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Chapter Three:

Learning to Listen


Sunsets at the Konoha training grounds are beautiful. The high elevation gives a breathtaking view of the sky over the Hokage monument. Right now, it looks like a painters daydream. A few streaks of vibrant orange were painted on a canvas of deep purple. The thick summer air sparkled with fireflies.

Once, during the quiet moment of a mission, I asked Shino-kun, 'What do fireflies talk about?'

His response had been interesting to say the least. He'd taken a moment to contemplate my question seriously and after several minutes finally responded, 'Fireflies lives are short-lived and focused primarily on procreating their species. I suppose they would all repeat the same mantra. I must mate. I must mate.'

I was much more cautious about asking Shino-kun bug questions after that.

There are so many fascinating questions in the world! How ever did I survive so long in silence? It's like I can't stop asking questions now, like a flood gate's been opened and every question I've ever wanted to ask has come tumbling out of me at once. I finally have the courage to scream… well I don't actually scream most of my questions because that would be terribly rude and just a bit crazy. But there is definitely a raised decibel level to my voice!

I'm talking so loudly now, that even Naruto can hear me! For months now, we've been meeting twice a week when neither of us are on missions at the ramen stand and having long conversations. It's not just there though, anytime we see each other in the street he comes over to me and talks to me!

I've come to really look forward to our bi-weekly ramen chats. Goodness, does Naruto LOVE ramen.

I remember as a child if you ever expressed a great attachment to something, another child would often reply, 'Well if you like it so much why don't you marry it?'

If ramen was a woman, Naruto WOULD marry it.

… if ramen was a man he'd probably marry it then as well.

My greatest rival is a bowl of soup.

Although, I do wonder if his love of ramen partly stems from the way the ramen shop owner and his daughter treat him. He isn't just a customer to him. He's treated like a long lost relative and that's not because he's must be single handedly paying several of their utility bills.

I wonder if Naruto spent the day training as well? Today was a wonderful day for training. My muscles ache from practicing throwing kunai and doing katas on the surface of the nearby lake. Practicing katas of the surface of the lake barely even feels like training. Gliding on the water, moving with the ebb and flow of chakra pulsing through your body… it feels like freedom. I'm exhausted, but it's a pleasant sort of fatigue. Every cut, scrape, and sore muscle are proof that I'm becoming stronger.

I sat down upon a nearby fallen log and rubbed my sore bare arms. Well, perhaps training isn't all an uplifting grrl-power experience. The heat forced me to shed my jacket sometime in the afternoon… I know I shouldn't be embarrassed, but I can't help it. I've grown.. in places that… boy's notice. Part of me knows that I should never let anyone make me feel uncomfortable about my own body… but I can't seem to make my heart stop feeling self-conscious even if my mind knows better.

Well, perhaps if it was Naruto looking… What if he was staring at me right now with my jacket off? The stars are starting to come out, and the moon is shining off of the surface of the lake… it'd be really romantic and the perfect setup for a--Eeep! Stupid Icha Icha Paradise! Will I ever be free from your thrall? Besides, who am I kidding? Even if I did want him to look, I'd still probably pass out in a pool of my own blood from embarrassment!

A flash of color and movement out of the corner of my eye jolted me out of my thoughts. Something was in the bushes! It's probably only a rabbit or a fox… To be certain I activated my bloodline limit.

It… was a person.

A BLONDE person.

Wearing orange.

Staring at me.

From the bushes.

Right now.


W-What's he doing!? Why is he hiding in the bushes and frowning?

I turned around and resisted the urge to push my fingers together. "Naruto-kun? Um… you do know that I can see chakra through bushes, don't you?"

Naruto bounded into the open like a spooked rabbit. "Of course!" Twigs and leaves were sticking out of the sides of his hair. "I was just tying my shoes! Untied shoes can be real dangerous, ya know." He grinned and rubbed the back of his neck.

He had not been tying his shoes.

"Oh. Of course, Naruto-kun. Is there anything I can help you with?" Why do I have to sound so formal all of the time?

Naruto frowned and walked up to me. "Jeez, Hinata, ya sound like a store clerk."

I blushed and he smiled again, the kind of smile that makes his eyes crinkle at the edges.

