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Chapter Seven

Adjusting With The School Life

A month has passed since the sorting day. The chuunins were adjusting with the school life well. The 'golden' pair like everyone called Sasuke and Naruto more often been found sitting in the Gryffindor or Ravenclaw table than the Slytherin. The Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were used to it after 2 weeks of constant appearances at their table. Neji and Shikamaru would always sit where their friends were too, including in the Slytherin table. The students called them as the 'Foursome'—some called them with 'Fearsome'.

Infact because of Sasuke and Naruto visited the other houses' table the other students followed their leads and now everyone could see the difference. All students from different houses could be seen sitting in other houses' table. The relationship between Gryffindor and Slytherin was still a bit shaky for the older students. But the 3rd year below could be seen chatting freely with each other.

The older Slytherin obviously didn't like this and threatened the younger ones. At first it worked, but when Naruto found out about this accidentally, he gave them a bloody pulp that no one would ever forget. They didn't dare to defy him afterwards, especially when they knew just how deadly he was at his hex and charm (although in charm it wasn't intended) He then told the younger students not to be afraid and if they were threatened once again by them they just need to tell him. Malfoy of course still defy them, but with some few nice 'talking' that always led the boy to the hospital wing for a whole day, he didn't dare to oppose him openly.

Since Naruto and Sasuke were practically slytherins, Snape couldn't do anything. Not to add that he couldn't harass them for no reason because Dumbledore would kick him out regardless his position as his spy. All in all, the potion master were quite frustrated by this.

The teachers themselves were happy with the change as they found that the new boys made quite a change in the Hogwarts since the founder time just in such short time.

Naruto choose to have a slytherin timetable so he could be with Sasuke. It was decided that every number he got or taken would be divided half-half on Gryffindor and Slytherin. Naruto's timetable got the least lesson on it. He only took History of magic (the new professor has been warned privately by Dumbledore not to disturb him when he slept afraid that the accident would happen again), Charm (after Dumbledore persuaded Flitwick to let him join in; the old man even raised his salary for his… 'sacrifice'), DADA (the new professor put him on the blacklist after he put 10 people in hospital wing in just one spell; he also would separate him from the rest when it was practical time telling the others to back away quite far from him, which the others gladly obeyed), Transfiguration (this was his real forte, Hermione gave him dark look because he took the first place from her), and CoMC (for reason unknown to others the wild beast would be either terrified of him and back away as far as they could or they would react as tame as a pet to him which made Hagrid even wondered about the whiskered boy.

Sasuke got more lessons than Naruto: transfiguration, charm, history of magic, CoMC, DADA, ancient runes, potion, and herbology.

Neji's lessons: transfiguration, charm, history of magic, CoMC, DADA, ancient runes, arithmancy, potion, and herbology.

Shikamaru got the same like Neji. He didn't want to take divination after Harry told him about Trelawney.

When Sasuke wasn't with him (because of his lesson) he would go train in a clearing in the forest despite Dumbledore's plea not to go there (AN: yeah they did tell Dumbledore and ask him. After they persuaded him that they could take care themselves Dumbledore agreed, after he added some protection charm and gave them emergency portkeys that is). Of course he didn't know that no creature there dare to attack the Kyuubi's vessel as they were quite afraid just with his presence. Even centaur steered clear from his and the group's path. The shinobi picked a clearing not too far from the forest boulder but still in safe distance against wild beast that live deep in the forest.

Harry and co were forbidden to came by Dumbledore there much to their dismay cause they couldn't see their practice.

"It's not fair!" Harry complained.

"Life is never fair. What you should do is to follow your destiny flow," Neji closed his book and left to their group common room.

The young wizard blinked. "Huh?"

"Don't worry, Neji is just being…well, Neji," Naruto opened his cards revealing royal flush. Sasuke, Ron, and Shikamaru groaned as they lost. Again.

"Damn it. Why can't you just lose for once?" Ron cried out as he threw his cards to the air out of exasperation.

