Hey, everyone, this is my very first fanfic ever. nod So, it's gonna stink. But I'd really appreciate comments and constructive criticism.

Summary: As life continues in Konoha, Sasuke starts noticing something he wasn't expecting... This story will primarily be Sasuke/Neji, but you might hints of my other favorite pairings in there.

Chapter 1- "Glimmer of Light"

Sasuke's being his quiet, dark, brooding self again, Uzumaki Naruto rolled his eyes and shifted his gaze back to Haruno Sakura, who was sitting, waiting for the always-late jounin who was supposed to be leading their team once again. The pink-haired girl was no longer the quiet, shy girl he had known; she had grown in a competent shinobi who could hold her own in any match she entered. Her hair was held back by a green headband. Naruto grinned at that; Lee's present had obviously been accepted. His thought was interrupted as the puff of smoke announcing Hatake Kakashi's arrival.

"You're late!" Sakura called out.

"Well, as I was leaving, this giant tiger bolted from the forest…"

"LIAR!" chorused Naruto and Sakura.

Sasuke just grunted. He never said anything much after he returned from facing his brother and Orochimaru. Of course, he had never said anything much before he left either. Naruto was never sure if he knew what was going on behind those dark Uchiha eyes…

Sasuke sat back with his arms folded and watched the jounin try to explain to Naruto and Sakura about his late arrival. He ignored the customary scene and glanced over to the forest across the bridge where they stood. Instantly he activated the Sharingan; something had ducked behind the trees. Kakashi instantly reacted to Sasuke's chakra use, using his jutsu to enter the woods instantly. Naruto and Sakura both launched themselves into the air with chakra, landing in the woods to catch the three intruders. Sasuke locked onto one chakra signature and grabbed at it. He felt his hand turn and found himself in a lock.

"Ohayo, Sasuke," a smooth voice said in his ear.

Sasuke was released and turned to see Hyuuga Neji looking him in the face. The shinobi's Byakugan was activated, explaining how he had been able to see Sasuke's attack. Sasuke ignored the throbbing pain in his arm and gave the Hyuuga a curt nod. Neji responded with an almost-smile, turning to see Ino and Sakura in a total stalemate, while Naruto was gritting his teeth, locked in Shikamaru's Kagemane no Jutsu.

"Looks like Team 10 took this match," Kakashi said from his perch in the trees.

Sasuke gritted his teeth; he was not going to let this Hyuuga beat him that easily. He immediately struck with his left fist. Neji had released the Byakugan and wasn't expecting an attack. It hit him solidly on his left cheekbone. The Hyuuga reacted instantly, grabbing at Sasuke's arm before it hit again. Sasuke grabbed Neji's other arm as it came forward using Harichakra. The Uchiha shifted his legs, trying to break the Hyuuga's hold on him, but he succeeded in only tangling himself further. The short combat ended with Sasuke holding both Neji's arms captive, with Neji on the ground, holding Sasuke's torso motionless. They wriggled and stretched as much as the good, but Konoha's top two shinobi prodigies were more than a match for each other. Sasuke gritted his teeth and wrestled his shoulders into Neji. This movement brought a certain degree of contact between Sasuke's back and Neji's firm chest. Sasuke stopped and would have blushed if he had not been Sasuke. He released Neji's arms and broke Neji's hold, standing up.

"A draw, I suppose," he said, back to his normal monotonous tone.

Neji still lay on the ground, silken hair splayed out around his head. For some reason, Sasuke felt his ears start to light as Neji moved just slightly on the ground, his pale eyes unreadable.

"Very well, a draw. Lend me a hand," the Hyuuga said with a half-smile.

Sasuke showed no expression but lowered a hand to Neji. The shinobi smirked and pulled Sasuke back down on the ground, standing up himself. The white-eyed boy smiled in genuine amusement at Sasuke on the ground and walked off with the rest of Team 10. Sasuke bolted upright, growling under his breath. Naruto was rolling on the forest floor in laughter, while Sakura looked on, amused. Kakashi was unreadable as always.

"HAHAHAH! Sasuke, Konoha's Number One Shinobi, lost to the Hyuuga with the pervert move. I've got to get Neji to teach me that!" Naruto howled between laughs.

Sasuke shot back, "It wasn't a pervert move," and then wondered why he was defending Neji.

Naruto stopped laughing long enough to say, "Yeah right, he embarrassed you right off of him by rubbing you with his body."

Sasuke's dark eyes latched onto Naruto's blue ones, "Of course, now we have to wonder why you noticed it and I didn't."

Naruto stopped laughing instantly. Kakashi let a chuckle burst forth, while Sakura blushed. Sasuke resumed his bored expression as Kakashi laid out training for the rest of the day.

As he walked home late, Sasuke's mind wandered to the events of the early morning. Naruto had said Neji purposefully rubbed up against him. And the white-eyed shinobi's posture while on the ground had reminded Sasuke of a cat, stretching itself for display. Sasuke shook his head; Neji knew how to fluster him, that was all. That is worrying, if he knows what sets me off. He put the image of Neji stretching out of his head. As the Uchiha rounded the corner to enter his large, empty house, he was startled to find it wasn't as empty as he'd thought.

"Konnichiwa, Sasuke," said the smooth Hyuuga voice.

Sasuke battled the rising heat he felt, "What do you want?"

"To talk."

"About what?"

"This morning. I was surprised you didn't see me coming. But once you retaliated, I thought we'd stay on the ground forever," the white eyes had a hint of amusement in them.

Sasuke made as if to move past him towards the house. Neji sidestepped so that Sasuke's shoulder ran into his own. His arm moved out to the doorpost, keeping Sasuke from entering.

"So, why did you end it so quickly?" Neji whispered.

Sasuke froze. He was so close he could feel the Hyuuga's breath right beneath his ear. It was clogging his mind and preventing him from speaking. What's going on? Is Neji…hitting on me?

"I think you were enjoying it too much to continue it," Neji whispered, his breath getting closer.

Sasuke felt the faintest feather-touch of lips on his jawline, before the Hyuuga chuckled beneath his breath.

"See you tomorrow, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke waited until the Hyuuga's white-clothed figure turned the corner, before he wrenched the door open and slammed it after him.