"So uh… Naruto-kun what brings you to the training grounds this late in the afternoon?" Had he been looking for me? No, he couldn't possibly be… I caught myself about to push my index fingers together and hastily pushed my hands in my pants pockets. I will NOT fall back on old nervous habits.

"I was looking for you!"

"Eh?" My hands left my pockets and my index fingers pushed together of their own accord.

"I've got a joke to tell you! And then I'm going to listen to you talk."

Huh? This is rather random, even for Naruto. "W-What do you want me to talk about?"

Naruto looked panicked for a moment, as if he had not thought it out that far. "You can talk about um, yourself. If you want. It's for um… Hokage training."

Is it simply my imagination, or is something wrong with his ears? They look terribly red. Perhaps Haruno-san punched him in the head again. She can be rather rough sometimes.

Naruto scratched his nose. "A leader has to be able to talk good right?"

"Speak well, not talk good." I smiled softly. When he becomes Hokage, it's really going to be a public relations nightmare isn't it? I can already picture my father's shock at having a Hokage with such atrocious grammar.

I can't wait.

"See? I need help! So will you help me train?"

This situation is so odd. Why is he worrying about this now? He is right, but it seems strange for Naruto to be worrying about such things at all. Perhaps, Tsunade-sama suggested he needed improvement?

"Of course I'll help you Naruto-kun! So you want me to teach you how to speak properly?"

"Yeah, you can teach me the proper way to use my mouth." His grin grew wider and he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

Is… is… he flirting with me? I haven't had much experience with that sort of thing but that definitely sounds like flirting to me. What should I do? Um… I have to act coy and flirt back!

… how am I going to do that?

I started with my mouth slightly open as a mini panic attack landed a lethal blow on my composure.

My idea of coy is apparently a lot like an impression of a fish.

Oh! Like a KOI fish!


Naruto laughed. "Thanks for the help!" He stepped back and stood several feet in front of where I was sitting. "I'll show you my joke first."

"Alright." I sat down and folded my hands in my lap. This is strange, even for Naruto-kun. Did I get hit in the head during training and now I'm hallucinating? …No, if this was a dream there would be a lot more Icha Icha Paradise influences.

I really have quite a love/hate relationship with that book.

Naruto made a big wide sweeping gesture with both of his hands. "Ladies and gentleman! I will now present the greatest joke ever created… five minutes ago."


Naruto shrugged. "I'm sure some of these glowing butt flies are guys!"

I smiled. Shino would have been very annoyed.

"Anyways…" His hands made seals. "What do you get if you take Sakura." A kage bunshin who looked just like Haruno-san appeared. "And Lee." A kage bunshin of Lee appeared wearing his typical green leotard. My eyebrows rose. What in the world? "Aaaaaaaand you marry them off?" The Lee and Haruno-san bunshin were suddenly in wedding attire. The Lee bunshin was crying hysterically. "Then what do you get?

Naruto leaned forward like he actually expected a real answer. I looked up and met his sapphire eyes for a moment. I felt my heart beat start to race. Behind him, the bunshins popped out of existence.

"Oh, you get… um… a very happy Lee-san?"

Naruto leaned back on his heels and sighed with mock disappointed. "Tsk. Tsk. No you get…" He made some hand-seals and his grin became slightly… evil. "THIS!"

A cloud of smoke erupted before my eyes and when it finally cleared this… thing stood before me.

Oh. My.

"Yo! I am Rockette!" The thing had these giant furry pink growths extending from its large shiny forehead, bright pink bowl cut, and the most unflattering bulgy pink leotard I have ever seen.

It was… It was….

Sakura and Lee's future child.

I laughed so hard, I snorted like a pig.

"Oh! Hehhehee… um ah… heheheheh…. excuse me!" I covered my mouth and nose quickly as another snort escaped. For some reason, this seemed to immensely please Rockette who grinned like a maniac every time I snorted.

When I finally managed to recover from my unsightly state, Naruto-kun had sat down next to me, still grinning from ear to ear.

"It's okay." He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Its cute when you snort like a pig!"

Oh! Naruto thinks I'm cute! ….and that I remind him of a pig.

"All right!" Naruto punched the air. "The joke thing's done." Twigs and leaves were STILL in his hair. "Now I'm going to…" He paused. "Listen to you talk!"

I froze. "Listen to me… talk?"

I have to talk to Naruto-kun?

For an EXTENDED period of time?

