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Chapter Twelve

The Battle in the Canyon

As Ashura and Reiki walked along the empty corridor, the general gave him the lay out of the war so far (4 days). Reiki told him that aside from the recent battle with Hesta's sons and Arvel's son, they managed to hold off the other demon clans' assault. It seemed that those demons were impatient to finish the war as soon as possible with them came out as the victors.

Each of Ashura's general would be more than a match to each child of Hesta and Arvel, but the ones who came to fight were some of the most powerful demons from their clans, not to mention that it was only 2 generals who fought against 3 enemies who had equal power with them.

"Are Shiroi and Kuroge alright?"

"They are injured but it isn't life threatening. Kuroge insisted to fight still even when we were losing, thankfully Shiroi could knock some sense into his thick skull and retreated," Reiki grumbled at the thought of his stubborn comrade.

Ashura nodded. "Do you know which of Hesta's and Arvel's children that attacked us?"

"Seikon and Lamen from snake clan and Reil from the eagle clan." The fox demon lord seemed thoughtful for a moment.

"Seikon and Lamen…if I'm not wrong they are the 3rd and 5th most powerful of Hesta's children and Reil is Arvel's 1st children although he isn't the most powerful. They won't be much of a problem for me to handle. What about the kitsubos? Can't you command them? I thought they are more than enough to handle those 3," Ashura asked curiously.

The Kitsubos he was referring to were the foxes that couldn't transform into humanoid form and only had beast form. They were much powerful than humanoid foxes although they couldn't speak and only obey their master, who was him and by extension Hikaru. They were difficult to be tamed by anyone else although they wouldn't lash out at their more intelligent cousin (the humanoid ones) too.

Reiki shook his head. "We can't. Ever since My Lord was gone, they started to act edgy and wouldn't let anyone beside young master (Hikaru) and the feeder to be near them. We try to command them when we knew that the snakes and eagles attacked us, but it was useless. Kuroge almost got his head bitten off by one of the kitsubos," the brown haired general chuckled at the misfortune of his comrade.

The silver haired demon fox rolled his eyes. "I'll move them out soon. And about those snakes and eagles…I will kill those sodding bastards and mutilated their bodies beyond recognition," he noticed that Reiki looked at him wide-eyed and jaw dropping. Obviously the brown haired general was wondering what happened to the calm, cool, and collected Lord he was before.

Ashura almost sighed at his subordinate's comical expression. It seemed that he couldn't just easily dispatched his human emotion. It made him more temperamental than usual. He found out that it was harder to control his emotion and sometimes he found it rather annoying.

"Listen I don't want Hesta and Arvel realize that I have come back for now. I want Keia's to be killed first and Yesua is framed before I can reveal my arrival. I want you to tell Shiroi, and Kuroge to bait and draw them to a secluded place where I can finish them off. Since I will release the beasts soon after I kill them, Hesta and Arvel will think that it was the beasts who kill them. And inform the other foxes to not reveal that I'm here, alive, and healthy. I want my presence here to be kept secret from other demon clans, so we can make it as our trump card."

"I understand, My Lord," Reiki bowed deeply.

0-0- 0-0

"Eleana," Shiki called a red haired female fox demon. Said fox demon turned around to see her superior walked toward her.

"Yes, Shiki-sama?" she asked impassively. Her blue eyes stared straight at the general.

"Ashura-sama needs your help," this statement was enough to make the usually passive fox looked surprised before it retuned into her blank face. "Yes, he has just returned," Shiki answered the question on her mind. "I want you to infiltrate the snake's southwest castle, kill Keia and frame Yesua for her murder."

"I can easily infiltrate and kill her, but I don't know if I can frame her husband for her murder. He could have been somewhere else and have perfect alibi" she voiced up her thought after some minutes of silences, mulling over the assignment the general gave her.

"You just need to shift into Yesua when you killed her. I'll take care of Yesua," the 2 fox demons whipped their heads when they heard Ashura's voice from the shadow. "It's been awhile, Eleane," he gave her a nod.

"Indeed it is, My Lord," she bowed deeply.

"I'll take care of those 3 demons first before I go to Senari Castle (the name of snake's Southwest castle). I want you to infiltrate the castle first and wait for my signal. I want to talk with Seiki, leave us!" Eleane bowed once more and left them alone.