"The fortune goddess loves me, that's why," he gave a foxy grin that could melt an ice mountain.

"Yeah right," his best friend snorted.

"I give up. There's no point on playing when I won't win anyway. Che, this is just too troublesome," Shikamaru rested his chin on his hand grumpily.

"Now, now, where's your competing sense?" the young chuunin mocked.

"I throw it out of the window," he replied dryly. Naruto and Sasuke rolled their eyes. "Aa, all I want is to watch the cloud and not doing anything, but nooo…I have to go to this god forsaken school when I have graduated from the academy."

"At least there's no Ino," Naruto jibbed in.

"…Maybe you're right," thinking about Ino he couldn't help but thinking about Konohagakure.

"Konoha…," the lazy chuunin snapped out of his thought when the blonde said it. "Ne, Harry, has Dumbledore gotten any clue to return us back to our world?"

"I don't know. The order was busy with Voldemort and might not have time to search about it."

"What? But we couldn't stay here too long! Tsunade-baba will gonna kill us or worse brand us as missing-nins!" Naruto jumped from his seat panicky.

"It's not like we can do something about her decision," Sasuke put his feet on the table as if he owned it. "And don't you think you are wrong on putting your priority? Better become missing-nin than die before achieving my goal," Naruto stucked out his tongue childishly.

"Can't we research about it on our own?"

"Do you want to go home that badly?" Harry asked a bit sad at the prospect of having his friends back to their own world, possibly he won't meet them again forever.

"Of course. The old hag could give away the Hokage title to someone else because I don't claim it!"

"Baka, do you really want that badly to become a Hokage?" he nodded. The dark haired teen rubbed his curse seal and sighed. "Ano sa, being a hokage means that you'll have to do paperwork."

"So? I could ask others to take care of them," he said dumbly.

"Argh, never mind! Forget that I even asked you. I'm going to bed. Night!" he stormed off of the common room and got back to his own room.

0-0 0-0 0-0

"Ne, minna!" Naruto shouted as he caught up with his friends. They turned their heads on him and raised their eyebrows as they saw his torn clothes. Usually it was common as he often practice on the woods, but this just like he was battling with beasts. "I have just done something with the crystal wristband!" he informed catching their attentions quickly.

"Do you know that there was a flock of huge spiders inside the forest?" he waved his hand frantically. Behind Harry, Ron shuddered.

"Yeah, there was a nest of Acromantula there. Ron and I almost got eaten by them in our 2nd year. Er…you don't mean that they went to the training ground and attack you, do you?"

"No, it was me who was in their nest," shouts of 'WHAT?' was heard throughout the school. "I didn't mean it, I swear! I didn't go inside the forest just in the usual training ground!" he defended.

"Then how come you came across with them right IN the nest then?"

"Well, that's what I want to talk about. I was in the training ground as usual when I thought that there wasn't much challenge here, and I hope that I can have somewhat interesting battle," at Sasuke' dark look he quickly added, "beside with you of course. I mean we always spar that we know our next movement before we do it," he stifled a sigh of relief when he nodded. "That was when suddenly THIS," he held out his wrist for them to see the crystal wristband, "glowed brightly, and voila I was faced to face with a giant black spider."

"Since you are here meaning that you aren't dead. How in the heck happened though?" Harry asked.

"Apparently this artifact was meant for transportation. If that's true then we know the connection between it and how come we are here now," Shikamaru looked at his teammates.

"That still didn't explain how it works," Sasuke pointed out before looking at the blonde.

"Why are you staring at me like that!" he yelled irritated. "I don't have a fucking idea how it works. If I knew it, I would've already take us back now," he grumbled.

"Uh guys, sorry if you think I'm interrupting or something but we only get 5 minutes before the class for the usual 10 minutes journey," that gained attentions. They cursed and ran to their dorm to take their books. They would talk about it later for now they have to race against time if they didn't want McGonagall's wrath came upon them.


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