Title: The Son of a Monster

Author: Punk-Death-Dealer

Chapter: Meeting the Family

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the characters William, Haley, Drake, Lydia, Charles, Shane, and Dorian.

Description: As the dust of the old war settles, Viktor's past comes back to face the future of the new era. These new discoveries of the elder's past are having an effect on every survivor of the war. From a newfound trust to betrayals, another war may just be brewing below the surface. Can Selene and Michael face these trials? Will their friends stand beside them until the end? Only one way to find out…

A/n: Long time no see, eh? Sorry, for the long wait, I meant to have this up ages ago but I have been busy as of late and haven't had much time to really put this project on my top pedestal. However, I'm diving head first into a pool of ideas, and I just hope I don't drown in the process. On a minor note, this sequel takes place just a few weeks after the end of the war. Thanks for waiting, and now may I present the sequel to The Battle of the Hybrids.

Fingers drummed lightly against the steering wheel of the car. Making the driver seem nervous and his brain occupied with other thoughts. His blue eyes watched the road cautiously as rain seemed to pour down harder from the heavens.

"It hasn't rained in ages." The man in the passenger seat stated.

The driver didn't reply and instead just kept his focus on the road. The streets seemed almost completely empty on this night, no one was out. Who would blame them? It was raining so hard it might as well start breaking car windows.

The car came to a stop at an abandoned looking building and the driver got out. His blonde hair sticking to his face as the rain poured down on him. The man in the passenger seat got out and stood as well.

"Shane?" He asked hesitantly.

The young man looked up at him, his blue eyes icy and menacing. "You will set it up tonight." He yelled against the rain although his face was void of all emotion. He walked around and faced the man, who was the same height as himself. "Gain access to their den and you will set up a meeting. I want to meet the woman who killed my father."

Dorian bowed his head, "I understand." He raised his head once again, "But you must understand that I raised you and that I'm in charge here. I will give the orders."

Shane looked away but then returned his uncle's gaze before heading to the side entrance of the building. Dorian shook his head as he watched him go. Sighing he then turned and walked away following the strong lycan scent throughout the city.

Ever since Marcus was slain. Shane had an interest to find out how and why his father, Viktor, was killed. Then when they found it was Selene who brought both elders to their knees, Shane became obsessed with finding her and talking to her.

While he didn't know Shane's true intentions, he didn't have time to think about it. Shane knew of his father's ways and what he was like, in his thinking, Shane was just impressed that a woman, younger than even he, could take down the most powerful vampire elder ever known, and then beat another elder only a about a month later.

True the odds did seem impossible, but this was not just any vampire, she wasn't just some lusted affair that ended wrong. No, she was power, she was retribution for her kind, and those like her, and she stood for those who had been wronged, even at her own hands. There was something more about this woman than anyone would probably ever know. She carried more strengths than most men did. She was the key to ending wars, and creating them. There was no one like her in the world.

That was what made her so tempting, so divine, that is what made her powerful, and envied. That's why she needed some one strong, some one who understood pain and loss in a human nature. Someone who could make her forget, and that someone was probably the most powerful, and respected immortal alive, that man was none other than Michael Corvinus

The scent was growing stronger now, and had a faint smell to it, mixed with vampires. He knew he found the right place and remembered the den as if he was just hear yesterday, when actually it had been close to a hundred and twenty years. There was no need for him to come back here, to this city. Lucian had everything under control then, and he had his own town to take care of.

Standing at the entrance of the sacred den, Dorian sniffed the air around him; it was calm, unnatural for a lycan den. Moving his hand, he raised a fist to the large iron door hidden in the shadows of the tunnel. Right before he knocked the door opened on its own. Michael Corvin stood before him blue eyes sparkling and staring at him with a grin on his face.

"Dorian." He greeted holding out his hand. Dorian grinned and grasped it firmly in his own.

"Michael." He replied shaking his hand.

"I knew you were coming for the last five minutes." Dorian just shook his head; Michael seemed to be in a very good mood considering he still had some lingering marks from the battle a couple days before then.

"Hybrid senses are just unfair." Dorian said in a careless tone. Michael just grinned at him.