Ashura watched her from the corner of his eyes before he turned his attention to his general. "She would be a good choice," he nodded in satisfaction.

"Yes, My Lord. She's the best shapeshifter we have and she has enough power to kill Keia alone," the blonde haired man/demon agreed.

"Tell her about the plan details when she is about to leave. And Shiki, I want you to gather all of the commanders in my throne room."

"As you wish," the general retreated to the shadow and vanished.

Having nothing left to do, Ashura walked toward his throne room leisurely and waited for the other foxes there for 30 minutes. When all of his commanders were gathered, none of them looked surprised to see their Lord. Apparently, Shiki (and maybe Reiki too) has informed them of his arrival.

In an hour, Ashura has given commands to each of the foxes there and one by one they left until there were only the 4 generals. Shiroi and Kuroge looked pretty beat up from their last battle, but nonetheless they could still fight. The 2 generals complied with the task their Lord set up to lure their enemies to Ridia Canyon where Ashura could finish them off.

But before he did it, he had to meet the kitsubos.

0-0 0-0 0-0

Ashura looked around him. His people were there along with Reiki, while Shiki stayed in the castle organizing their forces. They were here to prevent any demon from escaping the canyon and told their Lords about his existence. The silver haired fox demon didn't complain. Afterall, he preferred to fight against the strong demons, not their subordinates. It would be easier for him to let his forces took care of them, while he was busy fighting.

The faces of his people were confident, boosted by his presence among them. They believed that with him, they now had a chance to retaliate and won the war.

The Fox Lord observed the entrance to the canyon wondering when would his enemies come. There was no way Shiroi and Kuroge failed their mission. Seikon, Lamen, and Reil weren't known for their intelligence. They were known for their brute strengths. Thinking again, Ashura thought that they resembled Crabbe and Goyle.

He smirked when he saw his targets. The 3 demons, 2 huge snakes and an eagle and their subordinates were trying to catch up 2 big foxes that he knew as Shiroi and Kuroge. Shiroi was a white fox with 4 tails. It was over 40 meters tall. Its eyes were yellow and slitted. It was moving fast and was ahead of her comrade. Kuroge on the other hand, was its contrast. It was a black fox and slightly bigger than her. The black fox had 5 tails that were currently used to pick boulders from its surrounding and threw them behind without looking. The boulders caught a portion of the snakes' and eagles' forces. The 2 generals were moving fast despite their injuries.

Shiroi and Kuroge moved past the entrance of the Ridia canyon and went deeper. They turned around when it was a dead end.

The 2 huge snakes and eagle watched gleefully to see their opponents trapped.

It seemsss that we have you at a disadvantage. foxesssss the green snake hissed as it slithered across the ground.

And how did you come to that conclusion? Shiroi snapped.

Look around you then. There are only 2 of you, will there are thousands of ussss the green snake's brother taunted. The snake's reddish black scales were gleaming, as it poised to attack them.

Perhaps… Kuroge drawled. But perhaps not… with that thousand of fox demons came out of their hidings and surrounded them.

What is the meaning of this? a huge brown eagle screeched. Around it, its people, humanoid demons that looked exactly like humans except the difference of their eyes and a pair of wings looked around from the sky nervously at the large numbers of the foxes. Some of the fox forces were made of kitsubos. The fox beasts growled angrily, ready to fight against their enemies.

IT'SSSSSS A TRAP! the green snake hissed angrily.

"Nice to know that you're not as stupid as what I heard of you," a new voice startled them. Their eyes looked around wildly for the source and spotted 2 men standing in the cliff above Shiroi and Kuroge looking at them amused. The snakes and the eagle still couldn't get a clear observation of the men except that one of them had long silver hair, while the other one had brown hair.

HOW DARE YOU CALL US STUPID! the red and black snake shouted. ATTACK THEM! it commanded its forces. The snake demons, humanoid demons with body like snake from waist and down charged the foxes. The eagles followed their leads after their general (Reil) ordered them to do the same.

