Paper Cranes

A paper crane is fragile in the hands of the one who holds it… The delicate folds and creases in the thin material can be easily twisted; molded, to another shape… Whether it is on purpose, or simply an act of forgetful carelessness…

As the lifeless creation sits soundlessly in the palm of your hand, it depends entirely on your actions, and the world around it…for it can do nothing on its own. If you choose to put the crane on a shelf for display, it will look perfect for awhile, until the dust starts to settle over it…

Or, if you feel the urge to play with it, it may become crushed in the process…or, perhaps… the edges of the paper that give it existence, will be worn down and made soft to the touch.

The cranes are a lot like a person's love life, when you compare them. Fragile and delicate, but, if you do nothing with it but push it to the back of a shelf; you will be alone in life, afraid to love and be loved, lest you be broken or damaged.

Taking a chance may leave your heart aching and lonely; or it might see you to a lifetime of bliss.

The best thing about paper cranes, is that, should they be crushed, you only have to smooth the paper out…and start all over. One fold at a time…

Author Ramblings

A piece of writing from Misao's POV.

I randomly thought of this at work at…5:45am this morning. I am NOT liking the whole wake-up-early thing. I hope it was okay… Please, let me know what you think!