Thanks to Baraku who reminded me of this abandoned fiction. I had this chapter almost finished so I completed it. I don't know if I'll update again ever, but this has boosted my inspiration a bit. So, who knows?

"Wow! So you're really from the future?" says Beastboy, eating his orange flavoured Tofu. The group sits around at a mall food court and eat. It looks a lot different to when Lancer last saw it twenty years ago in the future.

That is correct

"But isn't time travel dangerous?" asks Raven, sipping some tea.

That is correct

"Then why travel back here at all? Some sort of mission?" ponders Cyborg having a large plate of maple syrup waffles.

That is correct

"Do you know of us in the future?" asks Starfire hopefully. She pours out the mustard on her salad.

That is correct

"Do you really have to keep repeating that?" asks Robin annoyed, chewing his pizza.

Not necessarily.

"Are you going to say something or are you going to let us talk to your wrist-watch?" asks Robin to Lancer, with slight agitation.

"Sorry. But this is a very… unique experience." says The Lancer, eating his pizza. "It is my first travel through time." and he puts on extra mustard.

"Hey! How do we really know he's from the future anyhow?" asks Beastboy, still uncertain.

"He's right." says Robin. "Even if you do have a communicator, it doesn't really prove anything. Communicators can be forged… or stolen…"

"Robin!" exclaims Starfire, not liking where the questions are going.

Your precaution is wise. Perhaps another trip in time may be adequate to prove the statement.

"I don't think so." says Lancer. "Raven is right. Time travel is dangerous. We should only ever use it in the most pressing of urgencies."

As you wish master

"Booyah! I hope I get one of those in the future!" says Cyborg, stuffing his face with waffle. "Though I don't suppose they give out time devices to everyone though?"

That is highly unlikely.

"That's it!" snaps Beastboy remembering. "You're Chroma! The watch at the police station!" (See 'The Joker' chapter 8 Lord of Time)

Please specify

"I remember now." comments Robin. "I destroyed you… or at least I did."

Only one time version of myself

"You came from Warp didn't you; the time thief?"

That is correct

Starfire shuffles uneasily as she remembers the adventure with Warp into the future. "Are you a friend or foe then Chroma?" she asks politely. She notices Robin fiddling with his birdarangs and Lancer sitting nervously between him and herself.

I am no longer in the possession of Warp. I am in the possession of The Lancer. Good or evil is now a decision made by my new master.

"You know… I'd really like to study her in my Lab." says Cyborg excited. "I mean; tech like this doesn't come up every day! Heck, it hasn't even come up yet!"

"I don't know…" says Beastboy pondering. There was a reason why that vision he saw of himself got him not to use Chroma. He wondered if it was his fault that something went wrong… or Chroma's.

Such an analysis can be arranged

"But until then, I don't think either of these guys should be allowed near the tower." says Robin, still not trusting them.

That may be unavoidable as we have no suitable mode of accommodation or finances

"So that's your angle is it?" says Robin rolling his eyes.

"She is right Robin." says Lancer. "We came unprepared for the trip…"

"… Which suggests that you are inexperienced and, or left in panic..."

"Well… It wasn't planned…"

"…This is also a cause for concern…"

The Lancer pleads. "Please we just need…"

"To get back to your own time or place, wherever you popped up from." says Robin straightforward and un-shifting. "It's obvious you have no idea what or who you are messing with. Just go home!"

The Lancer sighs in his seat. To Robin's surprise (and frustration) Starfire puts an arm around Lancer and comforts him. She felt like he was a little brother, or cousin, but more to her surprise, like a child. Raven also gives him a look of pity.

"You really have no where to go do you kid?" says Raven.

"Not here, or yet at least." says Lancer.

Power cells are also depleted. Next warp will be available in 78 hours 54 minutes 25 seconds (approx.)

"That is okay. You can stay with us." smiles Starfire.

"What?" barks Robin as annoyed as a bald monkey. "We're just going to let a stranger into…"

"I bet you have really cool video games in the future! Do you like 'race racers' Lancer?" says Beastboy hopefully?

"That is a classical game in my time." says The Lancer, feeling better now he seemingly was accepted into the group.

"Another challenger to the podium!" smiles Cyborg. "Always fresh chickens to be plucked! Booh-yah!"

"Now look guys!" says Robin, trying to be heard. "GUYS!"

"Remember kid." says Raven. "No talking of the future under ANY circumstances. We don't want to mess time up too much by your visit here."

