Summary: It all started out like any other day … until Leo collapses and suffers a seizure and a stroke. In the passing of a few minutes, their lives will be changed forever. They have faced many challenges in their lives but will this prove to be too much?

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Leonardo's P.O.V.

I hate it when you wake up tired. Some people would say you should be happy that you woke up at all but that doesn't help. I'd had a restless night, the fact I had to detangle my legs from my blanket told me enough. I sat on the edge of my bed and rubbed my temples. What was wrong with me? I was usually an early riser. But that really wasn't the problem. For a while, I'd been … tired. I didn't bring attention to it but I knew my brother noticed. They do not say anything because they know I do not like to be fussed over but I think it worried Splinter. He will not let me practice for my usual amount of time and makes me go to bed early yet, nothing seems to help.

I knew he was just worried. The Foot were on the move, attacking shops, buildings every night with no fear, the Purple Dragons were prying on the late night fools that walk alone down New York's streets, and Baxter Stockman was having fun creating more weird and wacky inventions, trying to put an end to us. Personally, I would put it down to stress. In addition, I'd taken a sever bump to the head a few nights ago in a fight. I was out of it for a good two hours and awoke to a very worried family. Probably more worried about all the blood I was pouring onto the couch but hey, it's nice to feel wanted. No I lie, they were concerned for my health and that brings me back to the reason why I was not fulfilling my part as the early morning riser of the family. But now after a sleep in, I was ready to depart my bedroom and make the awesome trip to the dojo. After I'd picked up my katanas.

Raphael's P.O.V.

I'd just finished my kata when I sensed movement. I looked over my shoulder and saw my blue-clad brother enter. Well drop from his room to the dojo but let us not get technical.

"It's nice to see someone's up. Must be nice being able to sleep in for as long as one feels like it"

Leo gave me the evils. He didn't like sleeping in any more then I liked not sleeping in but it was fun to rub it in his face. I gave him a grin and started my next kata. Mikey was flicking his nun chunks around, doing some simple movements to get him in rhythm and Leo had joined Don in warming up. It was going to be a good day today, I don't know why but I had this feeling.

Eventually Master Splinter came out of his room and we started practice. Nothing complex, just simple katas, stuff we had not run through for a while a.k.a boring stuff. Then we moved on to perfecting our balance, gracefulness and ninja stuff like that. I knew he was keeping it simple because Leo still wasn't up to form but why couldn't we cut this stuff and move on to the best part …sparring! I looked over at Leo and saw that he had that fatigued look on his face. That head wound had really shaken him and us but it still seemed to have an impact on his health.

And his concentration.

"Leonardo are you keeping up?"

This brought my attention to the fact Leo was several steps behind the rest of us, something he usually wasn't. Master Splinter never misses anything.

"Sorry Master" Leo apologized before moving into the right stance. Splinter had that concerned look on his face. Again.

"If you wish to sit out you …"

Leo shook his head

"No I'm fine"

Splinter watched him for a second and then continued. We finished off with a spinning kick and I knew it couldn't be prolonged for any longer.

"Grab your weapons my sons. We will now move on to sparring practice"

My heart gave a leap of joy. Finally! We bowed to Master Splinter and went to the racks to collect our weapons.


Leo, who was next to me, moved off to talk to Splinter. As I removed my beloved sais from their holder, I watched them out of the corner of my eye.

It looked like Master Splinter was trying to talk Leo out of practice again. He was shaking his head and if I knew him like a brother, he was arguing that he was okay. Splinter watched him for a few seconds and then gave a slow nod. Leo moved off to collect his katana but Splinters piercing eyes never left his back. When he reached his katana, I had to ask.

"What was that about?"

He removed his shelved katana from the racks.

"He doesn't want me to spar"

I gave a little snigger and punched him on the shoulder.

"He's just worried I'll beat you"

Leo pushed me back with a laugh.

"Or he was more worried I'd kick your sorry tail"

"Is that I threat?" I went to push him back when ...

"When you are ready, we'd like to beginning"

We turned to see Master Splinter, Don and Mikey waiting for us. Mikey had a huge smile on his face and his tongue was sticking out at us. An awful sight. Don also looked like he was trying hard not to laugh. Trying. We quickly moved to join them on the dojo but when Splinter turned his back, I couldn't help but give Leo a slight shove. This resulted with Splinter's cane encountering my head. I repeat; Master Splinter never misses anything.

