Author's Notes

I thought I would post this in response to a few reviews I got over this story.

First of all, in response to Ron's clothing being bullet proof:

This was developed by Wade, as an answer to the weakness of kevlar, even though Ron called it kevlar, it isn't. Wade made it several times stronger than kevlar, making it able to stop a 30-06 rifle slug at about 500 yards, and absorb most of the impact, but it would still leave some bruising, and, in this case, a small burn. I figured, being the super genius that Wade is, he would find a way for Ron to go after the shooter, without winding up like Kim.

Kim will have a similar set of mission clothes in the next story in this two part series.

I didn't mention this in the story because I felt at the time, it had no bearing on the outcome, I was wrong.

And as to how Ron got it? That one is easy, he spent a lot of time at Wade's, so Wade could've given it to him at any time.

Second, about the armor, and armaments on Ron's car:

Again, the armor was developed by Wade, it is similar to what Ron's clothing is made out of, making it lightweight, having little, if any impact on the power to weight ratio, and as for the weapons, they too, were either developed by, or improved upon by Wade, most of them being made out of lightweight alloys, again, to cut down on the weight addition of the car.

The only thing that wasn't skimped on, was the retractable platform the laser cannon is mounted on, the platform comes up out of the rear floorboard, while the cannon is hidden in the trunk, it takes about 30 seconds for the weapon to be deployed, and ready to be fired. It needed to be made to hold the weight of a 200 pound man, while the car was in motion, at a speed of 100 miles per hour, or greater, thus, the reason the platform is made out of carbon steel, this only added about 500 pounds to the car's curb weight, the rest, all total, added about another 550 pounds, placing about 1050 pounds of weight onto the car, making it weigh about as much as a 1/2 ton pickup, roughly, about 3 tons,most of that weight, coming from the ammunition, or the missiles, which are housed in retractable launchtubes, behind the headlights. Just to let you know, this is not Sadie, but Ron's car,a Hemi 'Cuda, with a full blown engine, which Ron built himself, after finding out another talent, auto mechanics. Currently, the only weak point, is the tires, that will be a sticking point in the next installment of this story. Ron uses standard tires on the front of the car, and had the rear end tubbed out, to make room for a set of Mickey Thompson racing tires, about as wide as those found on most 1/4 mile drag cars, but not as high, how do I know about the size of the tires, my oldest brother owns a set of them, two, sitting on the rear end of a 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2, which he rebuilt himself, into a 1/4 mile racer, when stacked, one on top of the other, they set about five foot high.

Third, and finally, where exactly, was Kim shot:

The bullet entered her side, between the kidney, and the spine, just above the waistline, not enough to cause any permanent damage, but enough for her body to shut down most functions, causing her to slip into a coma.

I also got a review that asked me where I got the phrase, "Go Bang," I have a few friends of mine on the local police force, and they tend to use that phrase a lot, so I thought I would use it, all it means, is that someone shot someone else.

I'm sorry if I confused any of you with this one, and I hope this answered any questions you might have, if you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me, and I will answer your questions in turn.

Thank you for the reviews, and please, keep 'em coming.