Disclaimer- The idea and characters of Snatch belong to Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn and Ska Films. The only thing I own is the plot. That's all mine.

Author's Note- This is a little story my friend, Kristen, and I came up with one day while we were bored, writing notes back and forth, and day dreaming in class. Please let me know what you think. Enjoi!

The Adventures of Georgina and Leona

Chapter Four-The Ding Of The No Smoking Sign

By: UnreadLetters

Turkish and Tommy had been very upset over the girls' leaving and they had recently fallen into a hole in their boxing careers without the assistance of Georgina and Leona. They decided to do something about it. They hopped a plane and headed straight for the girls' high school.

Tommy and Turkishwalked through the hallways of Georgina and Leona's hgh school, peering into classrooms looking for their business partners. When they got to the second floor the secretary, a small elderly blond woman, stopped them.

"Excuse me, excuse me. Sirs, where are you going?"

They both turned politely.

"Yes?" Tommy and Turkish said together.

"Just where do you think you're going?"

"We're here to pick up Georgina Holden and Leona Bradshaw."

"Do you have a note?"

Tommy, reached into his trousers and pulled out the dud gun he bought from Boris the Blade.

"We don't have a note but we do have this."

Turkish chuckled behind him.

"Come on Tommy, don't scare the poor bird."

"Fine, Fine Turkish."

They turned and made their way up the final flight of stairs. Walking slowly down the hallway while looking inconspicuously into every class room. They turned a corner and saw the girls sitting in the back of the classroom, away from the other students. A gray-haired manwas droningon in the front. They noded and Turkish opened the door while Tommy followed closely, putting his gun securely back in his belt.

"Excuse us." Turkish said with a small grin.

"Yes?" The gray-haired, manresponded as he pulled his glasses down slightly to look at Turkish and Tommy.

"We're here for Georgina Holden and Leona Bradshaw."

"What do you mean you're 'here' for them?"

"Their coming with us." Turkish said as his smile grew bigger.

"And we don't want any troubles." Tommy said with a flash of the in gun in this belt.

"And what grounds do you have to take the girls with you?"

"The grounds that they're the best boxer and promoter we're had and he need them back."

During this exchange the whole class was watching the mysterious men in trench coats closely but now their eyes slowly stared at Georgina and Leona, who all the while were giggly silently.

"Oi! There they are." Tommy said as he pointed to the back of the room.

"That's right Tommy. Hi girls!" The men waved and the girls waved back.

"You ready to go then?"

"Of course." The girls said together.

The girls gathered their things and proceeded to the front of the room. Suddenly an ugly purple-haired Aryan grabbed Georgina's arm.

"You can't leave." He said.

"Yes I can."

"No, you can't it's not right."

"Look Joe, get the fuck off of my arm."

"What if I don't?" He added with a smirk.

And then Georgina wailed on him with so much force that Tommy and Turkish have to pull her off of the boy, whose bruised face now matched the shade of his hair. With a quick wave and beaming smiles the girls lead Tommy and Turkish out of their Latin class full of wide eyes and open mouths.

"Thanks." Turkish said as he closed the door behind them. Leaving the Latin class even more stunned.

Our group of four walked slowly down the hall, Georgina and Leona laughing the whole while when suddenly a girl stopped them.

"Um… where are you going?" Casey asked.

"Away, out, freedom." Leona answered.

"But you can't leave me here. If you leave again I won't have any friends." Casey said with desperation in her voice.

"You didn't like us that much anyway." Georgina retorted.

"Then fine if you're leaving where's my money? You each owe me two dollars."

"We don't have it." Replied the girls.

"What about you guys." Casey looked at Turkish and Tommy. "You guys have two dollars right?"

"Why the fuck would we give you money?" Turkish asked.

"Because Leona and Georgina owe me money dammit!"

"Right-o." Turkish said. "We're leaving now."

"If you guys leave I'll tell!" Casey shouted.

"Don't tell on me bitch." Georgina said with a swift punch across Casey's lip.

She giggled and the four continued walking down the hall.

"We're gonna have to put you in some anger management classes." Tommy said with a grin and sarcasm lacing his voice.

It took them a half hour to get to the airport and on the plane. Everyonewas silent marveling at the occurrences and all that could be heardwas the ding of the no smoking sign (as Turkish lit up a cigarette) and the plane taking off. Georgina and Leona glanced at each other and shared one word.

"Damn." Their lives were changing again.