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Chapter 3:Greenhill at last!

"Are we there yet?" Chaco whined, "My feet are killing me."

"Shut up Chaco! We're all tired right now. Bear the pain would ya?" Sasuke exclaimed, gasping for breath, "Hey Fitcher, I thought it would be smooth sailing once we reached Two River!"

"Umm… I'm sure we'll reach in five minutes Sasuke. Just be patient for five minutes," Fitcher said and studied the map carefully.

"Hey Fitcher, are you sure you know what you're doing? I can help you out if there's any problem," Flik inquired.

"Oh no! Don't worry sir Flik. Leave everything to me!" Fitcher said.

"Are you sure?"


Flik paused and eyed Fitcher carefully.

"Umm… actually you could help me out with this map," Fitcher said, sheepishly.

Flik sighed, "We're taking a break guys. You can all rest now."

Everyone groaned and fell on the grass.

"Finally! Now I can feed Bright," Futch said and took out a bottle of milk from his bag.

Sasuke and Chaco cribbed a lot about their 'aching feet' while Riou went to help Flik.

"Pilika, you can rest now. You're a good girl. If only Jowy…" Nanami started.

"…!" Pilika exclaimed.

"Huh? No Pilika, Uncle Jowy's fine."

"Something's not right…" Luc said.

"Huh?" Nanami said. Everyone turned to face him.

"I forgot all about that guy," Futch said.

"Yeah, same here." Chaco said.

"Ditto." Sasuke said.

"Is there a problem Luc?" Flik asked.

"Behind you!" Luc yelled and charged towards Flik.

"I never knew that guy had so much energy," Futch said, flabbergasted.

"Luc are you insane? You're gonna kill me!" Flik yelled.



"I said move!"

Flik moved towards his right and looked behind him.

"Ahh! What is that?" He yelled.

Luc hit the rather ugly creature with his wind rod and backed away. The creature was huge and green and resembled a toad. Its buggy eyes stared at the group with stupidity.

Two more of the species came hopping behind it. Luc grunted in disgust.

"We have to fight them…" He said.

"What! Fight those things?" Nanami asked, shaking her head, "No way am I going to fight those creatures."

"Nanami we have to do this." Riou said, looking at them uneasily.

"Fine, we'll fight."

"Those creatures are called Sauroids, you see many of them around here. I've never fought one though," Chaco stated.

"Well, there's a first time for everything," Sasuke said, "Bring it on!"

Riou went charging towards one Sauroid and hit it with his Twin fang. Nanami gave a measly blow with her Flower rod and backed away. Chaco stabbed the Sauroid with his Air spear.

"They're good," Nanami said.

"No kidding," Sasuke said, and charged towards one Sauroid.

"What on earth are you doing Sasuke? You'll get yourself killed!" Futch yelled, and charged towards the same Sauroid. Sasuke flung a shuriken at it, while Futch stabbed it with his Sigmund. The Sauroid looked wounded, but opened its mouth to swallow them inside it.

"Look out!" Luc yelled, and started chanting. He lifted his Wind rod and released a bunch of powerful wind sylphs from it. The powerful bursts of wind magic hit the Sauroids and they fell on each other, defeated. Four more wind sylphs came charging out and went towards Sasuke and Futch.

"Oh…" Sasuke began.

"No…" Futch concluded. The wind magic hit them, hard. Futch and Sasuke fell onto their knees and started panting heavily. Their bodies were covered with grass stains and had some fresh cuts and wounds. The air around them smelled of blood.

"Luc, I…am gonna KILL YOU FOR THIS!" Sasuke yelled.

"Say your prayers Luc!" Futch said, "You're going down!"

Futch and Sasuke started walking towards Luc. Luc stood where he was, with a cool expression on his face. "Aren't you afraid?" Futch said, pausing for a moment.

"Afraid? Afraid of whom? Am I supposed to be scared of you? Don't make me laugh." Luc said, a slight glint in his eyes. He raised his right hand and showed them his rune.

"You think that's gonna scare us? We've had enough of your trash for a day. Right Sasuke?" Futch said, turning around to face Sasuke.

"You're on your own on this one Futch." Sasuke said, cowering behind Riou in fear.

"Traitor." Futch said.

"Can we get going now?" Luc said, "We have a mission to complete…."

"He's right, we've almost reached Greenhill. Come on let's get going." Flik said.

And in a few minutes time (with a lot of grumbling) they were looking up at the large gates of Greenhill.

There was a guard standing in front of the magnificent gate. Fitcher ushered them towards a clump of trees nearby. "Here are the admission papers for the school, they're about two years old so tell the guard they were delayed because of the war or something, I have to go." He said, in a hushed tone.

"Where are you off to? Aren't you supposed to help us out? Who am I supposed to be?" Flik asked, in a worried tone.

"Umm… Everyone knows me in Greenhill and that could prove to be dangerous… Don't worry though I'll meet you inside from time to time, I know a couple of shortcuts," Fitcher said, "You can be their father or something…Goodbye!" Before Flik could say anything he was off and disappeared into the trees.

Chaco snickered, "Our father? Heh heh heh, that's funny."

"Shut up! I'll come up with a better excuse then…" Flik said, in a dangerously low voice.

Chaco was still snickering and Luc shook his head in disgust.

"Okay, we'll have to come up with some names then. Lord Riou any suggestions?" Flik asked Riou; "We can't go waltzing into Greenhill with our names. The Highland soldiers are everywhere, we'll be caught for sure."

"You're right," Riou said, "Okay, I'll be Jacques!"

"Jacques? What sort of a name is that supposed to be?" Chaco asked Sasuke, in a hushed tone. They received a glare from Nanami and a tiny grunt from Pilika.

"Stupid pig…" Chaco said, quietly.

"Who Nanami?" Futch asked.

"No, that dumb girl Pilika" Chaco replied, "I hate that kid."

"What?" Sasuke and Futch said, in unison and fell down anime style.

"She's a CHILD Chaco," Futch said.

"Shut up! Riou's giving us our names!" Nanami said. The three of them kept quiet and decided that they would continue this debate later on.

"Nanami you'll be Beth and Pilika will be Elizabeth," Riou said.

Sasuke, Chaco and Futch sweat dropped.

"I told you he had lost his rocker." Chaco stated. Futch and Sasuke merely nodded.

"Yay!" Nanami said, and punched her fists in the air.

"Shh!" Riou whispered.

"Sorry." Nanami whispered. Luc sighed and Flik scratched his head.

"Okay, Luc you'll be Matt, Chaco you'll be John, Futch you'll be Drew and Sasuke you'll be James!" Riou said proudly.

"What the…" Chaco begun but kept his mouth shut after getting a sharp glare from Nanami. "I mean…I love my name!" he said, nodding his head.

"Great! We should get going then," Flik said, trying to change the subject of names.

"Wait a minute. Flik doesn't have a name." Nanami said. Flik gulped.

"Hmmm… I know, Bluto!" Riou said.

"Umm… That's okay! I'm fine. I don't need a new name. Come on let's go!" Flik yelped. 'Whew! That was a close one! No offense to Riou but he doesn't need to get so creative, when it comes to names!' Flik thought, while wiping some sweat off his forehead. The group walked towards the guard and got ready to confront their enemy… Highland.

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