Los Angeles, USA

God she was beautiful- He thought gazing at her from the other side of the conference room. She caught him looking and their eyes met. She flashed him a quick smile, then her deep brown eyes focused once more on the blank screen in front of her. Immediately afterwards the screen reanimated to show the specs for the latest mission.

The sound of Sloane's grating voice shook him vigorously out of his daydreams when he heard "Vaughn, Sydney, Your mission is to meet with Kraislav Pryviki, and acquire the drawings before anyone else." He looked round at the agents seated around him.

"Why is he just willing to sell them?" questioned Sydney.

"We don't know at this moment in time. All we do know is that the KGB doesn't want anyone else getting their hands on this intel." Responded a no-doubt bored Jack.

"Okay, so who am I going to play this time?" Sydney asked with a small smile, turning her attention back to Sloane.

"You're going in as Rosalina Lopez," he uttered, ignoring the pun. "-And Vaughn you're Konrado Ramirez. You are weapons specialists from Madrid. You're meeting Pryviki in Café Axe in Bern. You leave in 2 hours."

Sloane and Jack briskly left the room. Marshall, Vaughn and Sydney remained behind. Sydney's eyes met Vaughn's yet again. They smiled and turned to an excited Marshall.

" Erm, Hey! How you doin? Erm… Yeah, hi! So the deal is, you can't get anything into Pryviki's Café… I mean its got biometric sensors and everything! But, lucky for you guys… you've got me" he paused and smiled. "And because you've got me, you've got this…" He picked up a Spanish coin from the desk. "Remember this Syd? You know, in Madrid was it? Same kind of thing really, except this won't blow up… no, this is much, much better." He momentarily paused and picked up a silver fountain pen. "If you click this pen twice it'll release the anaesthetic in the coin. It'll knock a whole room out for 5 hours! Erm… I won't demonstrate now 'coz you're leaving in two… hours that is..."

He passed the device to Vaughn before running out of the room shouting after Dixon who had just walked past. "Mr. Dixon, Mr. Dixon! God, he's a fast- walker! Mr. Dixon!"

Sydney grabbed her handbag off the empty seat beside her and casually strode out the door. Vaughn was close behind her; he grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Thanks so much for waiting for me"

She laughed and kissed him gently "Don't mention it."

She continued walking towards the door with Vaughn still at her side.

"So I was thinking, after the mission is over, we could go get a bite to eat? I know this great restaurant in Bern –"

"You know a great restaurant everywhere." she teased and got into the elevator. The doors closed and she was gone.

Bern, Switzerland

Sydney studied his profile: Tall and blonde. She couldn't tell if this was Pryviki from behind…

Ah, an Armani suit… Couldn't he have put a little effort into his disguise?

"Look" She pointed at the figure sitting at a table. "Sark."

"What the hell is he doing here?" asked an angry Vaughn. "I swear if he's after the same thing we are I'll…."

"He is…. Pryviki just arrived. Lets go." She ignored Vaughn's enraged face and strode casually to the table.

Café Axe was located in the centre of Bern. Two guards flanked the doorways to the intricately designed parlour filled with mahogany tables covered in rich white tablecloths. There were 4 elegant chairs placed around each table, however the Café was empty at this time of the morning and so it was easy to spot Sark with his blonde hair contrasting the resplendent red walls of the salon.

"Ah Ms. Lopez, Mr. Ramirez, please, do take a seat," Pryviki gestured towards the seat.

"Mr. Miliano, here has just offered me much more for my drawings. So I am afraid you are too late." He smiled.

Sark, stared mockingly at their disguises as if to say

I see right through you're blonde wig.

"Ah, but Ms. Lopez and I are prepared to double the amount Mr. Miliano has just pledged. How about $20 million?" Vaughn asked with a hint of a Spanish hidden in his voice.

Sark sniggered, and replied with a phoney Italian accent "But I just pledged $30million so you must be very much mistaken if you are to buy for $20 million."

Pryviki smirked. He signalled for his men. Vaughn looked at a distressed Sydney. Sydney carefully prised open her Gucci purse and slowly and without arousing any suspicion, pulled out the peseta and silver pen.

Marshall, we're counting on you.

She dropped the coin to the floor silently and grabbed Vaughn by the hand. They strode out together. Pryviki glared at the couple and pointed to them.

The goons started dashing after Syd and Vaughn.

"Mi scusi signore, is it possible if I could just use your bathroom?" asked Sark.

I know what you're doing Syd

He snickered and left through a mahogany door.

Meanwhile outside, Sydney and Vaughn were trying to tackle two armed bodies to the ground. She grabbed the fatter one by the arm and twisted it round and pulled his thumb backwards. He screamed in pain. The move had the intended effect- he dropped his gun.

Syd scrambled to the ground and grabbed the Astra. She shot it up, straight into the guard's abdomen. He staggered, only to be shot again. He smiled and collapsed to the floor. Concurrently, Vaughn was fending off the other man slightly taller than himself. He was lying on the floor in pain. The goon was about to finish him off when Syd shot him in the head. He too descended to the ground with an almighty 'Thud'.

She ran to Vaughn. He slowly got to his feet and rubbed his head.

"Thanks for that." He said confused. She kissed him softly before saying,

"Now how about we do the same to Sark and get the hell out of here." He nodded and Syd clicked the pen twice. It wasn't long before the Café was silent. They re-entered through the solid doors and snatched the papers off the desk. However, there was only man lying on the table.

Where the hell is Sark?

"Vaughn, Sark's missing. I'm going to go after him." She shoved the papers in her purse. Vaughn grabbed her by her hands.

"Please, don't go- I don't want to lose you again." He pleaded softly. "Please, don't."

"Vaughn, please, you want Sark dead as much as I do."

"But- "

She silenced him with a long, meaningful, passionate kiss. "We'll find each other. We'll always find each other."

She held her gun at arms length in front her and rounded every corner cautiously, listening for every sound. Here, the walls weren't painted with the inviting red but instead were stripped down to the bare brick that surrounded her. Her footsteps echoes around her, her eyes darted for any sign of movement as her feet slowly stepped forward.

She came to a fork in the cold corridor. Instinct told her to go right but before she could decide, her gun was knocked out of her hands and she was forced to the floor.

"I trust you had a nice stay Ms. Bristow."

Then all was black.