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A change on Kagome's age she is just about to turn 16 and get her dream car.


Kagome's POV

Hi I'm Kagome and I just transferred to Takanewa High this summer. I didn't want to change towns or schools but after my cousin died I couldn't stand being around my old town anymore. Plus on top of that my mom got a job offer and we moved in with Grandpa in Tokyo. So here we are in new place starting out a new life and I hope things really go right. I am Kagome Higurashi, and welcome to my life.

Chapter One:

First day of Hell

Author's POV

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg" went an alarm clock at 5:30 a.m.

"What the heck! Arrrgghh stupid freaking alarm clock" someone shouted while hurling it across the room and smashing it into about a million pieces.

"Kagome! Get up honey or you'll be late for school, breakfast is ready, I made your favorite." yelled her mom.

"Great I am going to a new school today where I don't know anyone this sucks, oh well I hope my day goes well." she said with a bit of sarcasm.

Kagome got up out of her bed and went over her closet to pick out her outfit for the day. She picked out a pair of long khaki pants, a baby blue colored t-shirt, along with baby blue colored Airwalks. She was an extremely beautiful girl, but she hoped the boys in her new school wouldn't be like the ones from her old(sorry not a chance, but one can hope right.). The outfit complemented her raven colored black hair with blueish highlights and accentuated her crystal cerulean blue soul piercing eyes. She grabbed her black purse and headed downstairs for her favorite breakfast...PANCAKES.

"Morning Mom, Grandpa, and Sota."

"Good Morning dear, here is your breakfast eat up and have a wonderful day at school. You too Sota." said their mom.

Kagome quickly ate her breakfast, kissed her mom and grandpa good-bye then raced off to her first day in this new school. Thank goodness she was only about 2 blocks away from the school so it wouldn't take her that long to get there.

When she first arrived she went straight to the main office to get all the information she would need and her schedule. She didn't have too much trouble finding it but it could have been a lot easier. All the guys kept staring at her as soon as she walked on school grounds and she was a little nervous.

"Name miss?"

"Kagome Higurashi"

"Oh yes here is your information, and I'd like to have Sango here to take you to your guidance counselor, and then show you around the school before classes start." said the secretary.

"Hi my name is Sango Taisho, what's yours?" she asked.

"Kagome Higurashi, I'm in 10th grade, what grade are you in?"


They both headed off down the hall to guidance office laughing and giggling along the way.

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