Cora's POV…

This sent me over the edge. I stood looking at him and my hand made contact with his face. Then I began to ball and ran away hoping I was going in the right direction… this was a disaster. I had only been here 24 hours and I managed to change my feelings about him totally. Bradin was such a lifeless jerk. He'd sleep with anyone who would let him. Gosh how could Bradin be like that? He was the guy I used to play in the mud with when we were little, my science partner… practically my partner in every class! We used to make vanilla gummy-bear milkshakes, and count the stars from where our backyards combined. Then I heard a car horn honk and I looked up there was Ava waving at me . I ran to her trying to wipe my eyes and opened the back door stepping in the car. "Cora, honey, are you okay?"

I nodded, "Just, thought about my mom and how sick she is…" I lied and then noticed Nikki sitting next to me with tears in her own eyes, "Cor do you have to leave so soon?" She asked. I nodded and mouthed, "Bradin is just too much…" She nodded and I leaned my head against the window. The rest of the way I was in a daze… thinking about the old times we had… about the good times together. Before I knew it Nikki was tapping my shoulder and I saw we were at the airport. I opened the door and stepped out checking my phone to make sure he hadn't called, not that I cared or anything. I closed the door and Ava grabbed my suitcase for me walking me in the airport, "call if you ever want to come again ." I nodded, "I will… thanks Ava, for everything." I hugged her and she kissed the top of my head, "I couldn't find Bradin…" "Neither could I." I lied and hugged Nikki, "See ya Kiddo." She hugged back and I began to head to the baggage check, "See ya…" I said and then I turned never to see them again.

No Bradin this chapter but I promise… next chapter will be GREAT!