There is no such thing as half love

Chapter 1:Is it possible to argue with your brain?

Ok people this is my first T/P fanfic so be gentle , I love that couple so much I just had to do a fanfic lol so here goes

Disclaimer: holds a gun to a random dbz executive "

Lone saiyan woman: say it damn you

Dbz exec: you own all rights to dragon ball z

Lone saiyan woman: See that wasn't so hard

Guards: just put the gun down and remain calm

Lone Saiyan woman: DON'T MAKE ME USE THIS

Bond talking: blah

Thinking: blah

Damn I wish I owned dbz coz that would make me own all the saiyans drools anyway on with the fiction



Pan's pov

I look down on the jagged rocks, should I just end it all it would be easier but that would make me a coward and Son Pan was no coward so why am I running away from him, I sigh inwardly how many times am I gonna explain this to myself its because I see him as a friend nothing more Right?.

So why do I keep asking the same damn question and arguing like crazy to myself.

Yep im definitely losing it and to think I thought I knew him like the back of my hand, but after this revelation it feels like he's a stranger, when you think life is simple then Kami decides to play pick on Pan and deal me a bad hand, well you know what Kami go to hell cause this saiyan isn't the butt of your cruel jokes anymore.

My tail decides to become a nuisance and flick around in agitation, the damn thing is getting on my nerves I yet to have it under control because with it lashing like this can lead to strange situations.

Like getting it caught in doors, people stepping on it, or a certain someone thinking its alright to stroke it and make me shudder for more and and …………. I don't want to talk about it. I'm actually starting to miss the baka, him and his stupid sexy smirk, him and his dumb long lavender locks, him and his stupid smooth tanned skin, his soft lips moving against mine making a sensual dance of desire that fire, I want to feel it again

No No No No I can't think like this he is my best friend not my lover but you wish he was no I don't face it you have fallen harder then a monkey off a tree or saiyan in this case Shut up brain I don't need this to think the great Son Pan fighting with herself over a boy, I laugh outwardly no this saiyan is too strong for that mark my words Trunks Briefs I will have you out of my head and into your bed ha that rhymes I growl my brain is so infuriating, if someone was watching they would think I was mad ah well at least im on my own.


Or so I thought grrrrr it's the boy who has being plaguing my mind grrr get out

"What do you want Trunks?"

" Are you mad at me?"

huh is he mad at me he asks I scoffed before answering

" Why would I be after all, all you did was touch my tail, kiss me and, tell me something about loving me" yea im defiantly jumping for joy

" I meant every word of it Pan but I didn't expect you to react like this, I thought that maybe that" he paused in contemplation " I don't know what I thought its obviously offended you" he looked down towards his feet as if his shoes knew the answers well Trunks, you have it not your bloody shoes.

I decide to make things easier " look Trunks it was a mistake" I say completely ignoring his last comment he'll realise this is stupid and we could get back to normal

" No its not why are you avoiding this, you may be able to forget your feelings but I can't please Pan I know you love me"

He makes a move to get closer, I watch his tail, the lavender appendage dancing round like this was a party, I have a good mind to chop the darned thing off it looked like it was mocking my words, gosh look at me reduced to screaming at tails now.

" You know nothing about my feelings this discussion is over Trunks, I can pretend this never happened if your afraid I won't talk to you then I will but, if you continue this madness then I don't think we can talk anymore" I say looking at the rock behind him I've never found a rock so interesting.

Trunks started laughing like a crazy man, that surprised me he just starting laughing like I had told the funniest joke on earth, but then he stopped and gave me such a sexy smirk I nearly toppled down the cliff after all I was on the edge.

"Pan Son if that's the worst threat you have then your in trouble because by the end of this week I promise you, talking will be the last thing on your mind"

And with that he blasted off leaving a blue trail, I hope his implication of not talking at the end of the week meant fighting but either way by the end of the week I knew my legs were gonna be as useless as jelly.

oooooooooo what does Trunks really mean and why does pan refuse him

keep reading and you might find out lol I ain't that cruel.

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