(((Sometime later ...)))

I was right, practice was going perfect. I was dominating all my bouts but Master Splinter seemed to be keeping me away from Leo and so far, we hadn't had a match. And there is only so many times you can beat Mikey and Don. Leo was also winning most of his bouts but he was still not as fast or as accurate as usual. The perfect chance to beat him.

"Practice is finished"

I spun to face Master Splinter. What! I hadn't got to fight Leo.

"B..But Master Splinter, Leo and I haven't sparred"

He couldn't let me pass up this chance to beat him. It might never come again ...

Master Splinter cast a worried glance in Leo's direction. He seemed to be breathing harder then he should usually be after only a couple of bouts but apart from that, he looked fine. Splinter was going to answer and I knew from his body language he wasn't going to allow it.

"Please Sensei, I want a chance to beat him"

"Fat chance" I shot at Leo but turned hopefully back to Splinter. He was watching Leo who was still in the middle of the dojo. He seemed to weigh up the decision.


Master Splinter let out a sigh but after Leo's request, he let it go. He gave a nod and I scrambled off the floor to face my brother.

We squared off against each other.

"You feeling ok?" I asked in mock concern.

"You should be the worried one, I'm the one who will win" He said, a huge smile playing across his face.

"Never!" I replied just as Splinter cried "Begin"

(((Ten minutes later ...)))

We'd been hard at trying to take each other down but neither one of us seemed to be winning. True, one of us would get the upper hand but then it would be taken back by the other and vice versa. It was exhausting yet, worth it. But beneath my will to win, I was getting slightly concerned. Leo was panting and sweat was beginning to form on his brow. His moves were also starting to get sloppy and there wasn't the amount of power in his strikes anymore. I was wearing him down. However, out of the two of us, he had the better stamina. I had the strength but he had the speed and stamina. But at this moment, his stamina was fast leaving him. Whenever I glanced at Master Splinter, he seemed to be about to call a halt but that would not be fair and Leo would still insist on fighting. I knew if anybody stopped the fight, it would have to be me because Leo would never do it. But I really wanted to win.

I was contemplating whether my pride would allow it when something seemed to come over Leo. He had raised his arm to attack me with a downward hit, when he just seemed to freeze. I was going to block but paused … what was happening? He dropped both of his katanna, raised his hand to his head, and seemed to hold it. Then he gave a shudder and pitched forwards.

With a cry, I dropped my sai's and caught him before he hit the ground. I heard Don shout "Leo!" and within seconds they were next to me. Mikey chucked his dropped katanna out of the way and the others helped me lower Leo. I looked up at Don and Master Splinter.

"What happened?" I asked, fear plaguing my voice, the same fear evident on their faces, Mikey's most of all.

Don opened his mouth to answer when Leo gave a cry and started to shake in my arms.

"Leo" I cried, scrambling to try to hold him still but it was getting worse. Then I felt hands pulling me away.

"Raph stop! He's having a seizure" Don cried

Leo was convulsing in front of me. It was scary. His eyes were rolling and he was thrashing all over the place. Froth was starting to appear on his lips and a strange gurgling was coming from his throat.

"Donny do something" Mikey whimpered. I moved my eyes to see Mikey looking frightened. I'd hate to see what I looked like.

"I can't "Don whispered "We have to wait till it stops"

"When do you think that will be Donatello"

Don turned to Master Splinter. "I… I don't know. He could stop now … or not for a while"

"Well we must be prepared. You would be more knowledgeable in these areas Donatello"

Donatello was biting his lip, a habit he picks up when he's not sure what to do, and it was costing us time.

"DON! What can we do!" I shouted at him. Leo was still thrashing but he was now bashing his head on the floor. I quickly stuck my hands under his head but he kept going. It was starting to hurt.

Don shook himself out of his trance

"We need … we need blankets! Mikey find some blankets!" Mikey ran off towards our bedrooms.

"And a PILLOW!" Don shouted after him. Don then turned to Master Splinter. I could see he was uneasy at issuing orders to him. That wasn't even Leo's department.

