Selene stood with her arms crossed over her chest, her heart beating lightly beneath her skin. Anger was radiating off her small form in great waves. Everyone could feel the power surging from her, and most knew how to stay away. All except for one, and that was the one person who truly knew the side of her that most didn't.

"Selene…" He whispered coming up behind her. Her form stood solid ignoring his words completely. His arms found their way around her waist and he pulled her back against him. She fell into his embrace a frown gracing her porcelain features.

"I don't understand you." She told him gently, "How can you be so calm, when someone has your blood?"

She felt his arms tighten around her waist and his chin came to rest upon her shoulder. "I am calm, because I understand that there is nothing I can do at the moment."

"You should be restless." She commented.

He grinned, "Why be restless, when you can do it for me?" The female hybrid rolled her eyes at him and tried to pull away from him. Even though now she put up much more of a fight, his power was still stronger. "I do not want you to worry. We've been through more life threatening events in the past months than almost anyone. We've faced the unthinkable time and time again." His grip loosened as he turned her around his hands gripping her shoulders lightly as she brought her eyes up to meet his.

"And we've beaten it time and time again, because we're together. I'm calm because I have you and together nothing can hold a flame to us. I love you. Together, even though I feel as if it is wrong to say this, together we are unstoppable. Whatever is heading for us next, we will evolve, adjust, and beat it."

Selene held his gaze for a few moments before leaning in a capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. While his strong arms pulled her against him, her own small fingers became entwined in his brown wavy locks.

Michael leaned back against the wall beside the door leading into their bathroom, Selene pressing against him. She pulled away from him then, her eyes filled with a dark lust as she leaned her forehead against his. Michael made a small growling sound from the deep back of his throat; it was short lived, however, when Selene's lips covered his once more.

Drake tossed the small magnifying glass up and down, catching it with ease. "So, run this by me again. What are you doing exactly?"

William stood on the other side of the room, the body of dead lycan lying on the table next to him. William ignored the question at first as he filled the syringe with a metallic liquid. Turning sharply he stabbed the tip of the needle into the bicep of the dead lycan corpse. "In order to look for brandings, tattoos, or clan markings, he must be in human form."

Pushing the liquid into the bloodstream of the body, the body shook for a second before its features slowly changed back into those of a human. "I don't have time to sit here and wait for him to turn back into his human form. Speeding the process up saves time and gives us more time to examine the body."

"Right…" Drake drawled out walking over to where William stood. The blonde lycan took the magnifying glass and put it up to his eye, "Well, I can't see a damn thing."

The immortal doctor didn't even turn to look at his friend as he brought his hand up and pushed the small object away from his face. He then fixed his glasses and grabbed a clipboard and a pen.

"You take notes…on a dead corpse?" Drake asked as his eyebrows knitting together and showing his confusion and concern.

"It's better to take notes than to try and remember it all." William commented as he turned the man's left arm over and examined his wrist.

"Hi guys." A voice sounded from the door and both men turned to see Haley walk in a small frown on her face, "What are you doing?"

Drake raised his eyebrows, "Why hello Haley." He greeted.

"Drake." She replied simply stepping next to them on the other side of William. "Now, what is this?"

"Michael was attacked today, by this lycan; we're looking for marks that might tell us where he came from or if he was part of anything."

Haley raised her eyes to look at Drake, who was currently flipping the guy's toes. "Don't you mean that you're looking?"

"Hey!" Drake suddenly exclaimed putting his hands behind his back and looking at William who was now staring at him as well, "I'm helping, " He began walking around the table to be on the man's right side, "see, he has a large 'V' shaped symbol tattooed into his right shoulder. The ends of the letter branch off in many directions almost like veins."

"Odd." The brown haired lycan stated as he walked over to see what Drake had seen, "I've seen this before." Drake merely stared at him while Haley came over to have a look for herself.