The silver haired demon nodded to the brown haired demon beside him. The brunette demon growled and transformed into a huge brown fox with 5 red tails, it was half bigger than the other 2 foxes. It gave a loud roar and the fox forces charged at the command. The 3 fox dashed to attack. The 2 snakes and the eagle were preparing to defend themselves, only to see the foxes jumped passed them and attacked their forces behind.

HOW DARE THEY IGNORE USSSSS! the green snake hissed and was preparing to help his subordinates only to freeze when he felt a huge force came from the silver haired man.

"Your opponent is me," he informed calmly. Just as he said it, he started to transform into his beast form. His clothes were ripped, as he grew bigger. Silver chakra started to envelop him completely and it grew brighter and bigger.

The 2 snakes watched his transformation in astonishment. The brown eagle's eyes bulged as it recognized the silver chakra.

It can't be… it said softly in disbelief. He was supposed to be dead!

What is it, Reil? the reddish black snake asked nervously.

That demon…he's ASHURA! Just as it finished saying that the silver chakra started to dissipate.

Who? the green snake asked stupidly.

A huge paw landed on the ground and made the ground below it shuddered.

HE'S THE FOX LORD! the eagle shouted in panic.

A black snout peeked out of the 9 long silver tails that wrapped around the beast body like a blanket.

I thought that Hikaru was the Fox Lord the green snake's brother replied. It was as confused as its brother.

The tails started to unwrap. The beast eyes opened revealing a pair of sharp golden slitted orbs.

THE PREVIOUS LORD, YOU IDIOTS! HE'S HIKARU'S BROTHER! DON'T YOU KNOW OF HIM! the eagle was practically screeched at the 2 snakes now. The snakes looked indignant when they heard it called them idiots and completely dismissed what it said afterwards.

9 silver tails that were 3 times longer than the beast's body danced around the air. The beast's silver furs glistened and shone like sunlight. Its silver chakra moved around it like a wave, flowing through its body like a river. The beast crouched in 4 strong legs, ready to attack in a moment of notice.

The snake brothers were stunned to see its enormous size. While the snakes were 2 times bigger than the white and black foxes, the silver fox in front of them were 5 times bigger than them—and the eagle for that matter.

The snake and eagle forces stopped for a moment as they were frozen in fear. The foxes stopped fighting too, while their cousin, the kitsubos and the 3 generals didn't pay any attention to the enormous demon, busy tearing their enemies. The foxes snapped out of their mind after they finished admiring their Lord and went back to their job, this time was easier as the snakes and eagles were too scared shitless and tried to escape. An army of foxes already waiting in the canyon entrance. Some kitsubos were busy sending energy beams, fire, wind, water, earth and lightning attacks to the flying eagle demons in the sky, intending to let none of them escape. The snakes' and the eagles' formation broke apart and they were easily picked by the foxes.

Impossssible! He's even much bigger than Hikaru! The green snake's eyes widened as it remembered the event where it saw the reddish orange fox in the attack on one of the snake's castle where it demanded it's brother's head, Manda. The silver fox in front of it was 2 times taller than the Fox Lord (AN: Ashura might be only 2 times taller than Kyuubi, but you must understand that its size was much, much bigger. You can compare them with a dog cub with its parents). The snake was lucky that it could escape before the fox attacked the castle at the time. It backed away in fear.

I will make sure that you will pay for attacking my territory! Ashura snarled revealing its sharp fangs that were ready to tear the three apart. The beast moved in a speed that none of them expected from such huge beast like it.

Reil, the most intelligent demons among the three knew that it had to attack the fox. The beast wouldn't let them escape and would pursue him if he dared to run away. The eagle quickly spread its wings in the sky and formed a ball of compressed wind ball in front of it. It sent the ball like a cannon toward the fox.

Ashura was ready to slice the green snake with its sharp claws when it felt chakras gathering in the sky. With an evil smile, it continued its attack and slashed the terrified snake in front of it. The snake tried to dodge, but the fox's claw still connected with its body. 4 gashes formed and the snake hissed in pain as blood sprout. Its brother moved to bit the silver beast, but it jumped and dodged the attack. When their ally, Reil, released its wind cannon with a super speed, they thought that it would connect with the fox, only to have one of its tail moved and intercepted the attack.

