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The Mysterious Tea Invitation

Kira was worried, he didn't like the way they had parted with Athrun and Cagalli yesterday. It was two people that he cared very much for, and it was painful to see them so far apart. He had wanted to call Cagalli right when they got home in spite of what he had said to Athrun but Lacus had stopped him, "They have to figure this one out for themselves, Kira? You trust Athrun don't you?" Well yes he trusted Athrun, under normal circumstances that is. But this was Cagalli, his only sibling, his twin. He felt that he had responsibility to protect her even it was from his best friend. Who by the way, although usually so composed and evenly tempered, seemed very unbalanced when it came to Cagalli. Full of doubt he dialled the number to Cagalli's office.

"Head Representative Attha's office, what can I do for you?" A woman with a smooth voice he recognised as Cagalli's secretary answered.

"This is Kira Yamato, I wish to speak to the Representative."

"Hello Yamato-san, unfortunately Representative Attha is in a meeting right now. Do you wish to leave a message?"

"Uh? Yes, can you ask her to call me when she has the time?"

"Certainly Yamato-san."

"Thank You."

So she was in a meeting. That was certainly not unusual, but, but what if the meeting was just an excuse what if something had happened, maybe she was feeling too bad to talk to him? No, he had to calm down there was no indication that something had happened, it was just a meeting. Anyway he just had to wait for Cagalli to call him up then he probably would get at least a hint on how things had worked out.

"So did you talk to Cagalli-san?" Lacus asked while she was cooking lunch for everybody.

"No, she was in a meeting." Unconsciously he must have put on a discontented look on his face because Lacus smiled knowingly at him.

"You don't look pleased, but I sure they are alright. It is best not to jump into bad conclusions, right?"

"You're right, I know that but still I'm worried."

"That's because you are so kind Kira." She said and stroked his cheek lightly. "And because you have a sister complex"

At that moment the telephone rang and Kira didn't have time to reply to Lacus' comment.




"I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you earlier."

"No don't be, I understand you're busy. More importantly, you sound like you in a good mood. So I take it things went well?"



"Hm, yes you could say that."


"Don't worry, everything is fine. We're not fighting anymore."

"That's great." "But why do I have this nagging feeling I should worry?"

"Actually I want to talk to Lacus."

"To Lacus?"

"Yeah, I want to ask her something."

"Oh, OK." Kira was a little confused, not that Lacus and Cagalli was on bad terms or anything but they never had done anything by themselves without him or Athrun. With Cagalli's busy schedule it wasn't surprising of course.

He handed over the phone to Lacus, "Cagalli wants to speak to you."

"Is that so?" Lacus said smiling and took the phone. "Hello Cagalli-san, what is the matter?"

"Uh, eh, Lacus, I wonder if you want to come to my place and have some tea on Sunday around three o'clock?" Cagalli said a little hesitantly.

"I would be delighted to. It sounds very nice."

"Great, I'll ask Miriallia too. It will be only girls this time."

"I'm looking forward to it, Cagalli-san"

"Ok, see you then, bye!"

"I'll see you on Sunday, good bye."

Lacus gave the phone back to Kira who gave her a strange look, Lacus just smiled as usual though.



"What did you want with Lacus?"

"Why don't you ask her?"

"I'm getting a strange feeling you're avoiding me. Are you sure everything is all right?"

"It's nothing Kira, I just invited Lacus for some tea on Sunday, it has nothing to do with you."

"How come I'm not invited?" Kira whined a little.

"I've invited Miriallia too, it's only girls. So unless you don't fit that description you're not invited."

"So Athrun won't be there either?"

"That's right."

"OK, I get it. Talk to you soon." He still didn't sound too pleased but still accepted without further argument.

"Yeah, bye."


Kira hung up, well at least Athrun wasn't invited either. Come to think of it, it would be good opportunity to have a little talk with Athrun. The grain of doubt that had been planted was only sprouting with seemingly no intention to stop. He was worried.