"So, what brings you here?"

"That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about." Dorian said clasping his hands together, "You and Selene."

Michael looked puzzled for a moment before nodding and taking a step back, "Follow me." He told him and began walking down the narrow corridors towards the main den. Then he began turning corners and going down hallways until he finally reached the staircase leading up to his room.

"Just a moment." He told Dorian jogging up the stairs.

Dorian waited at the bottom of the stairs looking at the dull surroundings of the underground cavern, it was the sound of footsteps that made him look up. There, standing at the top of the steps was the legendary warrior, clad in black leather and large boots, her cloudy eyes staring at him with concentration. She truly was as beautiful as he had heard and was charmed to meet her face to face.

Michael came down the stairs behind her and they both stopped once they reached the floor, "Selene, Dorian." He introduced and Dorian held his hand out. Selene hesitated before shaking it firmly, "Dorian…"

"Selene." Dorian finished for him quickly letting go of her hand and looking at them both. "I've come here to request and favor of you."

"Me?" Selene asked eyes narrowing a bit in confusion.

"Yes, you." He stated pointing at her to emphasize his meaning. "I've come on behalf of my nephew, Shane, he wishes to meet you."

"Why would he want to meet me?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest and reverting to her closed self.

"He said he wanted to meet the woman who killed his father."

Selene shook her head, "I've killed many men in my day, how I'm I supposed to know which one was his?"

Dorian simply smiled, "Because, he is almost like a brother to you."

Michael stepped up this time, "What do you mean by that?" He demanded calmly.

"I mean Sonja wasn't the only child of Victor."

"But I wasn't his child either." Selene argued.

"No, but he saw you as his daughter." Dorian looked down at the ground, "Shane is Victor's only son, although he never cared to admit it."

"Why wouldn't he?" Selene questioned.

"Because he was ashamed of him. Why do you think Victor despised hybrids so much? Why he thought the union between two different beasts should never occur?" The lycan paused gauging her reaction for just a bit, "It's because his first born son was a hybrid."

Selene and Michael stared at the man before them in shock. "That's…" She trailed off, for the first time Selene was simply speechless, nothing was coming to her mind, she was confused, and her mind was blank.

"Of course, it was a very well guarded secret. Shane was sent to Velkan, to live there and be raised by me, and the other lycans and to never know of his true father. My sister was disposed of in the same manner as his daughter. For that he will never be forgiven." Dorian shook his head, "Why he let Shane live was beyond any reason I could comprehend. He despised mixing the immortal lines more than anything, so I'm wondering why he let Shane live, when he could've just as easily killed him."

"Why does he want to meet me?"

"I've told you. He wants to meet the woman who killed his father."

"There has to be another reason." Selene supplied clenching her jaw, "I may have killed Viktor, but I also killed a man he never knew, a man he didn't know existed. Why would it be so important for him to talk to me?"

Dorian gave her a half smile, "I guess you'll just have to ask him that question."

Against her better judgment, Selene gave in. Knowing nothing she could say could allow her to deny a meeting with someone she could obviously relate to in someway. "Tomorrow night." She said briskly and turning to walk back up the stairs.

Michael who had his own arms crossed over his chest just stared at Dorian, "Do you need me to see you out?"

"That won't be necessary." Dorian replied waving him off, "I'll see you tomorrow night then?"

"Of course." He replied nodding.

Dorian turned on his heel and left the door shutting silently behind him. Michael sighed and looked up towards the door Selene had previously gone through. Even though she had opened up quite a bit, she was still distant on some subjects. Running a hand over his face, he walked quickly up the steps.

He found her sitting on the couch, her knees drawn to her chest and her chin resting on them. Her eyes were clouded with thought and she seemed lost. So lost in fact, that she hadn't even seen him walk in.

Silently he sat down next to her. Even after everything they had been through, she was still a mystery. Her form was tense as she sat there in the darkness. Even if she knew he was there, she was probably ignoring the fact that he was.

"Are you alright?" He asked her quietly trying to gauge her reaction.

She didn't answer right away, she didn't even let on that she had heard a word he had said, but he knew she had. "I can't believe him."

