This poem is based of Rowan Hood by Nancy Springer. You may not understand the poem if you have not read it.

Of the Rowan Wood

The tears on her face did stand

Clearly on her cheeks as she ran

To find her father, she did not know.

Rosemary ran with arrows and bow

Into the woods

To find where he stood

Trying to find Robin Hood

Dress as a boy, pretend it's a game;

She cut her hair and changed her name.

The girl – a herb, the boy – a tree,

An outlaw she'll now be.

Rosemary behind

Rowan you find

The daughter of Celandine.

She found Robin's merry men.

She wished her father knew her then

But Robin thought a lad was she,

And accepted her into his company.

Upset, she did go

And he did not know.

Robin's daughter tricked him so.

But Robin was captured by the enemy

She went to him and set him free.

She used her mother's gift to heal

And her secret she did reveal.

Tears fell down

As the truth was found

And in the forest there was no sound.

Those who in others eyes have flaws

She helped them become outlaws.

They made a promise as they held hands

Representing the silver bands.

An outlaw there stood

The child of Robin Hood

Is Rowan Hood of the Rowan Wood

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