With only the two of us?

In the Darkness?

Under the moonlight?

In the perfect set-up scenario for a… oh curse you Icha Icha Paradise!

"How about you speak and I listen?" I put my hands back in my pants pockets otherwise I was going to start fidgeting again.

Naruto scowled. "It's not supposed to work like that! A girl is supposed to talk and then a guy is suppose to try to listen, then she complains that he's not listening. Then he tries harder. You've got to take turns talking if you want to get to know somebody better. I've seen it in stories all the time, Hinata. And possibly on a greeting card once? Anyways, it's common knowledge."

"I thought this was Hokage training?"

"Uh, it is! It is!" I saw his adam's apple bob up and down. "I was just talking in general terms and stuff. It's definitely training." He rubbed his ears absently.

"Oh. All right." I can do this! I think… possibly? "What would you like to hear about?"

Naruto scratched his nose and shrugged. "Eh, how about your last Chunin exam? Your whole team got promoted right?"


"I heard you really beat the hell out of the guy you fought!" Naruto punched the air several more times.

"Oh well… it was certainly a decisive victory." That horrible Lightning nin, I had really lost control of myself. But he had been just so… he had no right to say the things he did. And with Neji watching! How DARE HE… Oh it just makes me so angry…

Naruto must have picked up on my anger because his eyes narrowed. "Is something wrong?"

"I was…" I swallowed and fought through the butterflies swarming in my stomach. "I was emotionally invested in the fight. The Hyuga clan has a dreadful history with the Lightning nins. The Lightning ninja I fought with voiced many cruel remarks regarding this history and I got a little… upset."

"You mean he royally pissed you off." Naruto snorted. Who sounded like a pig now? "So what went down in the past to make you want to break him into itty bitty Lightning ninja pieces?"

"Well…" This is so hard to talk about, even though I don't remember it happening. "When I was a baby I was almost kidnapped by Lightning Country ninjas." Naruto looked up and I lost my nerve and looked down at my hands. "They wanted to know the secret of the Byakugan… and maybe have some kind of political leeway against Konoha."

I rubbed my arms as a cold chill went threw me. What would my life have been like if they'd succeeded? Or would they have simply dissected my dead body?

"My father stopped their attempt and killed the kidnappers. However, killing them created a political scandal and there were threats of war… The Lightning Village demanded retribution… they wanted a life for a life. Neji's father, my father's twin brother, died in his stead."

Naruto scowled. "But they attacked you first! Why didn't Konoha just kick their assess?"

"But that would have resulted in a war Naruto-kun… We're not really old enough to remember a real war. Our lifetimes have been relatively peaceful. The Sound Village attack was just that, an attack. It was over in hours… a war is an endless series of attacks with both sides forever trying to even the odds…" I gulped. "I have heard stories from a few of the Hyuga elders of finding children dead in the streets…"

Naruto looked stricken and I regretted being the one to put that serious expression on his normally cheerful face. But… if he truly wants to be Hokage he needs to think about these kind of decisions, doesn't he?

"It's still not right! You can't just give up one of your people because another village threatened you!"

"You have to understand Naruto-kun… It wasn't a matter of who was stronger than who. Maybe Konoha could have won a war with Lightning, maybe not. But either way, more people than one man would die. He knew it was either his life or the lives of many others. He was sacrificing one life for the safety of the entire village."

Naruto looked even more stricken and for one terrible heart-wrenching moment, I thought he was going to cry. Then he blinked rapidly and smiled softly. "Yeah, I can understand that…"

I somehow had the courage to put my hand over his. "The Lightning ninja I fought with made several cruel remarks about Neji's father's sacrifice and I … won a very quick and decisive victory."

Naruto's smile lost its shadow. "You mean you made him wear his ass for a hat."

"Naruto-kun!" I shocked myself by smacking him lightly on the arm. "That isn't language very befitting of an Hokage!"

"What?" Naruto-kun tried to look innocent and failed utterly. "I can use it in future negotiations with Lightning Village! I can see it now… Dear Raikage, mess with us and I will make you wear your ass for a hat, signed, Naruto the Awesome-Kage."

Oh dear mother in heaven. Please let him be kidding.

"I suppose I will have to find a position in the Konoha messenger division and intercept all of your mail."