"Viktor?" He questioned.

She only nodded in response before going silent again, "I just don't understand…"

Michael watched her, knowing the pain she must be feeling. He wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her to him. She didn't resist. With his arms firmly wrapped around her as she sat next to him, he kissed her temple. "People do things that we could never begin to understand. Viktor was one of those people. It could've been the rules set in place over the ages; it could have been his fear of something more powerful than himself. It could've been fear that his only son would be killed and ridiculed for something he had done, maybe he was protecting him."

Selene scowled for a moment, thinking. "No, Viktor wasn't compassionate; he didn't care for anyone other than himself. He did this out of his own selfishness. The question now is, how do you hide a power this big from the immortal and mortal world alike?"

"I don't know." He told her honestly.

"Neither do I." She replied staring at him, her eyes unclouded.

He gave her a small smile and leaned towards her. She gave him a small grin in return and kissed him on the lips. Michael kissed her back eagerly; glad the earlier tension was dissolved.

"A little more to the left." William said pulling on the large metal cabinet.

"Alright." Michael replied taking a step back and admiring their work. William wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and let out a sigh.

"I really need to get back in shape."

Michael just chuckled as he sat down in one of the empty chairs in the room. "It's looking good." He supplied.

William nodded and walked over to one of the boxes sitting in the corner, "I hope she thinks the same thing."

The hybrid grinned at him and leaned back in the chair, "I'm sure she will. Even if she doesn't she could always have you move it again."

William set the box down on the table, "Thanks for the advice."

"No problem."

"So, Selene meeting with Shane today?"

"Yeah." Michael replied standing up and stretching. "She still seems pretty stressed about meeting him."

"I understand." The lycan told him nodding and shifting through the box, "She doesn't want to remember Viktor, obviously, and that's why she is so nervous about meeting his son, and finding out that he might be exactly like his father."

"True." Michael replied moving a chair slightly. He patted William on the back and moved towards the door. "Goodnight Will."

"Night Michael. Tell Selene I wish her luck."

The young man nodded and waved as he walked out of the room.

William ran a hand over his face and then onto the top of his head, pulling back his long bangs. It had been a long evening, and thankfully, Haley's room was finally finished. Michael had helped place some of the larger items in place and now he was up to taking care of some minor details while Haley gathered her things from the vampire mansion.

"There you are." A voice said from the door and he spun around dropping his hands to his sides.

"Haley." He said dumbfounded.

"Yeah," She replied stepping in the room and dropping a couple of boxes down, "The place looks really great."

He only stared at her for a moment, at a loss of words to say. "Haley…" He replied once again with an absent tone in his voice.

"You okay?" She asked looking at him.

"Yeah." He replied shaking his head and grinning at her, "Just didn't expect you to be back so soon."

"What can I say? I just wanted to see the place so bad." She gave a small laugh and then spun around in a circle taking the whole room in. "It truly is wonderful William, and I don't know how I will ever repay you."

"Well, you can start by moving all of your stuff in." He grinned at her motioning to the boxes she had carried in with her, "This place isn't finished just yet."

Drake sighed as he rolled over, and over, and over once more. "Can't you lay still?" A voice asked harshly in the dark room.

The lycan looked over at Lydia who laid on her back a small frown on her face and her eyes still closed. "I can't." He whined.

"Well, why not?" She asked.

"I have a feeling something is going to happen." He told her turning on his side so that he could see her better.

Lydia opened her eyes and glanced at him, "Nothing is going to happen Drake, the war is over." He just sighed and rolled over once more.

"You can't say that there isn't a possibility of a revolt happening. This war is not settled. You can't just make people forget thousands of years of hatred; you can't make them forget the pain and the aching caused by any of this."

"I am well aware of that Drake." Lydia replied turning on her side now to face him. "I know not everyone will ever agree to this. But for now they will have to deal with the war being over."

"Over?" Drake just laughed softly, "This war will never be over. Not until the last one of us dies."

"That's not a very bright future." The vampire replied.

"The future was never actually bright to begin with was it?" He asked.