"I will do as you say." says Lancer. "It shall be an honour to live temporarily in your headquarters."

"See Robin; he IS good. So polite and friendly." says Starfire smiling. Robin is sulking.

"Just because he speaks like a Tamarian doesn't mean that he's friendly!" says Robin, giving Lancer a look. "If anything goes wrong, remember; I was against the whole thing! This kid is all YOUR responsibility guys!"

"Don't be such a wort Rob!" smiles Cyborg who can't wait to examine Chroma. "How much trouble can he be for us?"

"Hey buddy. Can we call you Lance for short? Lancer is sort of weird-like-strange." says Beastboy, finishing his tofu.

"That sounds acceptable. I accept." smiles Lance.

"So you look like Robin and talk like Starfire." says Raven telepathically.

"Um… I'm a good fan of theirs." he says back feebly. Raven just raises an eyebrow.

"We'll talk later."

Lance moves uneasily in his seat as Starfire snatches the mustard sauce, Robin sits grumbling to the side of him as well as the suspicious Raven probing his mind in front. Maybe it would have been better to stay home… Uncle Beastboy and Cyborg fighting like children over the soda was also very unnerving.

"This shall be your room." says Starfire, opening the guest room. Robin continues to look at Lance darkly. "For the time being at least." she adds, seeing Robin's continual dislike.

"Thankyou." says Lance and views the room.

The florescent lights illuminated the fair sized room. A medium sized plasma TV in the wall. A nice comfortable bed, a sofa, small desk and lamp as well as a bench press. A book shelf had many different books from 'Cooking for Vegans', Tamarian Tales of Argoranth, The evolution of the Motor engine, History of Exorcism and a collection of martial arts manuals.

"This isn't a hotel, we expect you to pull your weight while you're around here. Understood?" grumbles Robin.

"I understand." agrees Lance. It was strange referring to his parents as Starfire and Robin, especially his dad.

May I suggest allowing me to be examined by Cyborg? The exposure to the electricity in the workshop will increase my recharge phase.

"I think it would be better not to let that thing wander around our equipment." says Robin objecting. "Do you understand my concern computer?"

Sensible and deductive; you are right to do so in your line of occupation. I respect your decision

"At least someone does." sighs Robin and he slams the door on Lance.

"…" said Lance.

You did not expect to see your father in this state of mind

"He's really changed." says Lance and he scratches his head. "So what should I do now?"

You can still change time. You are still able to complete your mission. Proceed with my advice

"But Aunt Rachel and Dad said…?"

They do not need to know. I will work out the algorithms. You need not fear. Everything is going as I have planned

"Hey Lancer! Open up!" shouts Robin from outside, thumping hard and loud on the metal door.

"Um… yeah?" says Lance opening the sliding panel.

"What have you done with my security devices?" says Robin angrily. Lance notices a pair of binders in his hand.


I took the liberty of disabling the bugging devices you have implanted. It was necessary for conversation and identity concealment

"Wow! I did not know you could do that!" exclaims Lance.

I can do many things…

"Listen here prancer!" says Robin, looking at him with a mistrusting glare.

"Actually it is Lancer…"

"Just shut up." he shouts, right in his face. Lance is perplexed. "I don't know why I gave you a communicator, but I know it must have been a good reason, and so far you have not shown anything very special about yourself!"

"What are you referring to?"

"I mean, look at you! You're a scrawny kid who seems to have the IQ of a plum and the personality of a Rabbit."

"Actually he seems to have the same build as you." points out Raven, still trying to get past Lance's mind barrier.

His intelligence has been calculated to be quite high for his standard age

"And what is wrong about rabbits? I like rabbits!" says Starfire.

Robin grumbles and storms off. "This is going to lead to trouble. I just know it!" and he slams himself into his room.

"Don't take it to hard kid." says Cyborg, patting him on the new hero. "He always gets like that when we gang up against his orders. It's the leadership thing." his hand bleeps on Lance's shoulder. "WHAT? The armour density can't be THAT high! That stuff is built stronger than most tanks! How can you even move? Amazing!"

Robin sat at his desk, grumbling as he looked over case files of Slade. He brushed them away and went to his computer. The voice activation on the search database switches on.

"Identification, all males from 13-18 years of age. Height 5"8' variants of 0"3'. Closest matches perimeter around Richard Grayson." says Robin and the computer scans the population.

No matches found, except one of course; Richard Grayson.

