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Chapter Seven

"GO!" thousands of Naruto's clones charged at the half transformed Gaara. Gaara took a step back in surprise, it seemed that he was unsure on what to do, but he made a decision in a split second. He formed hundreds of suna shuriken and sent them toward the clones.

Naruto saw this. "SCRAMBLE!" each Naruto clone tried to dodge the shurikens. They propelled themselves using trees or their own partners. There were still 1/5 of his clones that were destroyed though. "Che," the rest of the clones charged once more with kunais in their hands. With their coordinated minds, each clone could pick which suna shuriken to target.

"Kage kunai no jutsu!" Naruto himself rained Gaara with kunais from above. Seeing no way out, Gaara created strong windblasts. Taken by surprise, half of Naruto's clones poofed out. "Damnit!" Naruto formed 3 seals and the rest of his clones disappeared too. When the smoke subsided there were 3 Narutos still standing there. These 3 clones were different from the others. They were made from condensed chakras. Many bunshins combined into 1 formidable clone that could withstand many hits. Naruto jumped to his clones and transferred a lot of his chakra to each of them. 2 of his clones took out sunglasses to cover their activated sharingans, while the other one formed a long ice shard.

Without saying anything the 4 Narutos surrounded Gaara. The 2 sharingan activated clones and the real Naruto jumped toward the sand genin, holding kunais with exploding notes. Gaara formed another batch of suna shuriken and threw them over only to have them clashed with numerous ice shards that the last clone made. The 3 other peoples' eyes widened.

Kazekage's son quickly launched his sand to envelop them. This time, with the help of the sharingan eyes, 3 Narutos dodged the moving sand. When the 2 clones were near enough, they launched their kunais to the half transformed Gaara. 2 exploding kunais exploded against Gaara's sand and while the sand was recovering, 2 kunais stabbed Gaara in his right eye (the eye that had transformed into Shukaku's eye), and his hand. As the kunais met with their intended targets, they exploded at the same time creating a huge blast that shook the entire forest.

"AAARGHHHH!" Still not finished with that, the real Naruto charged behind Gaara using his byakugan to see his location in the thick smoke.

"Sennen Goroshi, bakuhatsu (exploding) version!" with glee, the blond boy stabbed his exploding kunai in the place that he would always remember, because of Kakashi. He quickly used kawarimi no jutsu to replace and transport himself outside the explosion range. "Yatta!" Naruto made a 'V' with his fingers. The 3 clones poofed out as they had used the last of their chakra.

The smoke cleared. Sasuke and Temari watched in disbelief when they saw that Gaara appeared to be in tremendous pain. The youngest Kazekage's children was lucky to have had enough time to form a sand barrier around his body that was still in human form and so reduce the amount of blast that he took or he would have had a destroyed body by then.

'He stroke me in my weakest spot,' Gaara stared angrily at the blond. His form started to dissolve.

'Impossible! That kid has done the impossible to Gaara,' Temari watched the event in morbid fascination.

'That kid is certainly interesting,' Pakkun smirked.

'That clones, and then the next more advanced ones, the ice shards, the speed…Naruto what exactly did you do to become so strong in just a month!' Sasuke felt both happiness and jealousy. Happy because Naruto had become a worthier rival and that he kicked Gaara's ass. And jealousy to see the tremendous change of strength in such a short amount of time and how he could defeat an opponent he himself couldn't win against.

Naruto bit his thumb and drew blood from his bleeding wound that soon closed up again because of Kyuubi's regeneration. "Yosha! Time to finish this! Kuchiyose no jutsu!" The Kyuubi's vessel's jaw dropped open when he made a mistake summoning a tiny non-battle type frog, instead of a battle one, (or at least non-battle type yet, because it was still a young frog).

"Yo! Have any candy for me?" the red-orange frog waved his hand.

The female Suna genin, the Konoha genin, and Pakkun sweat dropped. Just as they thought that the blond was strong, he did something ridiculous like that. Although both were amazed to see Naruto had a summoning contract.

"NOOOOO!" Naruto bellowed in frustration and dropped on his knees. "I'm supposed to summon a big battle frog, not you!" he stared in disbelief at the small frog.

"Oh, come on, 'Naruko-chan', it's not that bad!" the small frog petted Naruto's head.