"Hey!" Naruto looked deeply offended, but I could tell he was actually quite pleased. "So, what have you been doing all day?" Naruto idly scratched a mosquito bite on his arm.

"Oh well, training mostly. Kurenai-sensei has been feeling a bit ill lately, so we decided to take a week off while she takes time to recover."

"What kind of training? Like secret Hyuga glowing and spinning techniques?"

"We don't just glow and spin!"

"Oh I stand corrected. You spin and glow… at the same time." Naruto waggled his eyebrows at me again.

"I'll have you know, that I was doing katas on top of the lake. It helps coordinate taijutsu with chakra control."

"Dancing on water huh…" Naruto paused and looked thoughtful for a moment.

"It's not dancing, it's training." Honestly… I crossed my arms.

"Glowy spinny dancing?"

"It's not dancing it's training!" Oops! I didn't mean to say that so loudly.

"Whoa, check it out. Hinata-chan's using her outside voice." Naruto brought a hand to his heart and feigned a heart attack.

Hmmf! "I doubt you even know how to dance."

Naruto's head snapped up. "I can SO dance! I'm like a dancing machine!"

I shrugged. "If you say so…"

"Feh, you don't believe me do you? Well I can prove it!" He stood up, walked to the nearby lake, and leaped onto the surface of the water. "Would you like to dance?" He raised one eyebrow. "If you CAN dance, that is."

I can't.

"Ah um… of course I can!" I leaped and landed next to Naruto-kun, using chakra to stand on the surface of the lake.

I'm going to trip and knock both of us into the lake.

"I'm like a um… a swan."

A dead swan.

I stepped closer, and then Naruto stepped closer… then we stared at each other for a few seconds. My heart thumped so loudly in my chest I thought for sure he could actually hear it. Finally, Naruto reached out and hesitantly put his hands in mine, keeping several inches between us. "Um… Is this okay?"

I squeaked out something that sort of sounded like yes.

Somehow, I was able to rest my hands on his shoulders. His jacket was warm and he smelled… nice. Like ramen and sweat and something else I just can't put my finger on, but it reminded me of trees. "Is this okay?"

Naruto's eyes snapped back up to my face. He had been staring… well lower than my face. "Y-Yeah."

I'm going to pass out in a pool of my own blood.

Naruto took a small step to the left and I followed, slowly but surely falling into a rhythm. I desperately wanted to look down at my feet, but at the same time I was transfixed by the edge of his jaw line. A soft patch of blonde stubble lined the right side of his jaw. It made me a little light headed and was just so very… grown up.

He picked up the pace a little, sending me along his glide to the music only he could hear but we both could feel. Like a dream, we glided along with no signs of comically falling into the lake or even stepping on each others feet.

Just… just wow.

"You… you CAN dance." I raised my eyebrows at him. I hadn't really expected him to know how to dance at all, to be honest, I had just wanted to see him try. I certainly hadn't expected him to be so… good.

"Yeah, but don't tell anyone ok?" Naruto surprised me again by twirling me and then grasping my hands with his again. "Ero-sen—well my teacher the Frog Hermit devised this weird training to work on my agility and coordination with my clones. But I gotta say…" I almost passed out as he dipped me a little. "This is a LOT more fun and less stupid looking than dancing with one of my clones."

"Your secret is safe with me." Is it my imagination or are we standing closer than before? His muscular thighs briefly brushed mine and my face took on a brand new never seen before hue.

Yes, we definitely are closer.

"So…" Naruto casually turned my palm over where a long jagged white scar stood out against the top of my hand. For one crazy moment, I thought he was going to kiss it. "Was the fight in the chunin exam where you got this scar?"

If this is a dream, I hope I'm in a irreversible coma.

"Yes. Do… do you have any scars Naruto-kun?" That will give me an excuse to touch you?

"No, not really." He lowered my hand and slowed down the dance pace again

Darn it.

"Not even one?" How can someone not have a single scar? And be a ninja no less? Unless it's in an unmentionable place…

… I'm not even trying to fight the Icha Icha Paradise influence anymore am I? I've become a fallen woman.

"I… heal fast. Really fast."

His hands were shaking.

"Is it like a bloodline limit?" I've never heard of him being part of any clan. Then again, he is an orphan. He's never mentioned any family…

"Well it's sort of like an… inheritance I guess." His gaze focused to a point somewhere over my shoulder.