"I've seen this mark before as well." William gave her a curious glance as he walked away from the examination table and towards on of his larger bookshelves. His fingers ran gently over the smooth, worn, and tattered spines of the old books that were covered in dust.

His fingers came to rest upon a faded red book. He swiftly pulled it from the bookcase and flipped the book open scanning through the worn pages as he flipped the pages.

"Haley?" He asked after stopping on a certain page. She looked at him and he continued, "Have you ever treated a lycan from the Velkan sector?"

"Velkan?" Drake asked.

"Yes, I have in fact treated a few of them; they were brought in for questioning when they were found snooping around the mansion, why?"

"This man is from Velkan. And the branches from the points of the letter 'V' sign that he is one of the top commanding generals in their army." William looked up from the book, "This isn't good."

"Why is that?" Drake asked suddenly feeling a little out of the conversation.

"The leader and Velkan and his hybrid nephew stopped by today to see Selene. They were here at the same time the fight occurred, were they not?" William asked Drake.

"Yeah, I saw them leave right afterwards."

"This means that they had to know something about this attack. I'm also beginning to think that this wasn't setup as a take over." He closed the book; "I think someone used it as a distraction."

"Alright. It's party time!" Drake said pumping his fist, "I'll go interview people who were in the den at the time of the attack."

"I'll go inform Michael and Selene." William added.

"I will continue these notes." Haley said grinning as she picked up William's clipboard.

"Break!" The blonde lycan said running out of the room a grin on his face that allowed you to see his sharp fangs clenched tightly together.

The knock on the door made them pull away. Michael stared at Selene with a mixture of lingering lust and annoyance. He moved and rolled off of the bed, his feet landing swiftly on the floor as he made his way towards the door. He opened it slightly and saw William standing nervously on the other side.

"What is it?" He asked.

"I've got some information I think you might have some interest in." William replied.

"What information is that?"

"The man that attacked you." William began, "He wasn't from our den, he was from Velkan."

Michael visibly paled at the conformation, "Velkan?" He asked to make sure he had heard him right.

"Yes, and to make matters worse, he was a top commanding general in the Velkan army. We've already started looking into it, but I think the attack was a setup to get your blood, we're going to find out who has it."

"Thank you." Michael told him honestly, stunned by the information that was now swirling in his head.

"No problem." He said nodding and turning on his heel and walking down the large set of stairs.

Michael closed the door and stood there, motionless, for a few seconds. His anger growing and the trust that had been broken was making his blood boil. He trusted Dorian and Shane, somehow, that trust was betrayed.

"Michael…" Selene's voice was filled with worry as it floated through the darkness of the room.

He gave a heavy sigh as he punched the wall with his fist, the stone around his fist cracking and breaking. He dropped his hands to his side and turned around. Surprised to see Selene standing right in front of him her dark green eyes searching his for an answer.

"Shane and Dorian have betrayed us." Selene looked at him curiously. "The lycan that attacked me was from Velkan."

Selene's face became emotionless as her anger and restlessness from earlier returned to her. He felt her anger and knew all about, because he was feeling the same thing. The potent silence engulfed the dark room, and all passion from earlier had simply disappeared.

"He is more like Viktor than we thought." Selene supplied after a moment.

The sound made Michael jump slightly as he tilted his head to look at her. Pain was evident in her eyes, the dark thoughts swirling in her mirthful depths of endless emotions.

He moved and wrapped his arms around her pulling her against him. She gave him strength and it was what he needed now more than ever. When they had defied the rules, and broken the laws between their kinds, they had been lost, but together had found a way for them to be together. They would do it again, just like they had been forced to the last time.

"If he is truly behind this…" Michael began, resting his head on top of hers', "…I shall kill him myself."

"I'll help." She told him her voice soft but determined and he could feel that same spark in her voice that he had heard since the first day he met her. When she was determined; that voice gave him hope.