"…Naruko…chan?" Sasuke was dumbfounded.

Hiccup "B-but I have already passed the stage where I should be able to summon any frog I want!" he banged his head and hand upon the branch he was sitting on. "And my name is Naruto, not Naruko!"

"Naruto-niisan or Naruko-neesan is just the same!" the little frog only shrugged easily.

"It is not!" Naruto retorted. He stiffened when he heard Gaara's scream of rage. The sand genin's transformation was accelerated and in no time he fully transformed into a huge sand raccoon. Half of his human body was staying on top of the beast's forehead.

"Holy shit!" the Leaf genins cursed simultaneously. Sasuke noticed that Temari seemed to be very frightened and moved as far as she could from her brother.

"DIIIEEEEEEEEE!" a wave of sand launched toward the shocked still Naruto.

"Naruto-niisan, you better move us away or we will become mincemeat…" the red frog squeaked.

"Uh-Oh. I think I made him mad."

"Heh, Isn't that the understatement of the year? He look like he wants to torture you for a long, long time," yondaime's legacy quickly scooped the small frog to his chest and retreated, all the while dodging the sand that came his way.

"Hoi, usuratonkachi, don't move this way!" Sasuke jumped down from the tree to avoid a sand assault.

"Then move, Sasuke-teme!" Naruto retorted as he made a back flip.

"Why don't you move!"

"I'm moving right now! Or can't your eyes see me moving right now?" the blue eyed boy cursed angrily.

"Then move out of my way!" the dark haired boy jumped to Naruto's side.

"It is you who move my way, you bastard!" the two separated themselves when a sand attack came in the middle of them. Naruto watched as his teammate leaped from branch to branch away from him. "Geez, it's not that hard, is it?" the dark haired genin scowled.

Just as Naruto's attention was on Sasuke, sand caught his ankles. "O, man" Naruto rolled his eyes inwardly. Once again, he forgot his battle rule no.1 that he had just made in this battle (lesson no.1: Never ever get sidetracked when you're fighting an enemy). "Uwaa!" the sand launched him toward Gaara.


"Kawarimi!" Naruto was replaced by a log. He breathed a sigh of relief behind a tree where he was hiding from Gaara. "Damn, that was close!"

"Naruto-niisan, drop me!" the frog on his chest was sweating bullets.


"You heard me. Drop ME! You're the target, not me!"

"Are you really Gama-oyabin's son?" the blonde boy asked the scared frog sceptically.

"I'm still a child. I haven't even had a date yet!" the frog complained.

Rolling his eyes, he let Gamakichi go. "It's not like you can be killed here. The worse thing that will happen to you is that you'll poof out of this world and come back to your realm."

"Eh, is that so?"

"Geez, didn't your pops tell you about it?"

"No…I think" the frog tilted its head trying to remember.

Sigh "Whatever," he bit his thumb and made seals. "KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!" this time smoke filled the forest in a radius of hundreds of meters. Naruto was happy that this time he didn't made a mistake with his summoning. "Yo, Gama-oyabin!" Naruto called to the toad boss.

3 shinobis watched the huge summon in amazement.

"Hmm? Ah, 'Naruko-chan' ka?" 'Naruko' fell down anime style and laughed dryly.

'There is definitely a story behind Naruto's new name here…' Sasuke sweat dropped when he heard the loud reply.

"What did you summon me for?"

"Oyaji (dad), beat that bully!" Gamakichi yelled from above his pops' head. "He almost squashed me with his sand!" the small toad pointed the huge raccoon angrily.

"Hmm?" the toad boss turned around and squinted his eyes, frowning, when he saw the beast. 'If I'm not wrong that's the sand beast, Shukaku.'

Naruto watched as Gaara forced himself to sleep. "What's he doing sleeping in the middle of a battle?" he sweat dropped.

Just as he said that, the beast eyes focused. "A ha ha ha ha. I'M FREEEEEEEEE!" the raccoon demon in front of him said, doing victory dance.

"Uh…" he sweat dropped. "I think I already know why Gaara did it," he murmured. Figures that the beast would broke out from the seal when the insomniac boy slept.

"Yes, unlike yours, that kid's seal is imperfect. The beast continues to torment him with nightmares. That is why the kid couldn't sleep and have that black bangs around his eyes. Humans have to sleep to rest their brains. That kid became unstable because he couldn't sleep."