Cagalli sat at her desk with a mountain of papers that needed to be looked over and signed, but instead she stared out the window with vacant eyes. There was too much to think about right now, she was happy that things had been patched up with Athrun but new problems were surfacing or maybe it was the same old ones that were getting worse? Yuna had been more persistent than usual these last days and if she didn't imagined things Athrun had grown more and more possessive. She started to wonder if it was such a good idea for Athrun to be her bodyguard, not that she doubted that he would do his job if something happened. In reality probably no one could do it better than him. But with personal feelings involved things were getting complicated, and to have an employer/employee relationship with your boyfriend was certainly not ideal. Even if Athrun and she treated each other as usual when they where alone still when other people were present Athrun had to address her as Representative. She knew it had to be difficult for him especially since he had to be polite to Yuna too, and Athrun absolutely loathed him and she couldn't blame him for that. If Athrun was engaged to someone else she wouldn't like her even if that person was very nice like Lacus.

She shook her head as if to drive her worries away, she couldn't think about this right now she had too take care of all the work today so she could take the day off tomorrow and keep the appointment with Lacus and Miriallia.


"Thank you very much." Lacus said after Cagalli had poured black tea in her cup. They were sitting in the garden that belonged to Cagalli's mansion.

"It's been a while." Miriallia said after she had taken a sip of the tea.

"Yeah, you know I've been busy." Cagalli said smiling apologetically.

"The tea is delicious." Lacus smiled as she put down her cup.

"Eh, thanks." Cagalli answered a little confusedly, not knowing who to concentrate on.

"Speaking of which, I heard you were at the beach a couple of days ago, how come I wasn't invited?" Miriallia looked a little displeased.

"Eh, about that…"

"It was a double date wasn't it Cagalli-san?" Lacus said.

"Eh, yeah." Cagalli blushed a little, "Next time we'll definitely do it together."

"Double date huh? You definitely got me interested… So?"


"What happened?"

"Yes, I am also interested to know what happened. You two seemed to be so upset when we parted." Lacus said and leaned her head a little.

"What? Did they have a fight?" Miriallia eagerly asked.

"Yes that is correct. Cagalli was crying."

"Is that true!"


"But it is true isn't it Cagalli?"

"Yes but…"

"It seems that things have worked out though…" Lacus smiled.

"Hm, yes, you could say that. Athrun confessed." Cagalli said shyly.

"Oh? About time." Mirillia said.

"Yes, I think so too." Lacus agreed.

"Eh, you don't look so surprised." Cagalli was a little chocked, did everybody know?

"Cagalli it's been pretty obvious that Athrun is crazy about you, it is only natural that he should confess. So what happened after that?"

"What do you mean after that?"

"Cagalli…" Both of them sighed.

"What did you answer?" Lacus asked.

"Did you kiss?" Miriallia asked eagerly.

Now Cagalli turned red as a cherry, "…"

"Come on Cagalli, let's hear it."

"…Well, I said that I loved him too and we kissed." Cagalli managed to say.

"That is wonderful to hear."

"Yeah, that's great."

"Well enough about me," Cagalli was anxious to get away from a conversation that was threatening to become more and more embarrassing by the minute. Even though the main reason she had invited the girls was that she wanted to consult them in this matter she was getting cold feet. Why had she arranged this tea-party? And of all things a tea-party (if you could call it that with only three people present). Not surprisingly Mana had become surprised but extremely pleased when she heard about the idea, thinking there was still hope of making a lady out of Cagalli. Cagalli had to agree that this thing was totally unlike her, she wasn't a lady and she certainly didn't want to become one (probably to Mana's deep disappointment). Moreover she didn't want to talk about embarrassing stuff like …eh, love, not when it concerned others and especially when it, like now, was herself that was concerned. To talk about these things was girly, and Cagalli didn't like girly stuff. Well at least she hadn't before, because recently somewhere deep down she had to admit there was something entertaining about relationships and talking about it (as long as it didn't get too embarrassing, which it often did), it was just that she didn't have any experience, "What about you Lacus, how are things going with that no-clue-for-brother of mine?"

"I thought about what you said last week, and I think you're right. I probably have been a little too lenient towards Kira." Lacus still smiled the same sweet smile.

"I wondering if I shouldn't feel sorry for Kira, Lacus you're frightening me." Miriallia said jokingly.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Lacus said with her most innocent voice.

Miriallia took another sip from her cup and looked over at Cagalli and suddenly choked on the tea, "…Cagalli is that a hickey?"