Robin slams his fist on the table. He doesn't quite get it yet. He is only interested in finding out who this guy was. Though he knew it was the wrong thing to think, he did wish he could find something bad about Lance so he could send him out. The very presence of the kid seemed to trouble him enormously... he didn't like it.

"Very cunning Mr. Lancer!" says Beastboy, swerving on the couch with the game-station controls. "But not good enough!"

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO!" whines Cyborg as his spaceship is blown to oblivion by the blasts of his enemies. "You two ganged up on me! No fair!"

"It's a dog eat dog game CY!" smiles Beastboy swerving alongside Lance whom he is battling. "Oh rabbit feet! He's good!"

"I thrive on space games!" smiles Lance, swerving sideways.

"If Robin was here, then the odds would be a bit fairer for me! Two against one! Bah!" sulks Cyborg watching from the side lines.

"This is almost impossible!" strains Raven. "He's zoning out on a video game and I STILL can't read his mind! Grr!"

"Try THIS manoeuvre friend!" says Beastboy and he presses a whole heap of buttons as an octopus.

"Hey! That was a neat move!" smiles Lancer, swerving wildly.

"Wow! I've never seen anyone move so fast!"

"You haven't seen anything yet!"

Lance makes his space ship fly upside down and loops and twirls while blasting at Beastboy. The others watch on in amazement as Lance starts to swerve and turn upside down while in the air carelessly, still engrossed with the game. Beastboy is too busy trying to escape to notice his flying opponent.

"NOOOOO!" yells Beastboy as his shuttle blows apart from a well aimed blast from Lancer. "I was sooo close!" he wails. "That was so cool!" he smiles.

"Oh yeah! I'm the best!" sings Lance, doing a moonwalk in the air. Beastboy finally notices it and they all stare up silently.

Robin notices the silence and decides to check on them. "So what happened?" he says opening his door. He just stares bleakly at Lance who is still in the process of his victory dance.

"Oh. I just beat Beastboy and Cyborg in a melee combat in Space-fighters-Ultimate!" smiles Lance, who still doesn't know he is flying.

"This is very surprising and delightful." says Starfire. "We did not know you too could fly friend Lance?"

"Fly?" says Lance, and he realises his position and swiftly goes back down. "Oh yeah! Sort of slipped my mind! Heh!" he says blushing and rubbing his head.

Later that day…

"What's that smell?" says Raven in meditation.

"Just a sec." says Beastboy and he sniffs his armpits. "Nope; not me."

Raven gives him a weird look before going to the kitchen. Starfire and Cyborg watch on as Lance cooks up a storm. Carrots, peas, broccoli, rice, potatoes, garlic, onions, oyster sauce was being turned like a washing machine as Lance flew around the kitchen from pan to pot and pot to pan, tasting and adding seasoning when necessary. Cyborg eyes the large roast chicken that emerges from the oven.

"That was most impressive friend Lance!" says Starfire, watching all the food and sniffing the glorious smells. "You truly are an inspiration to human cooking."

"You're actually a good chef in the future too Starfire." says Lance.

"Hey! Remember what we said?" says Raven, checking him.

"Oh! Yeah right! Sorry." he says and he starts serving the meal.

"I hate to disappoint you Lance, but I…" says Beastboy prodding his fingers together. His eyes brighten up as some spinach and tofu casserole is presented to him. "ALRIGHT! You're definitely in my good books man!"

"Hey Rob! You should have seen him! Booyah!" says Cyborg holding his plate up to his face.

"Give me pizza any day!" grumbles Robin, resisting the urge to drool from the aroma.

"Hey! You said he should pull his weight around, and I think he's doing a mighty fine job!"

"Just as long as it isn't poison!"

"Oh don't be such a farflax Robin!" says Starfire, fixing a small bowl up.

"Did you just call him a farflax?" laughs Lancer. "I can't believe you said that!"

"Well he does vaguely resemble the gastropod." says Starfire sarcastically. Robin just grumbles in his dark mood.

"All he needs now is a pair of duo fibrous antlers and a recto spinule cartilage, now that you mention it." whispers Lance and Starfire muffled a lot of laughter. Raven takes note on how Lance knew about Tamarian animals… which is also noted by Robin.

"Now where is Silkie?" says Starfire looking around the floor.

"SILKIE?" exclaims Lance in a sudden shock. He swiftly rises from the floor.

"Ah! You've seen him in the future have you?" smiles Raven.

