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Chapter One

The One Night Change

Harry was finishing his transfiguration homework when suddenly he felt sharp pain on his eyes. He hissed in pain as he let go of his quill and clutched his right eyes. He panted heavily trying to get rid of the pain. The pain was somewhat relieved after awhile, but he felt exhausted. He sat down on his small bed and lay there.

Hedwig hooted from her perch. Harry gave her a weak smile. "Don't worry girl! I'm okay," he said. But from her look, he could see that she wasn't buying it.

Harry frowned, thinking about what just happened to him. It wasn't Voldemort, he was sure of it. He contemplated whether he needed to report this to Dumbledore, but in the last second he decided against it. He has lost his faith to the old man after Sirius' death. He knew that it wasn't all Dumbledore's fault. Heck, he was even playing important part in the incident. But he couldn't shake the feeling that if he just told him about Voldemort trying to take over his mind, none of these would happen. So what was with the prophecy? For all he cares, prophecy could be damned. He wouldn't be a pawn in Voldemort's and Dumbledore's game. If they hated each other guts they should have battled with themselves; not involving other people on it.

He sighed tiredly as he took the blanket and covered his body with it.

It was summer right now and he was staying on Dursley's household. Not that he (or the Dursleys) liked it of course. Dumbledore said it was for his safety. He snorted at that. How could he was safe when someone could set out dementors to frame him. Not to mention that the toad woman was minister secretary. She had to know his address first so that she could do it. Which drew him to the conclusion that ministry knew where he was residing. And since he knew that Lucius Malfoy had his grasp on the ministry control, he could clearly say that he wasn't safe at all, both from the psychotic wizard, his lackeys, and stupid old headmaster with his game.

Ever since he came back to Privet Drive 4 he forced himself to work till he was exhausted. He was trying to forget the incident in Department of Mystery. He only slept an hour; sometimes he didn't even sleep at all, because when he did rest he would have nightmares. So he set out his time to relearn his study from first to fifth year. That was why he had black circles around his eyes.

He had ordered more books to learn (owl's post), especially about Defense Against the Dark Arts, charm, and transfiguration which would help him in his battle. Even some rune magic. He had come to wonder about this particular magic. Powerful wizards in Merlin's age performed powerful magic with rune, so he thought he should at least brush up on the subject. But since he didn't join rune lesson in his third year, he had to catch up on his own. It was hard doing it for the first time, but he managed. He had practiced the rune magic for half a month undetected. It seemed that rune magic was different than wand magic or accidental magic, and for that he was glad.

The first time he practiced it was to make him expelled. Now you might wonder why Harry wanted to be expelled when in his third year he desperately was against the idea. Being frustrated (of his house arrest), desperate (to get out of Privet Drive), and a bit suicidal (after Sirius' death) did that to anyone.

Plus he was bored. Yeah, yeah… lame excuse, so what? He was puzzled when no owl came to deliver the ministry letter for him. That was when his brain worked. No one noticed the magic he performed. He considered testing if it worked with his wand magic, but then again, he thought that it would be an advantage that no one knew about this. If he did wand magic and ministry noticed it, they would expelled him of course, but he knew that he had to have a great access to learn rune magic, and what would be better than learned it from Hogwarts' library's books? So he left the wand on his desk and proceeded with learning the rune books.

Harry groaned. He felt very sleepy and drained. He needed to rest; nightmare be damned. With that sleep welcomed him to its arms.

Harry found himself in a rather awkward situation. Right now he was …somewhere. He didn't recognize the place. It wasn't the graveyard, Godric's hollow, or the room in the department of mystery. Actually he was in a forest, guessing from the many trees and animals. He raised his eyebrow at this. Where the fuck was he? He grumbled under his breath. It better not be another vision…

He found the scene changed. Now he was in a battlefield, at least he assumed it was, from many corpses lying around and blood splattered everywhere. He didn't know why, but he felt no emotion running on his body even when he saw the horrible sight before him.

'Damn you Tom. You must have rubbed on me,' Harry cursed Voldemort for his lack emotion as it was him who made Harry sleep through nightmares full of tortures that could make even the bravest person vomit. Those visions were apparently sent by the once Hogwarts student to make his life a living hell. He did vomit for the first couple of times but then he got used to it. That still didn't mean he liked it though.

Then he saw a giant snake to his right killing many people. When he said giant he meant that the snake was REALLY HUGE; so huge that it put the basilisk he fought in his second year to shame shame. The basilisk would look like a slug when compared to the one he was watching right now.

He felt some kind of emotion running through his veins. It wasn't fear… it seemed more like… excitement? Why the hell did he feel that way? He wanted to ravage and kill the snake, feel its blood on his lips…

'Damn it!' Harry cried out. 'Calm down yourself, Harry. This dream must be because you want to take revenge against Tom.' (AN: well he is the snake man)

That was when he suddenly felt a jerk on his body. He sensed himself getting bigger and bigger… 'This must be the strangest dream I have ever had' he thought. Now he felt like he was walking on all fours… 'Wait a minute? All fours?' Harry was puzzled. He felt the winds caressing his tails and fur. Harry's eyes widened. Tails? Fur?

Harry blinked. He stared at the ceiling before got up from the bed. 'Just what was with that dream? It was clearly not a vision.' He ruffled his hair and looked at the clock on his bedside. His eyes widened when he saw the time. It has passed noon, meaning that he slept for nearly half a day. That was definitely a record for him.

He felt his stiffness disappear and he felt recharged. He smiled happily. No dream of Voldemort, that was definitely good news; though it was swapped with weird dream.

He opened the door and almost exited his room when he noticed something odd. His body felt lighter and stronger then before. Not to mention that his hair was longer. It went past his waist. He pulled a strand of his hair and gasped when he saw that it wasn't black anymore. He quickly turned around and closed the door. He stood like a rock for a moment before going to the mirror, gulping.

What he saw nearly gave him a heart attack. He touched the mirror surface as his jaw dropped, mouth hanging open in surprise and shock. He couldn't recognize the image before him. He rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn't delusional.

"What the fuck happened to me!" he whispered to himself in disbelief. "I can't recognize myself!" It was true because the image in the mirror didn't reflect a messy black haired scrawny boy, but a tall young man with long silver hair and golden eyes. He was taller maybe by a foot just in one night. It didn't look like that he was malnourished anymore and his hair didn't stuck out like it usually did. Then he swiftly noticed that he wasn't wearing glasses and he could see perfectly, much better than when he wore the glasses. Even his facial features looked different; there was no chubbiness in his face anymore and it gained sharpness. All in all he didn't look like his former self or his dad, James Potter at all. And much to his horror, his eyes became cat like.

"HOLY SHIT!" he yelled loudly. It was fortunate that the Dursleys weren't in the house at the time or he would get trouble for sure.

"Think Harry! Think!" he paced around his room. Hedwig watched her master confusedly. His face didn't look like her master but she was sure that the person in front of her was him. "The dream!" he clicked his finger. "It should be related to that dream! But how?" He went back to his bed alarmed.

He closed his eyes and placed his hands upon them. That was when he realized something. He snapped his eyes open and ran back to the mirror. It was gone… his scar was gone… really utterly gone without a trace of it in his forehead.

"Oh my God…" he said in a hushed tone.


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