His hands stopped shaking.

"You know about the lightning nin situation…" Naruto-kun frowned. "There's always another way and if the Hokage can't find it, then he should have put himself up instead. You can't expect your men to make a sacrifice that you're not willing to follow through with yourself."

He's not talking about… if he died I… no… I wouldn't let that happen… No… NO…

"NO! I won't let you!" My hands tightened around his, as if I could physically keep him here, wrapped up safe in this moment.

"You won't let me?" Naruto's mouth was smirking, but his eyes looked misty like he couldn't quite decide what emotion to feel and his face had settled somewhere in between.

"I'll-I'll… beat you up and not let you go to the negotiations!"

What am I doing?! What in the world has happened to this conversation?

I jumped a little as Naruto stepped closer to me, brushing our thighs together. Lightning jolted through my body despite my worry.

"So ya think the Hokage's life is more important than one of his ninjas?"

I almost opened my mouth to say yes but hesitated… I know it's supposed to be but… do I really believe that? Do I really believe that one persons life has more intrinsic value than another just because of his station?

But… Naruto-kun dead…

I just couldn't…

No… I can't allow that to happen. I WON'T allow that to happen!

"Yours is…" I turned my head away unable to meet his gaze as my heart pounded loudly in my ears. "…to me…"

Silence stretched out for what felt like lifetimes, until finally I heard a soft… "Oh."

I looked up, but Naruto was looking away.

Only the sounds of crickets and night owls could be heard while my faced burned like wild fire. I just… confessed didn't I? Was I direct enough? Is his silence a rejection? Please say something, anything!

Finally, he looked back at me and our eyes met. And then Naruto did something I never would have expected.

He blushed bright red.

And then something in my head just clicked. Everything suddenly made sense and my eyes were open so wide even the Byakugan's blind spot didn't exist. It was so simple, so true, that I don't know how I never noticed it before.

Naruto was just like me.

But he wasn't the same type of shy that I was. Naruto shyness came through in his smiles that he didn't truly feel or in his laughter that came in inappropriate situations. It came through in his constant talking… He often wasn't saying much, just filling in the void by talking to distract others from seeing how lonely he was, from seeing that maybe he didn't believe everything he boasted of, talking so that he could hear some human voice close to him even if it was his own, wanting… no NEEDING someone else to listen but knowing that there wasn't anyone there. He's embarrassed and nervous, too...

Just like me, he needs someone to listen.

Finally, his voice broke through the night air. "Well, I guess I have something like a scar… it's more like a birth mark though." Naruto's hands tightened to match my own vice like grip.


"When I was a baby, there was a terrible Kyubi attack on the village." His gaze became distant. "Many people in the village died. The Fourth Hokage in a last ditch effort to save everybody used a forbidden jutsu to-"

"Are you talking about being the vessel for the Kyubi?"

Naruto-kun froze and nearly dragged both of us into the lake.


"Tsunade-sama already told everyone you're the vessel for the Kyubi while you were on your training trip."


"There was a presentation on an overhead projector with graphs and charts… It was quite informative.


"There was a little commotion with a few of the older ninjas, claiming that you were the Kyuubi and not just the vessel. Tsunade-sama was quite… persuasive."


"I thought the whole argument was quite strange. How could they think you were anything but Naruto-kun?" Many ninjas seemed to have a change of heart that day, but I suppose having the Hokage threaten to detach your arms from your body is enough for anyone to reevaluate their opinions. "Are you alright Naruto-kun? You look a little pale."

I found the whole debate difficult to fathom. What was wrong with those people? How could anyone think that Naruto was the Kyubi? How could you look at Naruto and see a blood thirsty beast? Did they live their whole lives with their eyes closed and their hands covering their ears? I had always wondered why many of the villagers treated him so badly… Many of them treated him quite horribly… And for something he had no control over!

Hmmf! Well, the Hokage isn't the only one who knows how to revaluate someone's opinion!

Naruto was staring at me, eyes wide open and mouth hanging open. I shook his right arm a little, but he just continued to stare at me in shock as if… as if a bowl of vegetables had mysteriously morphed into a bowl of ramen.

He's… but he couldn't be could he? It's impossible… isn't it? Naruto-kun can't be… it's just not possible for him to be… struck speechless?

I must have broken him!

I shook him harder.

