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Author's Note: This is my 2nd Harry Potter and Naruto crossover. The 1st one is Ashura, The Silver Fox Demon. Whilst the main character in my 1st one is Harry, here will be Naruto…and maybe his friends. I wonder whether I will make this story yaoi or not. Possibility is Sasunaru. Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru are 16 while Neji is 17. This will be in Harry's sixth year.

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Chapter One

Ore no namae wa Uzumaki Naruto

"Ne, ne, Sasuke te ba!" a blond haired teenager was asking his black haired friend as they walked with two other black haired teenagers.

"Nani?" he asked impassively.

"Where are we?" the black haired boy sighed as he stared at the blonde.

"I don't know Naruto. Ask Neji or Shikamaru, they might have clues," the blond boy nodded and switched his attention to two other black haired boys. One of them seemed to be bored while the other didn't say anything, just observing his surrounding with his white eyes.

"Neji, Shikamaru, where are we?" Both shrugged as if they didn't care, but the bright-blue eyed guy knew them better. They were lost in a town unlike anything they have ever seen before in their life. Naruto frowned, this fact was bothering him and causing him to start worrying. He started to recalled his memory as to how they had ended here.


Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, and Shikamaru, all chuunin were getting an A rank mission (that would likely turn into S-rank mission) like usual from their Hokage. They needed to take back two artifacts that were stolen by Orochimaru. The artifacts were a set of a horse with horn (unicorn, but they didn't know its name is unicorn) crystal statue and a scroll. Godaime said that if the snake sannin managed to uncover the secret of the artifacts, the effect would be dire. The two artifacts were needed together, without the other they would be useless. Their mission was either retrieved them or destroyed them if necessary.

So all of them were heading to the Hidden Sound Village to retrieve those artifacts. They didn't find anyone attack them as they were careful enough to hide their presence. Naruto has seen a house with a great deal of chakra with his fox eyes as he liked to call them and motioned the others to that place thinking that it must have been the artifacts kept.

The place wasn't really heavily guarded as the Sound shinobi didn't think that anyone was foolish enough to trespass their village. Which they would regret their action soon.

With Neji's eyes they could avoid the guard easily and the byakugan holder easily spotted the said artifacts in the table underground. On their way to retrieve the artifacts, they managed to kill 5 anbu without sound and hide them with genjutsu. Naruto grabbed the statue when they found it, while the others were searching for the scroll but to no avail.

"Where is that damn scroll!" Naruto hissed.

"Shit!" Neji cursed making the others turned to his way. "Orochimaru and some of his men are coming, and he has the scroll in his hand." All eyes widened.

"Let's get out of here. We couldn't handle all of them without the risk of endangering our mission," Shikamaru being the best in strategist suggested. They nodded and got out of the room with Neji guiding.

"I don't think that we can get out of here without meeting some of them," the Hyuuga boy said.

'Then pick the way that is without Orochimaru!" Sasuke said as he activated his sharingan. He didn't want to face the snake sannin. His hand unconsciously traced his curse seal on his neck. Naruto knew what he was thinking as he gazed at the Uchiha boy.

"This way." They met 4 shinobis on their way. Naruto didn't fight as his hand still busy carrying the not so small and also heavy statue, so he let his friends dealt with them. The sound of battle attracted many shinobis' attention and they were all headed to their way.

They fought and killed more people in order to get out of the place. Their priority was to bring the statue to a safe place and retrieved the scroll another time when the time was right, but looked like their chance to do it was slimmer when they saw Orochimaru and his right hand man, Kabuto, advancing on them.

"I see that Tsunade sent you people to retrieve the artifacts. Don't you think you're forgetting the scroll in my hand? And Sasuke…I'm very happy to see you again. Do you miss me?" the man smiled in a twisted way.

"There is no way I miss you, Orochimaru!" he snarled as he tightened his grip on the tip of Naruto's black jacket unconsciously seeking for reassurance. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's left arm with his right hand while his left one still carrying the crystal statue.

The man laughed sinisterly. "Ne, what should we do?" Naruto asked.

"Destroy the statue before he gets his hand on it," Shikamaru ordered quietly.

"Ne, Orochimaru! Why don't you say good bye to the statue!" the kyuubi's vessel taunted causing the sannin's face to pale if that was even possible considering his already very pale skin. Naruto hurled the crystal to the floor breaking it. The sound of glass shattered was outmatched by Orochimaru screech. Suddenly a burst of white light coming out of the shattered crystal, first enveloping Naruto, and then his 3 other friends, in a second they vanished without trace from the Hidden Sound village.

End Of Flashback

When they woke up they already found themselves in a park at night. Naruto found himself waking up with a crystal wristband having the unicorn drawing on each of his wrists. He tried to remove them, but it wouldn't budge at all. They tried to find their way out of the place for half an hour now. So far they have encountered moving boxes with 4 wheels, and some people whom they have met stared at them very strangely.

"Man…I shouldn't have destroyed that thing. Now look what it has gotten us. I don't even think we're in Fire country anymore!" the blonde exclaimed.

"I don't even think that we're in our world," the lazy genius blurted out.

