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Author's Notes: However the plot of this story is mine and may or may not have any bearing on the manga. I have read through Volume 8. As far as I am concerned, Akito is still a guy, rumors to the contrary do not figure in my way of thinking.

The plot is a figment of my fevered imagination and I take all credit for it be it for good or ill. Please read my Prologue and let me know what you think.

So Far Away

I love you but you are so far away. I see you each day. Your smile, your laughter, they brighten my world but my fantasy is so far away. I love you but my love I will not confess because they love you and need you more. In my dreams I love you so, but in reality you are so far away.

Each of us has lost someone dear to us, though the reasons may be different. Your mother is gone and mine chose to forget. These are our memories and each is considered precious, not to be denied. We cherish the happy ones and the sad ones. We are alike in so many ways, but when all is said and done, you are still so far away.

If by chance they should fall in love with someone new, is there a chance you might love me too? Can I be more than that cute little kid, the picture of innocence and youth? We share our laughter and we share our tears, but could you ever see me as being in love with you? We walk together and we talk together but you are so far away.

You are the one who brightens our days. You bring happiness into our lives, accepting each of us for who we are. Even though I may grow taller, I will still always be that person that loves you. Will you ever see me as more than a boy, will you ever smile at me as woman smiles at a man or will you always be so far away?

I love to hear your voice and see your smile. I love the way you like to make others happy, I like to make them happy too. I can be with you at any time, but I am so far away. We are close friends and share so many memories, but you are so far away.

Is it wrong for me to wish some things were different, that you might love me too? I try so hard to accept what we have, but it is so far away from what I want of you. I will cherish what we do have together, but if by chance things do someday change, I won't miss my chance to love you and make you mine.

I love you but I can't tell you because they love you too. Because they love you and need you more, I will be happy just to be your friend, to be nearby, but still so far away.

Momiji Sohma tucked the journal back into his backpack and smiled tenderly. He had written that ten years ago and his feelings had not changed at all. Yuki and Kyo had taken Tohru's words to heart and found someone new to love and share their lives with. Momiji had tried but had not succeeded. I wonder where she might be now, it seems just yesterday she was smiling at us and teaching us what it meant to have someone understand us, understand our curse, and still accept us.