First of all I want to say "Thank you", a big one, to all the people who have reviewed the story. Secondly, in case you haven't noticed it, no one beta-ed my story so it's probably that there are some mistakes.

As x-sara-x has said in her review I don't think there's a need of explanation of who are the husband and the friend in this fic, 'cuase it's intented to be a Cath's/Sara fic, but since some people have asked so nicely I must say that when I was writing it, my idea of the friend was Greg and the husband Grissom.

In real life, as I said before this is a true story, I was the friend and Catherine, in this fic, represents my best friend Daniel. He did love her, she loved her back but she was tired of waiting so she married another guy. Daniel never said the words to her.

Thank you again. See you soon in another story!