His hand trailed along the top of her head and down her face until it stopped and cupped her cheek. He pulled back slightly to get a good glimpse of her eyes. The same lust that stood still and in control that had been in her eyes just moments before had returned, and it was only mirrored by his own. With his hair falling and masking both of their faces, he kissed her softly.

Drake ran down the small hallway, his footfalls echoing off the stone floors as he went. His fists were clenched and he still wore a bright grin on his face. His curly hair was growing long and now his bangs hung down just above his eyes. The glow from the torches attached to the gloomy walls was contrasting against his skin and giving his already semi-tan skin an orange glow.

"Alright…" He began banging loudly on an old wooden door; "I know you're in there Nicholas come out here right now." The door remained shut for several minutes before it finally opened slowly. Standing on the other side in the dark room was a young man his dark curls almost mirroring Drake's own. As he stepped into the hallway his thin beard became visible, the thin line of his sideburns traveling down the edge of his jaw and meeting in the cent of his chin where they formed a goatee.

"Christopher." He replied.

Drake gave a soft growl in annoyance, "Tell me what you saw tonight."

"Many things." Nicholas replied crossing his arms over his chest.

"No, tonight during the time in the den when Michael was attacked."

Nicholas seemed to think for a moment, "Well, I was standing in the crowd and the lycan suddenly moved and the next thing I know Michael was landing on some of us."

"Did you happen to see anyone…stab Michael while he was down?"

"Were you a police officer in a past life?" Nicholas asked suddenly changing the topic with his odd question.

"Umm…no I wasn't. However, I was a watchman at one point."

"Anyways," Nicholas continued, "I didn't really see anyone stab him or anything, but I did happen to see the back of someone's head as they hovered over him for a second."

Drake sighed and ran his hand down his face, "Did you happen to recognize who it might have been?"

"No…but I'm sure they weren't from out den. Their clothes were made of an expensive silk, and there was the symbol on the back of their neck that resembled as small 'v'."

"Velkan…" Drake muttered under his breath, "Thanks for all of your help Nicholas."

"No problem Christopher." He called as he entered his room once more.

Drake cringed and shook angrily for a second before simply kicking the door lightly and walking down the hall his footsteps light as he made his way back to William's office.

William grinned as he flipped through the notes that Haley had taken for him before she had left to do some schoolwork. Drake stood on the other side of the room eating and apple, the other hand buried in his pocket, "So…what are you going to do with the body?"

William looked up at him through his glasses, "I'm going to send it to Velkan; they can do with whatever they please with him. It is better than him stinking up this place."

"Yeah." He nodded throwing the apple core into the small waste bin beside William's desk. "When are you sending it out?"

"When are you going back to the mansion?"

"In a few minutes. Now you?"

"Tonight as soon as I finish reviewing these notes."

"So, how is she?" Drake asked after a moment of watching William scan the small neat and compact handwriting that filled the white page.

"Is this twenty questions or something?" He asked dropping his pen on the desk and looking back up at the older man.

"Hey, I haven't seen you in almost a week, and this is how you treat me?"

"Well, I couldn't treat you any better." He told him grabbing his pen once more, "And she is fine, still settling in, it will take some time."

Drake moved his eyebrows in a suggestive manner as he took a seat in one of the empty chair nearby. "You kiss her yet?" He asked trying to sound absent minded.

"That's it!" William said standing and pulling his glasses off, "Out, now!" Drake jumped surprised by the younger lycan's sudden outburst. William had made his way towards him and was now trying to push him out of the door, "That is enough for one day Drake. Go home and inform Lydia of the situation, I'm sure she'd like to know everything since she seemed to have suggested Velkan in the first place."

Drake shook his head, "Fine, but these questions won't go away. Just remember that."

William sighed and ran his hand over his face; the motion going upwards and pushing his long bangs out away from his face. Letting go, the pieces of hair slowly fell back into place. There was a little stubble growing upon his chin as he scratched at it and returned to his desk.

