The Anderson Bloodline

Amy Anderson cracked her neck as she continued to type away at the keyboard, searching. She wasn't even sure what exactly she was searching for anymore, just so long as it had to do with her older brother.

Thomas A. Anderson had gone missing from his job nearly a month ago and no one had heard from him since.

The computer whirred along; pages flashing by quicker than Amy could read, saving into yet another folder. Pages upon pages of information; about Neo's exploits, the recent shootings, and most disturbingly, her brother's unending search for top-hacker Morpheus and something called the Matrix…

Amy ceased typing as she thought about it. Her brother was always rather quiet and withdrawn but when he talked about the Matrix he became frustrated and energetic. Almost as though talking about it with her might solve the puzzle but it never did, and he kept at the computers day and night, trying to solve what seemingly was as unanswerable as the meaning of life.

A pop-up told her the download was complete and as she slid her mouse up to acknowledge it, her screen crackled and went blank.

"What the-?" A blinking cursor appeared bright green against the dead black of her monitor.

Hello Calculus

Amy stared at the computer. Who the hell had managed to hack into her laptop like this? How did they know her code name? What was going on? She desperately tried to gain control back but nothing she pushed made any difference.

Math cannot solve the Matrix

"The Matrix?" Amy ran a hand irritably through her short black hair, eyes narrowing in thought. "It's array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations. But it can also mean the network of intersections between input and output leads of a computer." Nevertheless, her interest was peaked. Whoever this hacker was they'd mentioned the Matrix.

Watermelons are half price today

"Watermelon?" Amy repeated, eyes widening in surprise. "What kind of nonsense is this?" She tried pressing the escape key again but nothing happened.

Phone's ringing

"No it's not," Amy said, puzzled. Suddenly her cell phone rang. Jumping in her seat at the sudden noise, a chill crept up her spine to wash over her skin, leaving goose bumps in its wake. Not recognizing the number on the display screen, she glanced hesitantly back at her laptop screen only to find it black. Unnerved, she stared back at the phone ringing in her hand. Shaking herself, she flipped it open and answered.

"Hey! This is Lita! I just got a new phone so I'm sorry if you didn't recognize the number." Amy melted in relief at the sound of her best friend's voice. "I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner together at my place."

"Sure," Amy said, cradling her phone against her ear as she poked uncertainly at her laptop "Sounds great."

"Wonderful! All I need you to do is go pick up some watermelon on the way over." Amy nearly dropped the phone as she froze in shock. "Talk to you when you get here, bye!" Unnerved, she snapped her phone shut and stared out the window.

"This cannot be a coincidence." But she thought about her brother and, in that instant, Amy decided she wanted to know.

"Hey sis. Told you you can't solve the Matrix." Amy managed a weak smile at Neo and lapsed back into unconsciousness as the Nebuchadnezzar headed toward Zion.