"We've met!" gulps Lance.

"He is not dangerous in the future is he?" says Starfire concerned.

"No. He's just a bit overfriendly sometimes!" says Lance nervously. Silkie bounds in. "Argh it's him!" and he sticks to the ceiling. Silkie eyes the strange boy with confusion.

"It is okay friend Lance. He does not bite." and she holds the grub up. Silkie does his gummy, few toothed smile.

"I know that too… but…" he stammers, forcing a smile.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of a little grub like him are you?" says Robin smiling.

"I am not. It is just that I am…"

"Afraid? Cowardly?"

"I am not either!" says Lance determined to prove otherwise and he floats to the floor. Silkie gives him a big lick on the face and he almost faints. Chroma keeps him up.

You are entomophobic; afflicted with the morbid fear of insects. There is major concern…

"I sense some horrible scarring." says Raven, able to read some thoughts in the shock.

"Just a little incident!" says Lance, wiping his face off. He shudders a little and pats Silkie friendly on the head. Silkie smiles joyfully and Lancer draws his hand back fast.

"Maybe it is best that we limit your contact." says Starfire and she gives Silkie the bowl of food which he gulps down easily. "Maybe you are allergic to worms?"

"Do you want to talk about it?" asks Raven.

"No. It is okay. I will get over the fear… eventually. I know Silkie is very safe and peaceful. It is just that I have had a… unfortunate experience." and he shivers.

"Well don't let a little thing like fear get in the way of dinner!" says Cyborg smiling. "Now let's dig in!"

The dinner in front of the television was different. Robin sat by himself in the dark corner while Lance sat next to Starfire and Raven (Whom he was more familiar with in life) to which Robin read in the totally wrong way. Beastboy sat next to Raven in order to tell jokes with better audio. Cyborg sat behind the sofa in order to scan Lance's armour for its tech. In short, attention was given to Lance and not Robin.

Robin sat in his foul mood. But he ate the dinner Lance fixed anyway.

"Channel 5 is a lot better in the future." says Lance as he watches the news. "It has…"

"Lance!" booms Raven.

"But you… oh yeah… sorry." he says as he feels a headache pang from Raven. He takes a bit of chicken and chews a bit in thinking.

"You did a very good job on this food!" says Starfire with a mouth full. She blasts the food with a starbolt. "I just like my meat well done!" she says, trying not to offend Lance.

"That is fine. I do too!" says Lance and he does likewise with his white starbolt.

Everyone stares…

Aside from realising that he had developed the bad habit from his mother, Lance got a lot of brain knocking from Raven and a lot of advice from Chroma from his actions.

Action has been deemed inappropriate. Please desist and keep body actions at a minimal.

"Uh. Sorry! My bad!" he says, feeling awkward again.

"That is so cool!" says Beastboy. "You can play video games, cook, fly AND blast fire from your hands! Wow! Like wowsers and stuff!"

"Come on Rob! He definitely deserves the communicator now!" says Cyborg.

"Maybe." admits Robin. "So I did underestimate his power. But that still doesn't prove he is on friendly terms with us." he says still mistrusting Lance, and now even fearing him a little. "That looked remarkably like a…"

"A starbolt!" says Starfire, suddenly looking over the kid. "Are you a Tamarian? You are unlike any person from my home planet I have seen before!"

We decline to answer. Such information can be damaging to the time space continuum. We shall now retire

"You'd better go Lance." says Raven. Lance nods and says goodnight before walking to his room. When he is out of earshot, the Titans begin talking.

"I have to say I disapprove of your actions friend Robin." says Starfire. "Lance seems like a very trustworthy, friendly and kind person."

"'Seems' though Star." says Robin, sticking to his view. "We don't know for sure. And with that watch in the way, I don't think we will ever get an answer."

"Chroma is right Robin." says Raven. "Seeking too much information about the future may play out to be perilous."

"I'm just wondering how the heck Chroma is able to balance out the time barriers without destroying the universe!" exclaims Cyborg. "It must be really dangerous!"

"That gives me all the more reason to worry about that guy." says Robin. "What is his mission I would like to find out? And why risk such a meddling with time? Is it really that important? And why send him?"

"You seemed to trust him in the future." points out Beastboy.

Robin stirs his food. "Seemed." says Robin.

"Good morning." comes the voice of his mother. "How are you feeling today?"

