Disclaimer- The idea and characters of Snatch belong to Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn and Ska Films. The only thing I own is the plot. That's all mine.

Author's Note- This is a little story my friend, Kristen, and I came up with one day while we were bored, writing notes back and forth, and day dreaming in class. Please let me know what you think. Enjoi!

The Adventures of Georgina and Leona

Chapter One- A Ding On The Dashboard


There it was staring them straight in the face; a sign they had never seen before. A sign that had meant so much to them. You Are Now Leaving Maryland it said in big, bold black letters. The two girls looked at each other and smiled.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Georgina asked her friend.

"We can always turn around and go back." Leona replied.

Both girls smiled again. "Nah." they said together.

They each had their reasons for leaving, running away, breaking free, whatever you want to call it. Georgina was escaping confusion and frustration. A red haired drummer named Viktor had stolen her heart, which sounds wonderful but her now ex-boyfriend didn't seem to think so. And on top of that she was fed up with the world. Leona didn't really know why she was leaving. It was just something she felt had to be done. She had to get away and not a moment sooner. This was their chance and neither girl was going to risk regret.

And so it was that beautiful Monday morning that the option of going straight or making a left was the only thing on their minds. The road was empty and they sat in the stopped car wondering which way they should take, where each road lead, what adventures they would come across. The morning sun was shining in their eyes but neither could avoid looking at the road before them. The life before them. Georgina fished around in her pocket and pulled out a shiny quarter.

"If it's heads we go left and if it's tales we keep going straight."

"I'm all for it as long as it doesn't tell us to go back."

Georgina flipped the quarter and it landed with a ding on the dashboard. The girls shifted to look at it. They would be going straight. Georgina started the car again and turned up the radio. The song was familiar and welcoming just like the coffee they were sipping and the air that was coming in through a small crack in the window. This is it. This is what they wanted, what they dreamed of. Driving for miles away from everything they had grown to hate. Driving away from resentment. Driving away from want. Driving away from regret. Driving into something novel and unknown.

Leona leaned out of the window and snapped a quick picture of the blur they were driving by. It was a mixture of green, and blue, and orange, and gray. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. They would tell this story one day. Leona would write it and Georgina would paint the pictures. They would tell the story of adventure, freedom, life. They would tell the story of…

From the distance someone was calling her name and Leona woke up with a start. She must've been asleep. There was a small puddle of drool on her desk. She looked around and her entire Latin class was gawking at her. Georgina was silently giggling from the desk to her right. The teacher looked at Leona over his glasses.

"Do you know where we are?"

"Yeah... I was following along, just got a little distracted."

"We're on page thirty seven. Sara was translating number four."

Sara continued with her translation but Leona was too caught up in the faces that had been staring at her only seconds before. Faces that just didn't understand. Those kids didn't get it. They led happy lives with normal troubles. Most of them wouldn't dream of ever leaving Baltimore. They wanted to raise their kids where they had grown up. Hell, they wanted to have kids. Those faces would never experience anything different, or amazing, or confusing. They'd never see the greens and blues and oranges and grays blend together over a smell of coffee and a sound of laughter. They didn't have dreams they had goals. Their lives would never be changed by the ding of a quarter on a dashboard.

Leona turned her sad eyes onto Georgina and noticed Georgina's eyes were like hers. Leona nodded and Georgina understood. The following morning, a gray Tuesday, Leona walked down her driveway and into Georgina's car. They shared an understanding that morning that only two best friends could comprehend. They discussed, worried, weighed the options, nodded and drove. But this morning it was different. This morning they didn't drive to their high school. This morning they were just driving. Driving towards adventure. Driving towards laughter. Driving towards inside jokes and memorable stories. Driving towards life. Letting the ding of a quarter on a dashboard change their lives. And it did, their lives did change.