He barely noticed the two large lycans enter the room and take the body as he sat his mind lost in a swirl of thoughts and he studied the notes. She seemed to have gotten every detail of this lycan down on paper. Maybe the way you took notes had changed since his day, but this was something else.

The one thing he knew, however, that it was important to find answers. Michael and Selene meant the world to most of the immortal community; they were the light and the end that had been searched for over centuries. He wouldn't let that be lost. Besides that fact, he had grown to be friends with the both of them and cherished each relationship deeply. Selene and Michael were like a younger brother and younger sister to him.

His ink stained fingers fumbled with the edges of the paper as he let go of his focus and scanned the room quickly. Amazed when he saw the sun rising through the tiny window that Drake had decided to make after Selene turned into a hybrid, he said it was a parting gift.

The small stream of light entered the room, giving off a more natural light glow, than the orange and yellow glow from the candles and old fading lights. He stood and walked over to the window with his hands resting in his back pockets. William sighed and stared out of the small opening, listening to the birds chirping and the sound of car engines roaring in the distance.

While his ears could pick up sounds from yards away, he found himself entranced with noises that seemed to intrude his mind. The sounds of a city on the verge of waking caught his attention and he was entranced by the sounds.

Shaking his head to rid his thoughts and sounds, William removed his hands from pockets and scratched the back of his neck. The long day had gotten longer, and with everything that had happened his nerves and his mind was exhausted.

"You okay?"

William spun around at the sound of the voice and he paused for a moment, "Umm…yeah."

Haley was leaning against the wall beside his door, her arms crossed over her chest and a small smile upon her lips. William moved to his desk and placed his glasses on his face once more and rubbed his eyes quickly, "It has just been a long night."

"I could tell." She replied pushing herself away from the wall and walking over to sit in the chair next to his desk. "Find anything interesting?"

"Not yet, although these notes are excellent. It doesn't give us a clue to as who was behind it."

"Did Drake happen to find anything?"

"Well, he interviewed a younger lycan from this den, Nicholas, who said he in fact saw someone hovering over Michael when he was knocked into the crowd. So, that means we know when it occurred. He also stated that the man had a small 'v' tattooed on the back of his neck. That tells us the man is from Velkan. In truth," William said sighing, "This whole thing seems to be one giant conspiracy."

"What is going to happen?" Haley asked concern masking her usually cheerful features.

"I don't know." He told her clasping his hands together and laying them on his desk. "We've fought for peace for thousands of years. When I saw Lucian's love for Sonja, I knew that somewhere along the line, after all of the fighting was over, there would be peace, and it was because of love. When I first heard of Michael, I knew that the chance for peace wasn't as far away as I had thought."

"How did you know?"

"I was working to help Singe and Lucian, I overheard Michael and Lucian talking, and I could hear it in his voice. He had the same voice, filled with love, for Selene. It was the same voice that Lucian had every time he spoke of Sonja." The lycan shifted in his chair, "Michael and Selene are the key to ending the war, and they've put it on hold. Now, however, there is a threat lurking and it will start the war once more."

"So it is up to Michael and Selene to stop the war." Haley added.

William crossed his arms over his chest and leaning back a small smile of realization gracing his thin lips.

"Not only them, it is up to us all to keep the peace that has been restored. They can't do this alone. But, then again, they never had to in the first place." Without meaning to, William let out a long yawn.

"Alright," Haley said standing up, "I think it is time for me to go, and time for you to get some sleep."

"I'm fine." William protested rubbing his eyes once more.

"You're no help to anyone if you don't sleep. So get some rest and then with a fresh start, maybe we can find some answers." Haley turned and left out of the door, mumbling "good morning" as she went.

William stood up and stretched, he walked over towards the door leading to his room, and let his hand fall on the light switch, within a matter of seconds, the whole room was engulfed in almost complete darkness as the candles were almost burnt out.

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