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"C'mon Bright eat the green, mushy & rather disgusting looking thing! It's good for you!"Futch said, hopelessly trying to make his baby dragon eat the slimy baby food he was giving it.

Bright shifted uneasily on Futch's lap & let out a loud shriek. Futch covered his ears. "Stop it Bright! See I'm eating it too!" Futch said. Bright stopped shrieking immediately & stared at Futch. 'Great, now Bright's expecting me to eat this…this.. CRUD! Why the hell is he so smart? Oh well it can't be THAT bad right?' Futch thought putting a spoonful of it into his mouth. His face turned as green as the concoction itself. Apparently it seemed the chefs were on strike & an incarnation of Nanami herself had made the baby food. Heck! It seemed Nanami had made it herself!

Futch turned the carton the other way & read the label.

"Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! The company's probably bankrupt by now!" Futch exclaimed in surprise. "What sort of a joke is this?"


"Let's get our money back Bright." Futch said solemnly.

Bright squeaked & Futch heard a tiny rumbling from Bright's stomach.


"But first let's go to Hai Yo's! Ok?" Futch said sheepishly.

Bright squeaked happily & they made their way towards the restaurant.

Meanwhile in the great hall….

"Lord Riou we HAVE to get Theresa Wisemail as our ally! We HAVE to form an alliance with Greenhill! If we get Theresa on our side we have a better chance against Luca Blight! If Highland gets their dirty paws on her we could lose! They'll probably KILL..."

"Shu, I think that's enough. I get the point but…"

"Lord Riou we HAVE to do this, it's a great opportunity for the Twilight army!"

"Shu!" Riou yelled as threateningly as possible. It wasn't too threatening though.

"I agree that this woman Treesa is important & all but how do we get her to help us? You said she was in hiding. And besides, Greenhill fell to Highland remember? There will be so many guards around the place! The entrance will be guarded! How can we pull it off?"


"Shu… he has a point," Apple said.

"Did I say that I didn't have a plan?" Shu said with one eyebrow raised.

"…No, you didn't," Apple said feebly.

"So will you hear me out or do any of you'll have any lame suggestions?" Shu said arrogantly.

"…No," everyone present in the hall said. (The VIPs)

"Who the hell does this smart alek think he is?" Flik muttered to Viktor.

"He thinks HE'S the leader. I'd like to give him a piece of my mind!" Viktor grumbled.

" The feelings are mutual Viktor!" Shu said slyly.

Viktor gulped & then slapped his forehead.

"Now has everyone expressed their innermost thoughts to one another or is anyone left?"

Shu said sarcastically.

"Why I oughtta…!" Viktor said clenching his fists in anger.

"VIKTOR! Calm down would ya? Hear him out already!" Nanami yelled.


"Good, it's about time! Lord Riou I need you to sneak into Greenhill with 5 other children who are about the same age as you because… you'll will be posing as students!" Shu said proudly.

"WHAT?" Everyone said minus Riou, Nanami & Pilika.

"Cool!" Riou & Nanami said in unison. Pilika grinned.

"Flik, you'll go with them as their bodyguard so that nobody gets hurt!" Shu said.

"Me! Why me?" Flik yelped.

"Yay! Teacher Flik, teacher Flik!" Nanami cried. Pilika & Nanami circled Flik & did a crazy dance around him.

"…Kids…" Flik muttered & sweatdropped.

"It's settled then, Fitcher will guide you'll since he knows all the nooks & crannies of Greenhill," Shu concluded.

"So, who's in your party then?" Viktor asked.

"Only kids eh? This will be loads of fun! I choose Futch, Sasuke, Nanami, Luc & Chaco!

Flik & Pilika are in the convoy," Riou finished happily.

"LUC!" Nanami exclaimed, truly shocked.

"Let's save Treesa!" Riou pumped his fists in the air.

"….Lord Riou," Shu said.

"Yeah Shu?"

"It's Theresa."


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