"Naruto-kun! Are you okay? Um… ah should I get a doctor or—"

"I…" His voice came out a squeak and I saw him finally close his mouth. His hands went slack and I released my tight grip. Slowly, both of his hands came up to cup my face. He stared in my eyes, eyes wide open and gently rubbed circles with the pads of his thumbs. His hands were warm, wet and calloused. I watched transfixed as he wet his lips and opened his mouth. "I think I…"


He was leaning in closer, his deep blue eyes were locked with mine. Our noses touched.

"I think I like you as much as ramen."

And then he kissed me.

His lips brushed mine softly, our noses got in the way, his lips were chapped and his hands on my face were shaking but it was… it was… I threw my arms around his neck and his shoulders were firm and solid like a… He tasted like ramen and smelled like trees and he was just… Naruto-kun. It was imperfect and wonderful.

All I ever wanted.

Finally, he pulled away and I gasped, needing to catch a breathe I hadn't even realized he'd stolen. His face must have been as red as mine, his crimson blush went all the way to the tips of his ears. He smiled, and then I smiled, and I suppose we smiled like idiots for several minutes.

It was wonderful. Did I mention that already?

I just can't believe it! Naruto-kun said he liked me! Naruto-kun likes me! He likes me as much as ramen! He likes…


Oh my gosh…

He must REALLY like me!

"So um… you want to um… be my girlfriend and stuff?" Our bodies were pressed softly together, and I could see Naruto's blush extended all the way down his neck as well. But oddly enough, even though my hands were around his neck and his taste was on my lips I felt… calm. As if I'd borrowed some of his confidence through the kiss and he'd borrowed a bit of my shyness. Or maybe I've finally peeled back his layers to see the true Naruto? Like an onion. Oh gosh, he's MY onion now!

"Yes, I want you to be my onion!"

"Huh?" Naruto's eyebrows sky rocketed towards his hairline.

Oh no!

"I just mean um… that you've got layers like an onion that I want to peel off. To get to know you better." My hand went to my mouth in shock.

Oh god. I'm burning every copy of Icha Icha Paradise in Konoha!

"You want to peel off my layers eh?"

"I didn't mean, it's just…darn Icha Icha Paradise!"

Naruto eyes became as big as dinner plates. I've surprised the most unpredictable ninja twice in one day. If I wasn't about to die from embarrassment, I might have felt impressed. Naruto gasped. "YOU'VE READ ICHA ICHA PARADISE?"

"No! I mean I-I just… It was for research!" Naruto's grin was turning slightly lecherous so I smacked him on the arm lightly. "I was just wondering about the man that you went off to train with but I…" Naruto was wriggling his eyebrows at me again. "Oh fine! Yes, I read Icha Icha Paradise! Twice! I'm a fallen woman!"

I turned away, and willed the sky to fall down upon me.

"Not only are you beautiful and kind…" I heard faint splashes behind me and felt Naruto gently hug me from behind. "And accept me being the host of the Kyubi… but YOU'RE A CLOSET PERVET TOO?" Naruto laughed happily, grabbed my waist, and spun me around. "YOU'RE AWESOME!"

I turned around and he captured my lips again, and all thoughts fled from my mind and it was only me, him, and the night.

Is he kissing me to distract me because…

Well I'm perfectly alright with that in all honesty.

I broke away and smiled. My head still felt like it was wrapped in soft cotton. "Um, don't tell anyone okay?"

Naruto, stepped back from me and led me off of the lake. "I promise. Your secret is safe with me. Don't tell anyone about my mad dancing skills either okay? It's not manly."

"I promise." We held hands as we continued to walk out of the training grounds.

"So… do you want to go get some ramen?"

"Naruto-kun! You just ate ramen!" I grabbed my jacket off the log on our way out.

"Hey, I've got to visit ramen to let her know our relationship is changing. Tell her there's a new girl in my life and let her down gently ya know." He tugged me into his side and wrapped his arm around me.

"How do you know ramen's a she?"

"You haven't been talking to Sakura have you? Cause I told her, me and Neji are not…"


"Err, nevermind."

And so, we walked off into the night, toward the ramen stand where I'm sure we will walk to many many times in the future. We had finally learned when to speak up and when to listen. And what we didn't know, we could learn together.

"You know, any time you want to peel my layers you just gotta ask."



The End


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