"Mom, I had the weirdest dream," mumbles Lancer, still drowsy. "I dreamt that I was being attacked by these security robots on a school excursion, then I travelled into the past with some weird program and then I met with…" he pauses and looks around himself. Hey! This wasn't his home at the Tamarian embassy, this was Titan tower, and this wasn't his mother… or at least… not yet.

Please do not relay your dreams again master Lancer. They are proving to be hazardous.

"I am sorry for intruding." says Starfire, sitting next to the bed. "But the question has been upon my mind as of lately. Are you Tamarian of some sort? Or are you superhuman?"

"Chroma?" asks Lancer.

My opinion is; to state your mission.

"My mission?" says Lance confused. He scratches his purple hair. "Hey! Didn't I change back before going to sleep?" he says, observing he is again in costume.

I found it necessary to reactivate your suit in order to protect your identity. It has proven beneficial.

"So what is your task friend Lancer?" asks Starfire. "It would put much worry off friend Robin if you told us. It is partially the reason of why I have to talk. He gets very… worried when he is not completely in knowledge. I am concerned…"

His mission is to tell you about your child.

Lancer almost chokes.

"M… my child?" says Starfire, and a smile stretches her face and her eyes get all glittery. Yep! She was mom. She goes into hysterical joy. "I have a child in the future? Happiness! Is that true? That is very nice feeling! Who is the father? Oh! I hope it is…"

Such information is classified. We may only offer advice, no names can be given. You must also remain the only one to know of this. Any more personnel would prove fatal to the mission.

"Oh! Please tell me as much as you can about my offspring friend Lancer!" says Starfire ecstatically, too curious and happy to think about the problems of the space time continuum. "Did you really travelled through time just to tell me of my child, oh I hope they or she or him is or are in trouble?"

"Um… What should I say?" says Lancer rubbing his cranium, still not sure if this was good idea for him to be talking about himself to her without actually revealing it was himself that he was talking about or to him (His dad) either, for he might not be able to rely on her or her or him or him or himself to keep himself a secret from them.

Confusing really.

I shall help as I can…

"Right! For five bucks you can 'join' my gang. But don't you get in my way weirdo!" warns Girl Moth, otherwise known as the notorious Kitten (See 'Tales of Gotham and Jump City'). Since her last defeat, she had planned a little attack that might achieve one of the greatest robberies of all time! Right under the Titan's noses! "You will bump into them in this alleyway. I don't want any muck ups right?" she says, putting on her moth helmet (A similar design to her father's)

A great plan, however, a brat had got wind of her scheme, and demanded to be in on it for his own personal reasons. She decided to make the most of the accident and she earned an easy five bucks. This Fresco guy seemed determined to give the Titans a hard time as well…

"Didn't sleep?" says Raven, observing Robin's messed hair and saggy eyes.

"Nope!" he says.

"Still stressing about that guy?"


"Are you lying?"


"Is that coffee on your lap?"


"Hurts eh!"

"Oooh yeah!" he grimaces.

"So what's up with him today?" she says to Cyborg and Beastboy, having breakfast in separate corners (Beastboy having a tofu cake and Cyborg having good old bacon and eggs).

"He spent all night trying to find a face match to Lance… but he couldn't." says Beastboy with stuffed cheeks. He begins to choke.

"Starfire seems to have left somewhere without telling our 'courageous' leader. He's a bit upset." says Cyborg.

"And where's Lance? Still in his room?" says Raven, helping Beastboy to swallow the mouthful by whacking him on the head with a newspaper, as usual.

"Hasn't budged." says Robin, who looks at his communicator. A large fuzzy blur appears where Lancer's communicator should be on the map. "That Chroma thing is starting to bug me!"

"I think its amazing how something so small can distort our tracking devices." says Cyborg, scooping down the rest of his food. "Man! I hope I get to analyse it later!"

"Maybe I'll let you…" says Robin pondering.

"Want me to disable the jamming sequence?" says Cyborg raising an eyebrow.

"I want you to find out this guy wants, whether he has good or bad intentions."

"Hmmm. Might be difficult, she is a far more advanced tech." he says, leaning on his chair. "But I'll give it a shot… If Lancer is willing to part with her for a while?"

"He will."

"No he won't." says Raven, glaring down Cyborg to a corner. "Time is something that SHOULDN'T be messed around with. The little we know and the sooner he gets back, the better!"

"Aww! And I wanted to know the cheats for the upcoming games!" moans Beastboy. Raven glares him.

