Peoples listen up! I finished Wounded! There will be no more! So don't ask for anymore! If you want a sequel, you're welcome to write it. I don't care! My hands are cramped and my brain is tired! For those idiots who asked about Kagome and SesshoMaru's appearance at the shrine, they were ghosts! Idiots! I thought it was obvious! Geez! I thought you guys were smart enough to figure that out. Anyway, thanks for sticking with this story to the end. I thought it was going to be a flop but you guys proved me wrong. I never realized I had created a monster until you started demanding stuff. Thanks for reviewing Wounded and reading my other stories. As for future fanfics, I was planning on doing one based on my life. Kagome would be me of course and SesshoMaru would be my hot crush. If you don't like the idea, tough. I noticed there aren't' that many stories about disabled people, so I want to write one. If you review this A/N, tell me if you think I should write my idea. Depending on what you guys say, I'll write or not. Thanks again.

lady of sesshoumaru