Lydia only sighed giving in to his conclusions. Leaning forward slightly she gave him a chaste kiss before turning to lie on her back, "Please just go to sleep now."

Drake grinned and closed his eyes, "Only because I get to be in the sun when I wake up."

"Sorry about that." She informed him quietly with her eyes closed, "I know you strive on sunlight, but I, however, am allergic to it."

"Don't apologize. It is worth way more to stay in here with you than outside without you."

Lydia smiled, "Go to sleep Drake."

He shook his head his blonde curly hair moving against his forehead as he settled back with his arms above his head and started to drift off into a silent sleep.

Selene paced back and forth across the room. William sat in a chair behind his desk watching her. "Don't wear out my floor." He joked lightly. Selene only glanced at him and raised her eyebrows. She continued her pacing with her arms crossed over her chest. "This is driving me insane." William stood up and walked over to where she stood. As she saw him she stopped pacing. "What?"

William moved slowly and placed his hands gently on her shoulders. Selene didn't move but watched him carefully as he peered at her through his glasses. "Pain is always inevitable. Anguish always follows. People lie, and are capable of anything. The only difference from me, or you, to someone else, is the way we convey our past, our pain, and anguish. You hide behind a barrier that has kept you safe for centuries. Through your line of work and your isolation you've hidden your grief, this is how you deal with the death of your family, the betrayal of your dark father, and the pain of you killing him." He released her shoulders and stood up straight.

"What about you?" She asked after a moment, "I may not read people as well as you do. So, how do you hide?"

William nodded, "I hide, just like it is normal to do, to hide from the things that hurt you, just like a child hiding from an abusive parent. Through my work, I can forget the past, through my dedication to my kind I can forgive them, and for my patience for time. I may look like I am calm and on top of everything. Just like everyone else, I lie. Pain affects everyone; rationally they will try to find an outlet. Being violent, depressed, sad, detached," He looked into Selene's eyes, "cold, or closed off."

"What's your outlet?"

"Saving lives." He replied softly, "Yours?"

Selene thought about her answer for a moment, she almost wanted to say, taking lives, but that didn't appeal to her as much as it did anymore, "Michael…" William's eyes twinkled as he smiled at her.

His head snapped up towards the ceiling, "I think Shane has arrived." Selene uncrossed her arms and gave him one last glance before heading towards the doors. "Good luck." He called after her and she waved a hand as she walked out of the room.

Selene held her head up as she walked down the long gloomy corridor. Feeling a little more confident as she walked. Michael met her half way kissing her on the cheek gently and smiling at her. "Ready?" He asked. She only nodded in response as she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye.

He made a right turn and Selene followed him they walked into a large open room. Dorian stood in the corner his arms crossed behind his back as he nodded, seeing them enter. A young man, it appeared was sitting down in one of the chairs. His blonde hair dull, and hanging down in front of his eyes. His hair was straight, but messy and she could see the similarities between him and Viktor.

Shane looked up at her, his blue eyes staring deeply into her own. She could sense his power, radiating off him in waves, very powerful, and potent. He stood up and held out his hand. Selene examined him a moment before taking his hand. His grip was firm and she returned the gesture with a strong grip of her own, her hybrid strength still surprising to her still.

"Shane." She greeted.

"Selene." He replied, his voice rough, and deep. Throwing off her perception that his was merely a boy. She sat in the chair opposite of him as he studied her as well.

"How did he shatter you?" He questioned quietly.

Selene merely squinted at him thinking of the best possible answer she could give him. "Killed my family, lied to me."

"Me too." Shane replied nodding, "Except for Dorian." She glanced at the mysterious lycan in the corner who was whispering to Michael.

"I heard stories growing up. About a vampire, stronger than any other vampire alive. Viktor to me was a myth. To find out that he was my father was certainly a shock. I want to know how you killed him."

Selene didn't have a problem admitting the real reason she killed Viktor anymore, because he lied, because he never really cared, but another reason was that he was about to kill the only person she ever truly loved. He was going to kill Michael, and she could not let that happen. "I killed him by slicing his head in half with his own sword. Viktor was distracted at the time; he was in the process of trying to kill Michael."

