After the visit with Akito, the day of their wedding came rapidly. Risa, Hana, and Kristi were all present for the happy occasion. Momiji smiled as he recalled the day two months ago when he found out the three girls were all coming to Japan for the wedding. Tori had told him that by the time she had gotten home after that week in San Diego with the Sohmas, Hana had already convinced Risa they should buy dresses for an April wedding in Japan and had made the plane reservations via Kristi and her connections. All three friends were attendants for the bride.

Not only had Momiji and Tohru come to Yuki and Karin's wedding, they were also a part of it. Shigure was asked to give the bride away which he did with much enthusiasm.

The priest blessed the union of both couples as they said their wedding vows. Ayame had designed and made a dress for Tohru as well as one for Karin. Yuki and Momiji were both beautiful in their tuxedos and the four of them were probably the happiest people in the world on that day.

Momiji's father presented him with a contract for opening a branch office in Phoenix. It was decided that they would continue to stay in Tohru's home and share it with her very best friends.

The acting Sohma head of family, Jun, attended the wedding in Akito's stead and gave the union his blessing as well. Hatori and Shigure had been grooming him for that position for a few years. It seemed that in time, the curse might be truly removed from the Sohma family.

On their wedding night, Tori and Momiji found themselves sitting in the bridal suite at the most exclusive hotel in Tokyo. Momiji was writing in his journal and Tori lovingly watched the intensity of his expression as he did so.

From the very beginning Tori and I have believed this.


But there is something I believe…I want to live my life carrying my memories with me…

Even if those memories are painful ones, Even if those memories do nothing but hurt me…Even those memories I wish I could forget…As long as I keep carrying those memories with me and don't run away from them…someday…

Someday I believe I will get to the point where I am not oppressed by those memories.

That's what I want to believe.

I would like to think there's not a single memory that I have that it would be okay to forget.


Me too…I believe it too.

No matter the memory, I want to be sure to hold it in my heart and go on believing.

I'd like to think that there isn't a single memory that would be okay for me to forget

And I believe that someday…

Someday I will become someone who isn't oppressed by them

And that someday I will even transcend them

And they will become precious memories to me.

I believe it.

And it is these memories that have brought us close together across the miles, across the years, across the pain and sadness. We have found ourselves in each other and never again will we be so far away.

Momiji closed his journal and smiled at the woman withlight brown hair and andteal blue eyes watching him from the other side of the table.

"I love you Tori"

"And I love you Momiji"

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