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Fatal Attraction


Kim Possible

Kim is shot, and left in a coma by an unknown gunman, and Ron has gone off the deep end, finding the shooter becomes all consuming, who is it, is it Dr. Drakken, Kim's arch-foe, Shego, Drakken's right hand, and Kim's opponent, Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim's jealous competitor, Monkey Fist, Ron's arch-foe, who will stop at nothing to see Ron dead, or is it someone that noone would expect?


Night fell quietly on the sleepy valley town of Middleton, Colorado. In the Possible household, one person was still awake. She had long, fiery red hair, and brilliant jade green eyes, she was Kim Possible, the eldest child of Drs. James, and Ann Possible, and currently, she was writing in her cyber diary:

31 March,

It's hard to believe that there has been no missions in the last two months, it's been rather quiet, but I'm guessing that it's the calm before the storm, sooner, or later, someone's going to take advantage of this quietness to stop me from doing what I have planned.

Tomorrow, I intend to tell Josh that it's over, after three years of dating off and on, I've finally figured out where I belong, and he's been right under my nose for thirteen years, a certain goofy, brown-eyed, blond haired young man I've had the honor of calling friend.

It was only two months ago, on our last mission, Ron did something for me that totally blew me away, normally, when it comes to the fighting, Ron lets me do it, but this time, he actually got involved, Drakken had this ray thing on me, and he pushed me out of the way, taking the full blast, Ron received a concussion, and four broken ribs out of it, perhaps the worst beating he ever received on a mission, that includes all of the times we've faced off against Monkey Fist, who I've noticed, seems to prefer going after Ron more than he does me, I've asked Ron about this on a number of occasions, but he never tells me, when the subject is touched, he just says, "Animal magnetism," and lets it drop, if I push it, he seems to go suddenly deaf, and doesn't regain his hearing until I decide to drop it, so I've decided to let Ron have his little secret, I've got mine, of course, that is unless Wade's found out about my new password, and hacked into my diary again, but now, I'm going off track here.

Ron has been so sweet to me over the years, and I've never even noticed it, either that, or I was too blind to see it, he's always been there for me when I needed him, and more often than not, it's always been him that's gotten hurt, mostly protecting me, he's so sweet that way, I don't even think HE notices how sweet he can be.

After tomorrow, I'm telling Josh Mankey goodbye, so that I can take my place at Ron's side, where I should be, where I want to be, the only place where I feel that nothing can stop me, as long as Ron is with me, I can truly do anything.



As soon as she was finished typing, she saved her entry, and shut down her computer,

'Look out, Ron, after tomorrow, I'm all yours.' Kim thought, walking over to her bed, and turning down the sheets, she slipped into bed, and cut off the lights in the room.

Meanwhile, across town, another scene was unfolding, Ron Stoppable sat in front of his antiquated computer, writing in a journal that he had kept ever since he had gotten this 'hunk of junk,' as he liked to call it:

31 March,

I don't know what's going on with Kim these last couple of months, but something's up, she's been giving me these stares that have love written all over them, it's worse then when she had the Moodulator stuck to her neck, except she's not chasing me all over the school, trying to sucker me into a date again, I don't think I could take another 'black hole deep,' speech from Mr. Dr. P., that scared what life I had in me right out of my body, I don't want to go through that anymore, but Kim told me that her dad was teasing about that, and that it was the standard speech that he gave all boys that had ever had the nerve to ask her out, but I didn't ask Kim out, she suckered me into it, by hitting me with a trick question.

Maybe I'm dreaming, she's currently seeing Mankey, so that puts me out of the picture, but who knows, maybe, someday, if I'm lucky, she might just look my way, oh well, a man's allowed to dream, isn't he?

When he had finished typing, he saved his entry, shut down his computer, and proceeded to fling himself into bed, it was at this time, his pet naked mole rat, Rufus came up beside of him, pulling the blankets up to his chin,

"Rufus, be honest, do you think I stand a chance with Kim?" Ron asked his pet, and friend,

"Maybe." Rufus squeaked back, shrugging his little shoulders,

"You're a lot of help." Ron said, shutting out the lights, and fading off to sleep.

And that's the kickoff for this story, this is the start of something very interesting, coming up next, Kim is shot, and badly injured, she will end up in a coma, while Ron flips out, looking for the shooter, he goes to Wade's house, where he goes over all of the enemies that he and Kim have faced off against since they started, who do you think will be his first call? Read, and find out, as always, keep the reviews coming.

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