Title: Slip in Time
Theme: Destiny
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/A bit weird
Pairing: Kagome/InuYasha
Notes: I'm considering turning this into a longer fic. (As in making a chapter fic with this concept.) If you read this and think that would be an interesting idea, let me know.

Kagome's arrow was nicked and her eyes were steely and battle hardened. Her mouth was tightened into a thin line and her hakama were stained with the blood of youkai.

Five years ago, this image of Kagome would have terrified the one who watched. He would have feared that someone had possessed his gentle and kind-hearted Kagome.

But he knew that was not the case.

The jewel had been used. Seeing how the job of guarding the shikon caused her great strain, InuYasha had snatched it from her grasp and selflessly wished himself human.

She'd been angry at him at first, saying over and over that she 'liked him as he was and didn't need to change.' Assuring him over and over that 'she was handling protecting the jewel just fine.'

But he knew better. He saw the burden the jewel had upon her life.

And now the war was only beginning, and this time the jewel had nothing to do with it.

Kagome knew what was going on. Since they did not live in the past InuYasha had an inkling of it as well. He'd seen 'movies' and heard stories of how his time of birth came to a bloody end.

The fall of the sengoku jidai.

InuYasha wanted Kagome to have no part in it. They'd make sure their friends were safe, but history was not something they could change and as such they would make no attempt.

A Miko who came from another world played a part in the bloody wars. Traveling with her was one assumed to be her husband, an ordinary human boy. Fighting off the armies of youkai employed by Oda Nobunaga that history books have forgotten the existence of, she became a hero to those opposed to his military conquests.

Kagome couldn't change history. However, she found out she was to be a part of it.

And she had no choice to go back and fulfill her role.

InuYasha wished with all his heart that she hadn't found that legend in the shrine, hadn't realized that she was the one who was to play this role, that this wasn't her destiny.

As she, with her now top notch precision Miko powers, fought, he wielded an ordinary blade. This was the only situation he regretted turning human in. When they were in her era, her home, it was of no consequence. Here though, during this ruthless war, he felt helpless to protect her.

But perhaps she didn't need to be protected anymore.

His Kagome was still the same woman he fell in love with. The cold eyes and harsh resolve were only an illusion put on for the battlefield.

He knew it would never change her.

After years of heroics, the Miko disappeared with her companion. Presumably, they returned to the strange world they came from.

Nonetheless, if he had not known the end of the story, he also realized that there was simply no way he would have let her go. I know she lives, that we live…

A deep sigh pulled InuYasha out of his thoughts and he sheathed his sword as Kagome approached him.

"You're getting good with that blade," she leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"How much longer Kagome?" He inquired anxiously, wrapping his arms around her to reassure himself that she was still there.

She shook her head. "I'm not in the history books InuYasha… so I don't know."