Ashura's tail glowed as silver chakra covered it. The tail curled around the wind cannon and threw it back to its caster with more speed and strength. The bird beast screeched loudly as one of its wings were blown by the wind attack. It started to fall, but in the last second the bird use its left wing, the usable wing, and flapped faster. It couldn't fly higher however as its right wing was broken. Blood dripped from the sky like rain.

What are you doing, Lamen? WATCH OUT! The reddish black snake cried out as it froze in fear when the fox dashed to its brother. Seikon sprayed its venom toward the huge beast only to have it dodged to the left and completely missed the venom. The fox didn't slow down as 2 of its tails went to its brother and slammed the green snake to the canyon wall. It continued to charge and this time its target was the reddish black snake.

Ashura roared as Seikon slithered toward him with open mouth, fangs dripped with green liquid were revealed as it jumped and tried to bit it. The fox didn't let it do that as 2 of its tails charged to the snake and wrapped around its neck (AN: Does snake really have a neck? Anyway what I mean with 'neck' is the body behing its head) tightly.

Blood splashed and rained the fox's head and its gleaming silver fur with red blood as its fangs sunk and penetrated the snake's thick scales. Seikon coughed blood. The fox sunk its fangs deeper and it wriggled in pain. Its claw clutched its scaly body tightly and forming bleeding gashes similar like what its brother received moments ago.

SEIKOOOONNN! Its brother shouted in panic.

Ashura's muscles tightened when it felt an attack from above. It released its claw from the snake's body and launched it to the sky by twisting its neck and propelled the reddish black beast above, opening its jaw to release the snake from its mouth and unwrapping its tails.

Some of the wind blades were intercepted by Seikon's body and the blades pierced its thick scales and cut the beast into pieces. Its red eyes bulged as it felt its body cut. A loud hiss came out of its mouth, as its blood sprayed from all parts raining the canyon below it. Seikon was dead before its body pieces even fell to the ground.


Ashura calmly used its tails to deflect the wind blades not even bothering to make chakra shield. The fox licked its bloody mouth and gleefully tasted the snake's blood. One opponent was already down.

It looked up above and saw the horror stricken eagle that had just realized that its attack killed its ally instead of the fox below.

Ashura flicked its tails and they wrapped around big boulders around the canyon. It launched the boulders to the sky. Reil was too late to react against the upcoming boulders. The rocks hit it on its wings accurately and one of them knocked its head and destroyed its balance. The bird fell. Ashura didn't wait for it to drop on the ground. The fox crouched low and jumped high into the sky. Its jaw caught the bird's neck in painful hold. It landed on the ground like a skillful cat and created a crater there, as it crashed loudly and causing dusts to cover it and the bird on its jaw. It sunk its fangs into the neck coincidentally as the fox's legs impacted with the ground below it and blood from the bird splashed on its snout. The once regal eagle now looked beat up. It breathed hard and realized that this would be its end. Its half opened eyes started to close, as life began to leave its avian body.

Ashura had different plan though. Its claw gripped the bird's body tightly and as soon as he did it 9 tails rained down the feathered body and tore through it like hot knife through butter. Not done with that, the beast twisted its neck upwards and its claw downwards, effectively separating the bird's head from its body as its neck broke apart. Its once silver furs were now red in someplace, as blood coated the furs. With the beast's head still on its jaw, it brought its paw to crush the severed limbs beneath it. It twisted its paw and gave more pressure. It gave a satisfied grunt when the limbs were now beyond recognition.

Ashura stepped out of the dust that covered the area around him.

The green snake in front of him was now greener than ever (AN: pun intended) as it looked at the bloody messes on the ground. Ashura dropped Reil's head below. The fox smirked and brought its claw to grip the head before it closed its grip and destroyed the head into nothing more than pieces and blood.

The fox walked toward the terrified snake slowly.

Lamen, isn't it? Ashura growled maliciously. Don't worry, I won't kill you. It chuckled deeply. For a second the green snake looked relieved. No, I have a higher purpose for you…I think that my interrogation squad will be happy to take you in.

No… Lamen was in disbelief. A strong whip of tail to its head brought it into darkness and the snake demon knew no more.

Ashura looked around and spotted his now humanoid generals below. It closed its eyes and with a blanket of silver chakra it transformed back into its humanoid form.

