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This story incorporates a villain used in 'The Joker' in chapter 8 (The Lord of Time) that I also wrote. (It's a 10000 word chapter so beware. For Beastboy fans BBTrra and BBRae alike Very painful and very sad stuff.) I really suggest reading it.


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The wrecked building of Wayne Enterprises. The electricity surges around the severed wires. Fire sweeps a storm cloud. Rubble paves the floor in the underground labs as the whole place is being torn apart…

Termination, you shall all die

"CHROMA!" screams out Robin, his figure bruised and beaten, his cape and suite in taters. He tries to get up, but the surging pain takes grip on him again and he curls upon the ground. His fists and legs constrict their muscles in a spasm. He begins to sweat blood…

It was his fault. His rage and jealousy had taken him, and now they were all going to perish. His anger and selfishness; he had let Chroma take advantage of him. Beastboy, Cyborg, Raven and… poor Starfire. He had killed them…

You cannot defeat me. It is ineffectual; hopeless. Only I shall survive.

"Robin!" cries Starfire, but the T-ship blasts the building wall apart and straight through Raven's shield. Shrapnel, lasers and fire spurt out in a confusion of pain. Raven tries to block the incoming ship, but it is useless, she manages to get out of the way, but the T-ship weapons blast her into an adjacent wall. She coughs up fluid.

"AAARRGH!" roars Cyborg, ripping off his virus infected arm, sparks and wires now hanging loose. The amputated limb contorts, but the rest of his circuits are starting to turn black. It won't be long now. "Must… FIGHT!" he yells, losing control of his body.

"Hold on!" yells a green figure, appearing from the depths of the fire, seared but determined. "Just hang in there!"

Beastboy tries to help him by shutting his power off, but the virus causes Cyborg to counter attack, to crush his friend into the ground. Beastboy is just able to transform into a bear to lessen the damage. Though only with one arm left, Cyborg lifted up the bear and flung it towards the ailing Raven. Beastboy quickly morphs back into himself to stop himself crushing his friend. They clutter to the ground.

"I WON'T BE ANYONE'S PUPPET!" yells Cyborg.

Cyborg punches his fist into a hard rock to crush his hand to minimise its lethal ability. Chroma is not idle. The T-ship turns and smashes into him, leaving him in two pieces on the cracked and scorched earth. The front of the T-ship breaks off from the impact.

This is a waste of energy. It is illogical to continue this futile effort. Cease and perish. Let me complete my primary objective.

"All those… ungh… lives… now and forever" groans Robin, hardly able to breathe from the clenching grip of Chroma's power. "Why…?"

It is necessary for my survival. Such are the means. You shall not stop me; you cannot stop me.

"Have you no mercy or conscience?" screams out Starfire, her body battered and torn, cradling Robin in her arms, tears streaming as Robin's organs begin to convulse. "This is evil!"

I am a program. Good and evil have no logical meaning to me. I have not been programmed so. Neither does mercy or conscience have any data bank; as they are merely assessed hindrances to my primary objective. The process is nearing completion. Cease and perish.

"STOP CHROMA!" calls a voice from above. The Many robots that had been stationary to this point are alerted and point their rifles towards the shout.

It is over. You are no longer necessary. Do not interfere. Your interference with time has only led to death; deduction; do not interfere.

"There is still a chance; still time to change my mistake! They are still alive Chroma!" says the masked figure, his purple spiked hair visible in the fire. His silver shoulder, knee and elbow pads reflect the moon light. "And so they shall be; for I will stop you!"

You are not strong enough. You are lacking in sufficient power… You are no Lord of Time.

"I never wanted to be…" says the figure. His voice goes cold and droned without emotion. "I am but a shadow with no life; a face with no past; one who is but a part of who I am. I am lost and I am here. That is my choice and that is my way."

You are a contradiction; it is not possible. Define your being. What is your purpose? What are you?

"Your end!" and he jumps down through the lasers of the robots. The last hope for the Titans and the future and past of the entire world…

A flash back…

"Behave well while I am departed Robin." says Koriandr, kissing her son on the forehead and ruffling his red hair.

"I will mom." says Robin Victor Garfield Roth Grayson.

Most chapters will be nearing the 2000 word mark from now on. It just worked out shorter for this chapter because it was a flashback. I'm not quiet sure if this is the best I can do, so please flame me if I do something really stupid so I may learn from my mistakes (Or otherwise just keep burning myself)

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