Cora's POV

"I'm actually going to surprise him! I'm going to surprise my little beach bunny." I smiled to myself as I exited the airplane looking around for his parents but then I realized, they wouldn't be there. With a sigh I stuck my hands in my pockets and began to walk towards the baggage claim. Once there I looked in the mirrored columns to make sure my blonde-red hair was okay. I ran a hand through my hair thinking about his soft eyes, and sexy hair. Only after a bell sounded did I exit my fantasies about him and walk over to the conveyer belt. It had been such a long flight from Kansas so I decided that after I got my bag I would grab a cup of starbucks coffee then call a cab. Seeing my black suitcase I grabbed it and lifted the handle so I could use its wheels to pull it along. My feet carried me to a star buck's coffee where I ordered my usual, a white chocolate mocha and sipped the hot sweetness of it. IT reminded me of him, hot and sweet. I lifted my flip phone to my ear then realized I didn't know the number. I picked my self up from the comfy chair I had been lounging in and walked over to a pay phone fishing through my purse for the correct amount of change. I dialed the operator and asked for a cab company. After ordering the cab I walked outside still sipping my 'him' coffee and leaned my suitcase against the wall and sat upon it. I looked at my outfit, a pair of jeans and a sparkly pink top, his favorite outfit of mine. Then I began to wonder, what if has met someone, what would I do? My whole trip would be for nothing. Then I saw the yellow cab pull up and pop the trunk. I walked over putting my suitcase inside and climbing in the back. I told the driver my destination and he nodded as set off… it wouldn't be too much longer now.

Braiden's POV

After an hour or 2 of surfing I was beat. My legs carried me from the water to the sand where I laid my surfboard down and sat on it looking up at the clouds. If I were in Kansas right now, it would have been our day to go down to Juicy Juices and try every flavor of juice there. At the thought I laughed remembering our sking almost looked orange after drinking 6 cups of orange- grape-watermelon juice. Running a hand through my dirty-blonde hair I looked at the water wondering what she was doing right now. Then I realized, I had Callie, and that's all I needed. Callie was everything I needed. But so was she. Cora was my first TRUE REAL love. Callie never gave me the shivers quite like Cora did. "No, Cora's in Kansas, Callie is here, with me…" I scolded myself for even thinking about Cora. My wet suit shined as the last moments of the sunset shined over it. It was so beautiful. I layed back on my surfboard and closed my eyes only to be interrupted by a splash of water on my face, "Derek go away!" I shouted. The only reply was a small laugh… it sounded familiar. I opened my eyes, and for a minute I thought I was dreaming. "Hey beach bunny." The red-blonde hair, the dazzling green eyes, the cute pink lips. It was real. "Cora?"