Ashura was naked. His now long silver hair that went pass his ankles however covered his body. A female fox maid came with new clean clothes. She presented him the clothes and bowed. The Fox Lord took his clothes and dressed up calmly with her help, not even once bothered with his naked state.

"What's the situation?" he asked them, as he adjusted his the sleeve of his suit. The blonde female fox maid started to wipe the blood on his silky long hair with wet cloth. Ashura sighed and promised himself inwardly to cut his hair shorter.

"The ambush is successful. None of them are left alive, My Lord. The soldiers are already preparing to get rid of the bodies. Our injured soldiers are already treated by healers," Reiki informed him.

"Good. Tell the interrogation squad to take care the snake there," he tilted his head toward the unconscious green snake. "Tell them to keep him sedated with powerful drug, so he won't be able to gather his strength. And prepare the sealing shackles to seal his beast form. I don't want to take any chance of him escaping," a wet cloth washed his blood-covered face softly. When it was finished, the maid tied his long hair, so it wouldn't bother him (much).

"Do we need to take information from him, My Lord?" this time, the white haired female general asked.

Ashura nodded and dismissed them. He looked at the sky with a smirk.

After this, he only needed to deal with Keia and all would fall into his plan perfectly.


By the way, do you remember the fox named Kitsuneko that appeared in chapter 6? The fox was one of the kitsubos. For you who want to know what it a kitsubo… kitsubo is a fox demon in beast form that has no mind. It doesn't mean that the beast is stupid. It's just that the beast is a mindless killing machine that only obeys its master/masters (the Fox Lord). It won't kill its kinfolk, but it won't obey them if they aren't its masters.

Kitsubo is a beast that is formed when a fox can't control its power when it reached its puberty. It makes it becomes mindless and changed into a beast to channel its bigger power. It can't change back into its humanoid form. Most of the foxes (humanoid ones) who have passed their puberty safely can't transform into beast form, only some of them can control their powers. Imagine that the fox's power grows as it becomes older. There is a seal to control the power and when it reaches puberty (every fox has different time depending on how big their reserve is. The bigger the reserve, the fox will reach its puberty when it is older and the power growth every fox has is also different. The faster the power growth it will be faster too to reach puberty) when the seal can't hold the power, the seal is overload. The fox needs strong willpower to build a new and stronger seal. If it can't make a new one, its burst power will overload its mind and thus snapped its mind.

When it changed into a beast its power growth will stop, while the ones who pass their puberties safely still have power growth. It means that a fox can have more than one pubert, as the new seal won't hold the power growth as time goes on. If it doesn't have enough willpower to make a new one in the…say…2nd or 3rd puberty it will transform into kitsubo. Most of the common foxes have reached their 1st or 2nd puberty.

A humanoid fox who can't transform into its beast form (because it doesn't have the control needed—it also means that even a strong fox demon—the one that have bigger power reserve—can be not able to change into its beast form because of the lack of will power. The willpower needed to control the transformation is bigger than the one needed to make a new seal ) can change into a kitsubo if its mind snapped under strong pressure. If say…Sasuke is one of the foxes, he would be a kitsubo because he was under strong emotion when his clan was massacred by his own brother.

Anyway if that happens it has a chance to transform back to its humanoid form if it can control it. If it can change back, it will be able to transform into its beast form at will and still has its power growth. Sadly, only a handful of them succeed when something like this happens.

The snakes, eagles, and other demon clans on the other hand can't change to beast form except if they are the descendants of the royal demons. That is what makes the fox more formidable than the other clans (beside the fact that the fox's power grows while the other demons were born with the power that won't grow, although when the fox is newborn it will be weak and easy to be hunted. That's why the parent fox will guard their cubs protectively. At this time they will be more aggressive)

Hopefully you find the information above helpful.

Oh and about shapeshifter fox such as Eleane…some of the foxes were born with that kind of ability. Not only the ability will let the shapeshifters to change into someone else, it would also make them have the same smell and chakra's appearance with their intended target. This ability is rare among the foxes and there wasn't even any other demon clan with this kind of ability (the chameleon demon can only change their appearance not their smell or chakra's appearance)

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