It was Shane's turn as he glanced at the hybrid that stood in the corner with Dorian. "Do you love him?" The question was personal, but he was just looking for answers, she could see it in his eyes, the hunger of wanting to know.

"Yes, I do." Her reply was confident, "Viktor was scared of my love for him, which is why he said he must kill him. That is why I could not let him. I merely didn't kill Viktor; it just wasn't me down in the sewers that night. It was Michael fighting bravely against him, holding him off. I only delivered the final blow. I may have killed Viktor, but not alone…never alone."

"You have extraordinary power. I could feel it when we neared the city. Your power is only slightly masked by that of your mate's power." He looked at her with the eyes of an immortal legend, the eyes of his father, Viktor. "After all the stories, when I found out that he actually existed and that a young vampire had killed him. I was in awe. This legend defeated by some one so young."

"I'm wiser than I seem." She informed him, feeling threatened by his meaning of young.

"That you are."

The pair continued talking for several minutes, about Viktor, about power and discussed the battle in detail, Michael adding a few portions and Dorian watching the two.

When they broke apart Michael and Selene began to walk Dorian and Shane out as they walked down the corridors and towards the main den a flash caught Michael's attention. A large beast lashed out at him as he was talking to Selene.

He rolled to the ground and growled as he looked up. A very large lycan stood before him, his menacing posture making him seem even bigger. Without a second, though Michael converted to hybrid form and lunged at the creature. Shouts could be heard as Michael threw the lycan against the wall and pinned him there.

He gave a violent roar as he lost his footing and the lycan tossed him backwards into the crowd that had gathered. By the time he stood back up, he saw Selene engaging in hand-to-hand combat, holding her own. Being protective, Michael rushed forward and tackled the lycan to the ground.

Selene jumped back in shock of the sudden movement even though she knew that it was bound to happen. The lycan lashed out at Michael cutting him with sharp claws. It didn't phase him however as he grabbed the lycans large head in his hands and twisted. The sickening crack of his neck echoing throughout the now silent den.

Michael looked up as he stood, his eyes scanning the room, meeting everyone's gaze. Selene walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. The lycan thought he could overtake the leader, but his was wrong and paid for it. Michael was sending a message to anyone willing to challenge him.

"Every damn time!" A voice yelled from the doorway, "I always miss the fights." Drake stood leaning against the doorframe a frown on his face and his arms crossed. Michael shifted back into his human form and grinned at Drake. Selene just shook her head and the room filled with chatter once again.

Drake jogged up to Michael and gave him a pat on the back, "I'm going to have to start coming earlier. I always miss the parties." Michael just grinned.

"Didn't miss much." Was the hybrid's reply. Selene was studying his wounds making sure he didn't have anything too serious.

Michael just gave an amused glance to her as she held out his arms and examined them. "Ouch…" He said.

"Huh?" Drake asked.

"What is that?" Selene questioned. All of their attention was drawn to a small hole in Michael's arm, opposite side of the elbow.

"I don't know, sort of stings though."

"We're going to see William." Was her only response as she waved to Dorian and Shane as they left the den.

Michael allowed himself to be pulled down to William's office. Drake followed behind him snickering whenever he got the chance.

"Willy!" Drake called rushing in before Selene and Michael.

"Oh no…and here I thought I was rid of you for good."

"Never!" He replied sitting down on his friend's desk.

"We've got a problem." Selene said walking into the room, "A lycan tried to overtake the clan, now Michael has a small puncture in his arm."

William stood from his seat and walked over to examine it. "I would say it was a needle of some kind. A syringe most likely."

"How did that happen?" Michael questioned.

"I don't know, but however it did happen, someone must have done it."

"What does someone want with Michael's blood?" Drake asked having been silent for the rest of the conversation.

"I don't care why they want it." Michael responded angrily, "I want to know who."

A/N: I am glad I finally finished this, even if it isn't as great as a start as the original, I still think it is worth a read. I'm going to start putting more time into it now, since most of my projects are finished and I can finally settle on doing something I want to do. Hope you are all ready for this one; I've already started you off with a big mystery. It only gets better from here.