"Master Splinter, in my room there's a breathing mask I've been fixing. It has a box with a pump in it. Can you bring it out and put it in the subway cart" Splinter gave a quick nod and went off to do his part.

"The subway cart?" I enquired.

But Don had made his way over to it and was chucking everything out. Literally, he just picked up his desk and threw it out. Then the filing cabnet followed and all the rest of the junk that inhabited his work area. But he kept a few items, mainly a small cupboard and table.

"What are you DOING?" I cried

"We can't keep him on the couch" Don shouted back

"Why not, that's where we always go!" I shouted

Then as suddenly as the Leo's seizure started, it stopped. He seemed to freeze again and went limp. His head rolled to the side and stopped, facing me. He seemed to breathe out, like he had been holding his breath … but he didn't breathe back in.

"DONNY!" I screamed. He must have realized something was seriously wrong by my voice because he was back at my side in seconds.

"WHAT?" He said but then he realized, Leo wasn't breathing.

He pushed me out of the way. He rolled Leo on his side and wiped all the froth out of his mouth. Then he rolled him back onto his back and started CPR.

"I've got blan… LEO!" I heard Mikey scream. I spun around, saw him drop the blankets and start running to Leo. I quickly jumped up and stopped him from interrupting Don. He was trying to fight me off but I was holding him to tight.

"No... let me go ... LEO" he was sobbing.

"My sons" Master Splinter appeared with a funny looking machine in his hands.

"Master Splinter … put it … in the sub… way cart…on the cupboard" Don said in between breathes.

Then he moved to start pushing on his heart. He looked up at us.

"Mikey, pick up the blankets and take them to the subway cart. Put one on the table and move the cupboard next to it! NOW!"

Mikey stopped fighting and for the second time this day, he did what he was told without question. A miracle. I think we could use a couple more miracles today.

"Raph … come here ...I need ... you to ... push…" He said

I nodded in understanding. When he went back to breathing, I moved so I was ready. Don gave five breathes, gave me a nod and I begun. I started counting as I'd been taught and when I finished, Don would start breathing and when he finished, I would start again.

Leo wasn't responding though and I knew Don was starting to panic. This made me press harder and stuff up the count. No, this wasn't happening. Finally, Leo took a shuddering breath and it had to be the best sound in the world. I sat back on my hutches, wiped my forehead, and found sweat. That was too close.

"Raph we have to move him" Don said. He seemed to be breathing heavily as well.

I nodded and moved to support Leo's upper body, Don moved to his legs. On the count of three, we lifted him and Leo gave another sigh. We froze but after a moment, he started breathing again. So did we.

Gently yet quickly, we moved him up into Don's sub-way cart. Shuffling over to the table, Donny put his legs down first. Carefully I lowered him down onto the bed and made sure he was comfortable. Even more gently, I placed his head on the pillow. Again, it fell to the side. Don pushed past to put his complicated looking "breathing mask" on Leo and I moved to the foot of the bed. Mikey was standing there, crying but it was of the silent type. I wrapped one of my arms around his shoulder and pulled him into a one-armed hug. He turned away and buried his head in my shoulder. This sort of thing always hit him the hardest. I looked up and got a good look at Leo. Don had placed the mask over Leo's face and was putting the band around his head. He then turned to the box on the cupboard and did the Don thing a.k.a flicked a lot of buttons and got things to work, where if it was anybody else, we'd blow us all up. The machine started with a hum and that sound you only hear in movies, of a pump going up and down, pumping oxygen. It was creepy.

Master Splinter then covered Leo with a blanket, pulling it up to his shoulders. I glanced at the pile of blankets and recognized every blanket we ever owned in one pile. I even saw my hammock in there! But this wasn't the time to go off at Mikey. I cast an eye back to Leo. He was lying motionless, a totally different contrast to how he was minutes ago. He looked so weak. Normal he looks like nothing could touch and yet, he now looked like one small push and he would go over the edge. How things change.

"So what do we do now?" I asked

Nobody seemed to know or want to answer. Don then dragged a chair over to the bed, another of the few items that had escaped his cleaning rampage. He plonked himself down in it, placed his hand together and rested his chin on them.

"We wait".

But for how long?