Disclamer: I do not know the rights to this charecter or world that this story takes place in


What would happen if some thing were to happen that would cause a person's magical power to begin to increase at an exponential rate? How would it effect the person? How would it effect those close to them? How would it in the end effect them physically and mentally?

Some would say that this kind of thing could never happen. Some say that the effect of it would destroy the person. Yet some, only a very select few would say that it would effect them in ways no one could or ever would imagine. These people the ones in this smallest of groups believe this because it has happened to them. Within this group are some of the best and most powerful wizards and witches the world has ever known.

Yet, it has been far to long since the last one has manifested in this world, and it is to this fact that the first to which this happened to had left his home and time. Thus, it is this reason that he was looking in to see how the next to live through this change was doing. For this is why an elderly man looking in at the boy who had lived through so much toss and turn in his sleep. Haunted by dreams of things that no one his age should have had to endure. Moreover, it is for this reason that one of, if not the greatest wizard of all time floated outside the window of the smallest bedroom of number Four Privet Drive.

For Harry Potter tomorrow would be a day of change. It would be a day when harry would either rise to his destiny or plunge the world into darkness. For tomorrow was the 16th anniversary of his birth. For tomorrow was, the day that everything in his live would improve beyond all expectations, or all of his hopes and dreams would be dashed and he would be broken and alone.

For as all know all wizards and witches go through a time of magical growth at that age, but for Harry Potter it would be like only a hand full had ever experienced before.

Thus at the stroke of midnight, the elderly figure disappeared from just outside the window and Harry awoke with a start.