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Chapter 15 (is it?)...


(Tsunade sipped a bit of sake as she stated, pointing, with the bottle, at Kakashi and Gai. "You know what? I bet they don't know that there's a back door that I ordered Shizune to keep unlocked."

Gai gave a scream. "Then they can escape from the back!"

Tsunade stared. "No. I only ordered her to keep the back door unlocked. The door that leads away is kept locked with twelve giant brass locks, nineteen seperate chains that are individually enforced with Chakra and also,just to make sure, we bought Fluffy from Harry Potter (which I do not own!). Thankfully, it only cost us a dollar from each sensei introduced formally on the show."

Kurenai was also sipping sake, which she had stolen from Tsunade's Secret Hoard of Sake. "Well, then, we haven't appeared for a lot of chapters, now, huh? I bet next chapter, we won't appear at all and it'll be all about the students finding the back door, and heading out."

The blonde Hokage drained the rest of the bottle and refilled it with a secret jutsu that we won't tell you. "Perhaps."

Kakashi looked mildly ticked off. "Kurenai! You just spoiled it! I bet Raven or Nightwolf will kill you now."

Kurenai merely laughed and suddenly, she began to choke and cough. "The sake is...POISONED!" She managed to yell rather dramatically before falling to a heap on the floor. Tsunade went over and examined the sake.

"Hey! This is from my Tsunade's Secret Hoard of Sake that I didn't tell anyone about! I wonder how she found it."

Asuma checked her pulse and commented randomly. "Kurenai has a heartbeat so she's still alive. Thank God. We don't want any flamers flaming us about how we killed Kurenai off. Although she never really played much of a part in either series..."

"HEY!" Kurenai sat up sharply. "I do so! I teach Kiba, Hinata and Shino!"

"Kiba's only important cause he's on the Super Team. Hinata's only important cause she likes Naruto and Shino...well...he's the only person who likes bugs so I suppose that makes him important too." Kakashi laughed and said randomly. "You MUST look underneath the underneath."

"Dammit, Kakashi!" Growled Gai. "You just stole a hip and totally youthful outlook on the students! No wonder you're my eternal rival!" And he struck the Cool Guy pose. Unfortunately, while the teachers were idle cause we sorta forgot about them, he had seen the Local Dentists and got every single one of his teeth nice and polished, so they glowed like...miniature suns. Also unfortunately, because the Hokage was kinda running low on money (ahem), they bought cheap darkness-running TVs so they were sitting in the dark, with only the TV light to be their light. (And their awesome see-in-the-dark ninja skills too, I suppose)

The TVs (all 25 of them, mind) started to malfunction. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOO!" Screamed Tsunade, rushing up and slamming one of the TV screens with her fist. This of course, broke it and that wasn't very good for her sanity.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed just about everyone save Gai, who was still in the pose.

Orochimaru and Kabuto...well...I don't exactly remember if they're still alive. But if they are, they're screaming too.


Everybody did and looked up to see...


Tayuya, Deidara, Sakon and Sasori! What are THEY doing here?

"What are YOU GUYS DOING HERE?" Yelped Asuma, hiding behind Kakashi because he knew he was a lame-o and Kakashi wasn't.

Tayuya scowled. "Is that how you greet us, you kuso nezumi-tachi?" She growled.

If Jiroubou were there, he would've said, 'Girls shouldn't swear, Tayuya.' But just for the record, and to honour Jiroubou I suppose, Sakon went, "Girls shouldn't swear, Tayuya."

"Up yours, fatass!" And Sakon fell silent after that rather stinging insult. I'm not fat...He mumbled in his mind.

Sasori and Deidara remained silent. Then, although this is rather OOC considering I didn't pay attention in the comic version, Deidara went, "Mwahahaha! The world will be ours to command after this week!" Sasori joined in with her maniacal laughter.

This is gonna be a loooong week...Was on the minds of all the Jounin senseis.)

((In a place far, far, away))

Iruka sat up in his bed, eyes wide. Mother Hen instincts were kicking in as he yelped. "Naruto! You're in trouble! hold on!" Without another word, he flung off his PJs and...


Yes, dressed in his special mail-ordered Jounin Spandex Outfit and special Jounin Silken Red Cape, he was Super Iruka! And he would save the world...er...Naruto...from all sorts of Akane-ing and to bring Justice! (Note: Akane-ing means to Akane. Thanks to Link and Luigi, although I didn't really ask their permission...but thanks to them for making that up! Since bullying doesn't sound to good anyway)

Super Iruka kicked open his window, took a running leap...

And fell face-first into mud.

"CHIKUSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!" Note: chikushou is another form of kuso. Or shit.

Angrily, but still not giving up, Super Iruka picked himself up, did a few jumping jacks and push-ups on the spot and yelled dramatically. "Hold on, Naruto! Super Iruka-sensei is coming to get you!" And, inserting the Superman theme, he began to run at full-speed, 10 miles per hour, towards the mansion, which ironically, was 1200 kilometres away. Do the math please, if you wish to know.

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