"What?" the blond shouted

The lazy genius replied by lifting an eyebrow at the dumbstruck blond and said "We're in a completely different culture and there are many things that we didn't recognize plus the people here uses a different language that we don't know or even heard before,"

"I know about that," Naruto indignantly huffed. Suddenly his fox hearing caught the sound of a scream. The others obviously had heard it too. They exchanged glances and as if there was an unspoken agreement between them, they ran to the voice source.

They leapt to the nearest branch where they hide themselves to observe the scene. They raised an eyebrow as many people with white mask and black…bathrobes? What're they doing outside wearing bathrobes? They were circling a black haired boy and an unmoving body. The boy glared at them murderously as he pointed at them with a…stick? They almost face faulted if not for the seriousness they felt in the current situation. The men laughed at the boy and all of them too were carrying sticks in their hand as the boy shouted something that the four shinobis' didn't understand.

The quartet shinobi watched as one of the masked man yelling something and a beam of blue light shot out of the wooden stick. The boy dodged it, unfortunately the others were following their friend example and they too shot multiple sparks of light from their sticks. Some which manage to hit the boy, causing him to fall on to the ground as if in pain.

Before the others could stop him, Naruto has already launched himself to the pack making all three groaned (Yes, even Sasuke and Neji) and then reluctantly they joined him to attack those men.

"How troublesome," Shikamaru said before he leapt to the ground with the others.

Harry's POV

I watched as Aunt Petunia's life drained from her, as she couldn't withstood the cruciatus curse. Dudley and Vernon was already dead by then because of the killing curse. I glared at those death eaters who killed them. Even if they hate me and my feeling about them was mutual, they were my only living relatives…well they were dead now. Where the hell was the order members or aurors when you need them? I had just arrived here seeing them torturing them for Merlin knows how long. And now I have been seen…

I have been learning magic like crazy in my summer but they were only reading not a practical. Beside it was a fight between me alone and twenty four guys, twenty six if I counted the two death eaters that I have knocked out earlier. I didn't know if I would make it out alive which caused me to wondered about that damn prophecy. Wasn't it stated that only Tom could kill me, or that only I could kill him? Surely I wouldn't die by the hand of others…right?

I shouted at them and threatened but they only laughed and brushed it off. Man…I bet the ministry would get me into another trial for another 'misuse' of underage magic. One of the death eaters cast a pain curse at me, which I dodged but then more joined in the attack. But even if I have my seeker's reflexes there was no way I could avoid all of them.

Three curses hit me and I doubled over in pain. I refused to scream though, that would give them pleasure to know that I am in pain. And I sure as hell I wouldn't want to make them happy. It was like an eternity of pain when suddenly the pain has lessen. I looked up and to my surprise I found a young blonde man sending two death eaters hurling towards the trees. He moved with such incredible speed and strength that I thought I was dreaming. The death eaters were shocked that the ones whose curses have hit me released me from their hexes.

Soon three other black haired young men who looked to be the same age like the first one jumped into the fray. I didn't believe what I saw. They could easily dodge the curses like it was nothing. When I heard a sickening crack and I was sure my jaw must have dropped cause the blonde guy has just snapped one man's neck leading him to his death without remorse or any hesitation. I also saw the others pulled out of weapons that I only saw in ninja movies and using them expertly by either throwing them, or sliced their throats with them. The boys didn't even glance at the ones who had fallen as they attacked the next one.

The remaining of Tom's followers were frightened, that, I could see from their eyes and faces. Two of them tried to apparate but found them couldn't do so. They were frozen with unseen force while they saw their comrades falling one by one. In the end only two people who could not move was left. The one with the shoulder length black hair tied the two people right in the middle of the pool of blood and dead bodies. When he has done, he looked at me.

And I froze when I saw his eyes. He had no pupil and the color was white. I gulped

End of Harry's POV

"Man, that wasn't challenging at all," Naruto scratched his head as he observed the dead bodies before him. He had since long ago along with the other shinobis' had been able to kill without any hesitation.

"Naruto, why did you just jump into the fight?" Sasuke admonished his partner.

"How troublesome," Shikamaru let loose of his shadow that held the two remaining men after Neji tied them.

"Dunno. My body just moved in reflex." Naruto replied to Sasuke question.

"Your body always moves in reflex," Sasuke grumbled making Naruto pouted cutely.

The three then remembered about the black haired boy. Neji was already walking towards him, so the others followed. The said young man watched them with wide eyes. Maybe he has never seen a massacre like that.

"Ne, daijoubu?" Naruto asked concerned, but the boy looking at him confused.

"He didn't know what we're saying, dobe," the heir of Uchiha told.

"I'm not a dobe!"

"I know, dobe," he smirked.

"Are you trying to cause a fight with me?"

"What do you think?"

"Mou, Sasuke. You're such a bastard." The dark haired teen just smirked.

"Who are you?" The boy they just saved asked gaping at them.

"Ano, I don't understand what you're saying," Naruto gave him a confused look.

The green-eyed boy realized that they were speaking different language and as such they didn't understand what he had just said. He pointed to himself and said. "Harry. Harry Potter"

"I think he is trying to say that his name is Heri Pot-Pootaru," Shikamaru tried to pronounce the unfamiliar name on his tongue.

"Sou ka?" Naruto grinned foolishly, somehow it eased the boy in front of them a little.

"Naruto, Ore no namae wa Uzumaki Naruto"