Mariska's diary

Chapter 1 First meeting

It was midnight. Dark and cold. As it was winter and snowflakes were falling down from the sky. Everybody were sleeping. Everybody, expect vampires in Dracula's citadel. In the room, that was in the highest tower, one of the Dracula's brides Marishka was sitting at the table, made of the red wood. Flickering candlelight illuminated her beautiful features: big amber eyes with long eye-lashes, voluptuous lips and pale smooth skin. Her long golden hair were taken away, to not disturb her. She wore yellow suit with golden jeweler valuables, her suit was in east stile in fact, it was rather open for this season of the year but she was a vampire and haven't felt cold. On the table there was an inkwell, a feather and some paper. Marishka turned back, listening. Girl didn't want anybody to come in, particularly Aleera. She didn't like this red- haired bride. But still no sound in the corridor. Marishka breathed deeply, took feather and started to write:

«30.10.1465 Transylvania, Sigishoare village.

I started to write this diary to tell about events, in what I had taken part. First, my name is Maria Anna Feranshi or just as my father called me – Marishka. I have born in a rich family, and my father was a baron Oleg II. I really love my country. Transylvania is the most beautiful and it is my home. My story has begun in 1462. I remember everything. It was summer. Warm as usual. Carpathian Mountains were green, and flowers grew. At that time Walachia was ruled by Vladislaus III Dracula. I haven't ever seen him, but I heard that he came to a throne, when he was about fifteen years old. My father respected him. As we were leaving between Hungary, Austria and Turkey, we needed courageous and strong king. In fact most of our people were soldiers, and Turkey was our main enemy. We lived in alert as we waited for attack. It was a war for Christian faith against Muslims. Vatican sent their great knight to help us. His name was Gabriel Van Helsing; soon he became Dracula's friend. Vlad III has once again found a brother, which was killed by Turkish sultan a year ago. And I liked Van Helsing. Once he came to talk with my father and I met him. He wore light grey panoply, his hair was curly and brown and his eyes were the same. His eyes … I saw kindness and courageous in them, I really felt in love. Soon we started meeting. We were happy together, and it was so peacefully with him. We talked about everything. Gabriel has always been my true love. One day we were walking and he looked in my eyes and I looked in his shiny brown orbs. Well, I must say, I wanted him to kiss me, but he didn't because of my father, I think …

We kept silence, but as I was awfully curios, I asked him a question:

"Van Helsing, is Count as evil and insensible as old women say?"

"No, of course not! He is just unhappy, Maria."


"Well, there is one reason – a gipsy girl."

"Gipsy girl?"

"Yes"- he smiled sadly. -"Vladislaus loves her, but Valerie Senior doesn't want his single son to marry her."

I thought about his words. How awful when somebody, whom you love dearly can't be with you. Gabriel has pressed me to himself gently and said:

"Don't worry, Maria! I love you and we will be together, I promise!"

How sweet it was! He kissed me and I did the same. It was the first time in my life, when man kissed me. In fact, I haven't ever been with man tête-à-tête, only with my father, but it wasn't like this. We have forgotten about everything! Gabriel fondled my face and I smiled happily. In one minute all it finished. The Turkish rider raced on us, waving his sword and crying something on his language. Van Helsing has protected me with his body and has taken out his sword. Turk came closer and was ready to attack us, but another knight on black horse incomprehensibly whence arisen on Turkish rider's way. Unknown black knight has taken out enemy's head with his brilliant sword. I really wasn't afraid; I have often seen such things since I was a child. Gabriel smiled and took away his sword:

"As always in time, my friend!" – He said to the black knight.

The knight laughed, took out his helmet and handily came down from the saddle. Yes, it was him – Count Vladislaus III Dracula, prince of the South Romania. His face was a little bit pale, his long black, as his armor, hair were flapped by wind, and his eyes were deep black. He was handsome, not less than thirty years old. He attracted me. Clad in all black, with little earrings, which were strange for aristocrat, and pale face, he looked mysterious and charming. Dracula greeted us and warned about Turkish riders. Gabriel listened him attentively. Then Vlad rid away. I thought that I wouldn't forget his face. What happened with me? I have still loved Gabriel, haven't I?