"What do you want Kira?" Athrun said a little impatiently.

"I want to hear what happened, Cagalli wouldn't tell me anything." Kira didn't look pleased.

"I just told her how I feel about her and she told me she felt the same. Everything's great."

"Hmm, suspicious… Is that all that happened?"

"What do you mean suspicious?"

"I would have thought that you would be a little more, eh, excited about it. Both you and Cagalli are avoiding me, you're hiding something from me. Something happened, what did you do to my Cagalli?"

"Your Cagalli? Since when is she your Cagalli?" Athrun started to get a somewhat irritated.

"She is my little sister, so she is my Cagalli. And you are avoiding the question."

"You have only known she is your sister for about half a year, and on pretty loose grounds I might add."

"You're just jealous that you don't have any siblings. Cagalli is my sister it doesn't matter that we only found out just recently."

"Jea… W-what are you talking about? You're so childish."

"I'm not childish, what did you do to Cagalli?"

"I-I didn't do anything to Cagalli, not that it is any of your business." Athrun didn't manage to suppress a slight blush on his cheeks.

"…Athrun you didn't?"

"…" Athrun just looked on to the ground.

"You did." It wasn't hard to draw a conclusion. Athrun just nodded avoiding Kira's eyes.

There was an awkward silence, Kira didn't know what to say. As much as he didn't want to admit it, it was not like it was something unusual, maybe things had gone fast, but it would be more unusual if they hadn't done it he guessed. With that said he wasn't about to let Athrun off the hook so easily, if he ever did something to hurt Cagalli Kira would make sure he regretted it.

"But you don't look so happy?" Kira broke the silence after studying Athrun's face for a while.

"I'm happy but some things remain the same."

"You mean Seiran?"

When he heard that a black shadow swept over Athrun's countenance, "Please don't mention that name, I thought I told you not to."

"But still he is the reason you're in such a bad mood?"

"Yes of course he is the reason, he's the mother of all reasons."

"That's right, Cagalli is still engaged to him…" Kira spoke his thoughts out loud but gradually stopped because when he saw Athrun expression and if possible Athrun's mood seemed to have sunk even lower, he looked as if he was going to strangle Kira any minute, "Thank you for stating the obvious." Athrun said with an icy voice.

"Sorry, sorry, just don't take it out on me. I'm being kind here in spite what you did to my one and only sister."

"T- that has nothing to do with this. Anyway what we do is none of your business." Athrun lost his cool again. Kira smiled a little inwards, who would have known that Athrun was this easy to manipulate?

"Yuna is a stupid spoiled brat, but he has definitely noticed something is going on between me and Cagalli because he has become even more obnoxious the last week." Athrun seethed with anger, he had to use all determination he had not to punch the bastard in the face and wipe away that self-satisfied smile when they met which, by the way, was practically every day now. Cagalli did her best to turn him down but some official gatherings was impossible not to attend, and mostly she had to be escorted by that son-of-a-b…

"So what if he does? It's not like he can fire you or anything." Kira remarked.

"No he can't, but even if he is stupid he is very sly in a way. I'm sure he is up to something and I'm going to find out what it is and put a stop to him once and for all." Athrun's expression turned dreamy when he thought about being able kick the Yuna's ass.

"If there is anything I can do I'd be happy to help."

"Kira…" Athrun looked at him with immense gratitude which amused Kira a little. But still he definitely didn't want Seiran as a brother-in-law, and he definitely didn't want to see Cagalli unhappy.

Suddenly Kira sneezed, "Are you getting a cold, Kira?" Athrun asked.

"No, I don't think so," he suddenly stopped, "I wonder what they're talking about."

"Who?" Athrun asked with a dumb look on his face.

"Lacus, Cagalli and Miriallia of course, who else?" Kira said a little irritatingly. He couldn't explain why but the nagging worrying just didn't want to go away, but he had a feeling it had to do with that mysterious tea invitation from Cagalli.

"How should I know? What are you getting so worked up about, they're only having tea?"

"I don't know, it's just that I'm beginning to get these strange vibes from Lacus. I don't know what to make of it."

"Aren't you overreacting?"

"I probably am, but how often has Cagalli invited only girls for tea? This is Cagalli we're talking about here, she is clumsier than I when it comes to these sort of things. I mean how many girl friends does she have?"

