Ed had never thought much on the idea. It was never something that came to mind. Sure, he knew that the Colonel must have fantasies but, he never

thought much on them. He had always figured it was a private matter. He

supposed it could be shared but, only under appropriate circumstances, with just two people and the bedroom. Ed was definitely had the opinion

that it should only be spoken in the bedroom.

It seemed that Roy Mustang certaintly didn't agreed, since the man had no

problem showing affection in public places. Normally, Ed had no problem

with this, but he had to draw the line somewhere.

Sex notes. What had the Colonel been thinking? Sure, he always disguise

them as alchemy notes but still…

Roy's office had comfy couches and thick walls. The flame alchemist used

all of it to his advantage.

The Fullmetal alchemist had found himself on more than one occasion, up

against the wall or lying down on one of the couches. Even a couple times

he had found himself to be thrown against the man's desk.

Even then, Ed had tried struggling and tried to convince Roy to wait till

they got home.

Of course, Roy didn't listen to him, instead, deciding to thrust inside of

Ed until the blond alchemist screamed.

The thick walls made sure that the other people didn't hear a word, or

moans and groans for that matter.

Which was a blessing in disguise because, if the walls weren't thick…Ed

didn't think he would be able to show his face at headquarters again.

And that might present a few problems.