for all the beauty tips she could.

She wasn't even jealous that Sasuke was holding on to Kiki like she was his lifeline or something.

Because Kiki wouldn't take advantage of a twelve year old boy.

That was just sick.

And Kiki wasn't sick! She was perfect!

"Ah, sorry," Kiki said softly, looking faintly embarrassed. The reddened cheeks only helped add emphasis to her high cheekbones. "It's all natural."

Sakura gasped in such a way that only a girl can pull off.

"You mean, that nose is natural!?"

Kiki nodded.

Sakura sighed wistfully.

Kakashi blinked at the sight from behind his book.

The girl that currently had all their attention was a goddess sent from heaven.

Her amber eyes flickered to him briefly, as feeling his glance and the two gazes locked.

Moments passed in silence.

Kakashi never felt this way about anyone before.


It didn't matter that he didn't actually know her. It didn't matter that she could be an enemy in disguise. It didn't matter that she looked young enough to be one of his students. It didn't matter who or what she was. It didn't even matter that he didn't know her name!

All that mattered was his love for her.

Yes, Kakashi was in love with...well, with whoever the hell she was.

And yes, he knew that he was in love with her just after one look.

Kiki offered a small smile.

Rubbing the back of his neck with his hand, Kakashi suddenly felt shy around the beauty in front of him.

Shuffling forward, Kakashi offered his usual curved-eye smile at Kiki.

Kiki's smile grew and she brushed her fingers across Kakashi's hand, by accident!

Kakashi looked down at his hand as if the best thing in Konoha.

It had been touched by her!


The two traded looks again and the message was clear.

I love you.

Because you can so send messages through telepathy.

If Tsunade kept on puffing with motherly pride, she was gonna burst.

The Hokage was soooooooooo proud of her Kiki.

When exactly Kiki became hers, the Tsunade didn't know, but she just did.

Taming the heart of the ever elusive Kakashi.

You go girl!

Naruto was confused.

Every member of his team was acting weird for some reason.

First Sasuke had actually shown some damn emotion.

Naruto was half convinced that the bastard was dropped on his head as a baby and only knew how to scowl.

But look at him! Sasuke was crying! CRYING!

Shuddering slightly at the absurdity of that, Naruto's brain (in an effort to keep itself from going off to the deep end) moved on to Sakura.

What he found there was even weirder.

The pink haired girl was just gazing at the stranger as if she was some sort of wonder to behold. Like Sakura worshipped her and that she was Sakura's idol.

The said teenage girl wasn't even twitching at the sight of Sasuke touching a female.

Of the human species nonetheless.

(Naruto had caught Sakura chasing a female cat the other day because Sasuke had stopped to pat the thing on the head for a fraction of a second).

And Kakashi-sensei!

He - he - he was just standing there and gazing at the stranger like he was stoned or something.

Alright, looking more stoned that he usually did.

The pervert wasn't even reading his book.

Now, although the blond didn't know Kakashi's personal preferences that well, he was pretty sure that Icha Icha Paradise had the equivalent status of a God in Kakashi's eyes.

At that moment, the poor thing was just hanging limply by the man's side, forgotten.

Naruto almost felt sorry for the book.

And suddenly felt four pairs of eyes on him. Sasuke was still too busy crying to be in the joint effort of looking at Naruto.

Raising his head, Naruto felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck as everybody in the room stared intently at him.

Come. Cooooooooooooome to us. Join us.

Naruto glanced around the room, wondering where the voice came from.

Glancing uneasily back at the stranger, Naruto had the sudden urge to run.

Run as fast and far away as he possibly can.

And so, Naruto, always one to act on instinct and his senses, promptly turned and high-tailed out of there.


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