"…" Athrun felt a shivering cold crawling down his back, come to think of it this invitation coincided with that thing in an creepy manner.

As if reading Athrun's mind Kira continued, "In reality it'd be you who should worry, since you are likely to be the main topic, so why do I worry?"

"B- but, but Cagalli wouldn't talk about what she and I do in private, would she? I mean she would be too awkward?" Athrun said hoping that Kira would agree.

"Normally yes, but totally unlike Cagalli she also invited Lacus and Miriallia for tea, maybe she's becoming more like a normal girl?"

"…" Athrun didn't say anything, he had a bad feeling about this.


"W- what?" Cagalli stuttered. "Athrun, I won't forgive you for this!"

"Heavens, you're right, Miriallia-san! There is no mistaking it: That is a hickey."

"Athrun, rather possessive of his princess isn't he?" Miriallia chuckled.

"Perhaps Cagalli-san and Athrun did more than just kiss?" Lacus suggested.

"Don't smile like that when you say stuff like that!" Cagalli thought and sighed. As painful as this would be they wouldn't let her get away now so she might as well tell them. Anyway she had promised Athrun (that idiot!) that she wouldn't keep things that bothered her to herself anymore, Athrun had said that he wanted her to confide in him. But this wasn't exactly something she could tell him, because it was he who she wanted to talk about, "Uh, well… yeah." She said clumsily while averting their curious gazes. If there was even the smallest chance of hiding she would have taken it, but cruelly enough there wasn't.

"Oh dear!" Lacus exclaimed but to Cagalli she didn't look the least bit shocked if anything she looked amused.

"You two are moving fast aren't you? From fighting to confessing to jumping into bed, hehehe." Miriallia, looking too happy.

"Don't blame me, it's all Athrun's fault." Cagalli said a little grumpily.

"Ara ara, we are not blaming anyone but who knew that Athrun had it in him?" Lacus chuckled.

"Now that you mention it, weren't you engaged to Athrun? Did he do anything then?" Mirialla looked like she just had remembered something.

"That is correct, we were engaged but sadly no, he didn't do anything. At the most an innocent kiss on the cheek. I actually started wondered if maybe he wasn't interested in the opposite sex, but it became obvious when I saw how he was around Cagalli-san. He is very cute don't you think? If it's Cagalli-san nothing will stop him, but his own clumsiness I guess."

"Not very cute to me, I'm the one who is subjected to it!" Cagalli, forgetting her shyness, exclaimed.

"Oh, you don't want to be subjected to it?"

"Cagalli, Athrun hasn't forced you to anything has he?" This time Miriallia looked serious.

"No! Eh, well I wouldn't say that he forced me to anything but he is pretty forceful when, you know, but it's because I get so embarrassed… I think."

"Hmm," Lacus smiled as she looked as she was thinking of something, "Cagalli, you must understand that Athrun is boy, and you know boys have needs."

"Lacus, what are you telling her?" Miriallia protested.

"Just the truth, nothing else."

"Don't say such irresponsible thing to Cagalli, she will take it seriously." Miriallia continued.

"You two I'm sitting here right in front of you, despite of what you might think I'm not stupid, and I'm not a child either."

"I'm sorry, I don't think you're stupid, it just that I don't agree with Lacus, and you are inexperienced." Miriallia apologised.

"Sorry if I am." Cagalli said pouting a little.

"Yes no one thinks you are stupid."

"I think you can't let the guy off too easily, you must take control and make him appreciate what he has." Miriallia said.

"I don't think there's any reason to be embarrassed, after all sex is a natural thing. It is a beautiful thing if you do it with someone you love." Lacus smiled.

"Even if you say that it's easier said than done." Cagalli complained.

"Lacus you're starting to sound like the sex education in school."

"Eh, they have that?" Cagalli was shocked.

"And if you get embarrassed you let him get the advantage, if you take the initiative it will be you who are in control." Lacus still smiling.

"Well, that's true."

"It is?"

"That means that we are going to do a little shopping."

"Eh, Lacus wait…"

"Thank you very much for the tea, Cagalli-san, it was delicious." Lacus said and took her hand and almost dragged a helpless Cagalli to the door.

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