"You know that I have a seal like Gaara!" Naruto cried out.

"Do you forget that I have fought Kyuubi with yondaime?" the toad asked. Thankfully their conversation wasn't heard by anyone other than themselves.

"Er…History isn't exactly my strong point," the blonde boy scratched his back sheepishly.

"Humph, more like you're not paying attention to your history lesson!"

"He heh," Naruto blushed.

"It seemed that Shukaku still hasn't noticed our presence, or he might ignore us. Naruto do you have a fire jutsu?"

"Sorry, but I don't have any elemental jutsu. Why do you ask?"

"I want to roast that bastard in front of us for daring to ignore me! I want you to pour fire to my oil."

Naruto looked around him confusedly. "I don't see any oil up here…" he drawled.

"That's because it is inside me!" the toad snapped.

"Well, like I said, I don't have any fire jutsu, but I do have a box of match inside my jacket," Naruto took out his matchbox from his jacket for Gamabunta to see.

The massive toad rolled his eyes. "That won't work! I need a bigger and faster fire source. Gamakichi, move out, will you? I can't fight with you up there distracting me!" his child pouted, but complied with his wish.

"Wait, Sasuke is proficient with fire jutsus," Naruto remembered.

"Hm…call him then!" the blonde genin nodded.

"Oey, Sasuke-teme, I need you to come here!" he yelled to his rival down there.

Sasuke frowned. "What for?" he shouted back.

"I need you to light up some oil with this fire jutsu of yours!" Naruto replied cheerfully.

Sasuke gritted his teeth. "Damnit dobe! I'm not your fucking lighter!" He frowned when the sunlight above him was blocked. He looked up and squinted his eyes to see what happened…and almost got a heart attack when he realized what it was. "O, SHIT!" he quickly moved out from his spot to avoid being squashed by a horse-sized toad.

"Gamayo will pick you up!" the cheerful warning came too late.

Sasuke's black eyes darted from the toad that stood in the spot where he was standing a second ago to Naruto above angrily. 'That dobe, I swear I'm gonna gut and skin him when it's over!'

"Damnit Naruto, you almost killed me down here with your toad!"

"Eh? But I think I have made sure that Gamayo wouldn't drop on you?" came the innocent reply from the loudmouth shinobi.

"Your calculation was wrong, you son of a bitch!" the Uchiha heir yelled furiously. He would comply with the blond request to go up there and then he would hit him senseless for his stupidity.

"Sorry Sasuke," the dark haired shinobi was surprised to hear him apologize. "But I don't know who my mother is, so I don't know whether she is a bitch or not," came the unexpected reply. Sasuke slapped his forehead in exasperation.

The green toad in front of him croaked impatiently. Sasuke watched the ugly toad (for him) with dread. He climbed on the toad and it jumped toward the toad boss in 5 jumps. Sasuke had to be careful to focus his chakra if he didn't want to fall down. The idea of falling down hundred of meters below didn't sound appealing. He didn't want to become pizza 'a la' Sasuke after all.

"Yo!" Naruto greeted his friend. Gamayo poofed out when it had finished its job.

Sasuke glared at the smiling blond. His hands clenched by his side ready to punch the dobe.

"Hey, black haired kid up there!" the Uchiha boy turned his attention to the toad boss.

"Yes?" he asked respectfully. Ugly or not, he didn't want to anger the infamous toad boss that was known in Konoha's history. Plus, he still had his revenge and he didn't want to get killed now by a toad before he could kick his brother's butt to the moon.

"When I count to three, use your fire jutsu to light up my oil!"

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke nodded.

The 2 shinobis plus 1 summoning beast stared at the still dancing raccoon in front of them. The second round of the battle would start!


Okay some people told me that sharingan can copy taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu. Sigh I know it. I thought that I have made it clear in my Q and As in the unedited version:

Q: Sharingan only copy ninjutsu and taijutsu?

A: Nope, it can copy taijutsu style too.

It seems that I have make a mistake writing genjutsu in 'Q' into taijutsu.Suck! Oh well. shrugs

For the issue of Kankuro and Temari as Gaara's siblings, I have no spare money to rent Naruto once again and I don't have its manga, so I can't search it whether it is true or not, okay? They will remain as Gaara's siblings.