"Still, I think we should have SOME background on our great 'guest'" sulks Robin.

"Sorry Rob. Too dangerous, and you know it!"

"More dangerous than if Lancer is messing with time himself?"

"I don't think he means evil…"

"You can't even tell!" says Robin angrily. "He blocked you like a wall. Who made you leader anyway?"

"Take a look at you!" says Raven, controlling some fury. "You're jealous of the guy! It's pouring out your ears! Clearly your emotions are controlling your judgement!"

"She's right you know Rob. You really are acting way over cautious!" says Cyborg. "I won't examine Chroma if it means disrupting time. Only in an emergency or really great need."

"Yeah, I think something's are meant to be the way they are." agrees Beastboy, still trying to remember the scene. (The Joker Chapter 8)

"…" Robin tries to start, but he knows inside that they are right. He denies it anyway. Having his friends bunch up against him for a complete stranger like that wasn't something he was used to, nor did he enjoy that much. "I'll be in the garage!" he says and goes down the elevator.

"Go after him!" says Raven, rolling her eyes.

"And try and talk some sense into the grouch?" moans Cyborg, belching. "Why me?"

"Why not?"

"Good answer!" and Cyborg heads down to the garage.

"I wonder what it must be like to travel through time?" dreams Beastboy, imagining him rescuing Terra, or preventing WW2. He then imagines himself battling Hitler one-on-one, until the dictator starts to strangle him and he realises he is choking on tofu again. "Ack! Help! Fascist Tofu!"

"I don't even want to know!" groans Raven and she helps BB to the bathroom, as usual.

Robin wiped some dust off his R-cycle and sighed. His world went crazy sometimes…

"Not interrupting anything am I?" says Cyborg heading in.

"Not really…" says Robin, trying to get hold of his jealousy. "Sorry about that stuff earlier."

"No prob' Rob!" laughs Cyborg. "We know you only mean the best. Raven will get over it!"

Robin forces a smile and then he frowns again. "Do you really think Lancer is safe?"

Cyborg shrugs. "If the guy has the power to travel through time, why bother fighting us in our prime when he could attack us in a weaker time?"

"I suppose so…" says Robin still doubtful.

"Come on Rob! What's the worst he could do?"

"That's what worries me…"

The alarm goes off…

"Wow! The REAL Titan alarm signal!" says Lance as he and Starfire heading to the main room. Starfire is still bemused by the information on the future and is happily twirling in mid air.

"(Tamarean) Thankyou very much for your advice friend Lancer. I will not fail to raise my child in the order you instructed! "

" That is fine m… Starfire. Just do not mention it to d… Robin or the others. "

" Rest assured I shall not. " she smiles. " Um… Does my child set the carpet on fire before or after flying into the President's helicopter and causing a national alarm? "

" The carpet was in the helicopter… "

Silence is recommended. Approaching members in 2.3 seconds…

In 2.3 seconds, Beastboy, Raven, Cyborg and Robin appear on the scene with their gear ready. Raven looks as though she is going to strangle Lance, Beastboy and Cyborg are ready to rumble and Robin is less than happy.

"Where did you go Star?" he says, trying to avoid looking to Lance.

"No where in particular friend Robin!" she says smiling as happily as ever. This seems to satisfy BB and Cyborg, but Raven was still glaring and Robin still looking like he sat on a porcupine. There is a brief standoff…

"Um… are we going to like get going or something?" says Beastboy, rather confused.

"Careful there BB! Laser crossfire!" says Cyborg, holding him back as he imagines the beams of hate being focused on Lance by Raven and Robin, while Starfire still smiles stupidly.

"Right…" says Robin finally. "Let's get going then…"

"Not you Lance." says Raven. Lance sighs in disappointment, Raven's word was always the final word in past and future circumstances.

"Hey! Why not?" asks Cyborg, confused. "I bet he can really pack a punch!"

"True friend Raven. I think his advice is invaluable!" says Starfire, also wanting to see Lancer in full potential.

"No way!" says Raven steadfast. "I already told you; TIME TRAVEL IS FOR IDIOTS!"

"Oh come on Rae!" laughs Beastboy. "I think Time travelling sounds fun!"

Raven gives him a flat look "As I said…"

"I think raven is right." says Robin with arms crossed. "But I don't think it's a good idea to let you roam free around here… who wants to stay back with Lance?"

"ME." go the others simultaneously.

Robin bashes his head on the wall.