Hey, this is a new one that I got an idea for when I was working on 'Cherry blossoms with a sprinkle of cinnamon.' I hope you like it; it was supposed to be a one shot but turned out more.

So here it is.

Ginny took another shot and slammed it back on the bar. While she was waiting for a refill she looked over at the guy sitting next to her. He slammed his shot glass down on the bar also. The music throbbed through Ginny, that normally would've inspired her to dance but just now it made her angry.

"Hello?" she shouted with unnecessary loudness, over the rumble of the large crowd. "Can't even get good service when you want to get drunk." She sneered.

"Fucking slackers." The guy beside her commented also waiting for another shot. Ginny turned slightly towards him,

"You'd think if they wanted a tip they'd work a little harder for it." She said angrily. At that moment, someone came and gave her another drink. "Give me more of these." She commanded. The bartender looked at her with a raised eyebrow but obliged nonetheless.

"Me too." The guy said.

"It's about time." She mumbled as she tipped her head back with the glass to her lips, draining the liquid in one quick swallow.

"Mm hmm." He acknowledged, also draining his glass with a tip of the head.

"You know what?" she asked and then without waiting for an answer continued, "Boyfriends suck. All they do is ruin your life and steal your free time."

"Cheers to that—only about girlfriends." The man said. There was something oddly familiar about him, but Ginny couldn't put her finger on it.

"You know, being single is so way better than having some stupid bitch drag you down and keep you from doing what you want."

"Cheers." He agreed, they clinked shots and drank. "Hell, if I still had a girlfriend, thank god I don't, then I wouldn't be able to be here getting drunk." Apparently it hadn't occurred to the slightly buzzed fellow that that was in fact the reason he was there.

"Damn right." –angry clink of glasses followed by another downing of whatever it was that they happened to be drinking blindly. "Who needs a boyfriend? All they are is trouble and a major bore."

"All she ever did was whine about her clothes." The guy confided. Ginny nodded then,

"Oh, Ginny, hold my broom while I brush it." –said with a mocking masculine voice.

"Oh, baby, will you brush my hair?"—said with a mocking girly voice.

"Oh, Ginny, do you want to go flying in below zero weather?" –fake masculine tone.

"Oh, honey, why don't you buy me chocolate?" –fake girly voice.

"All those gifts are really superficial." She said, talking for herself now.

"All the nagging is really annoying." They continued bashing relationships for quite a while, by now they can still think somewhat straight.

"Who needs 'em?" she asked rhetorically.

"Not me." He answered anyways.

"Did you get dumped too?" Ginny asked with a sudden seriousness.

"Yeah." The guy sighed. Together they downed yet another shot.

"Screw 'em all. We don't need 'em." She said, her words slightly slurring.

An hour later, Ginny and the guy were laughing drunkenly. Each had their fair share of empty shotglasses at their elbows.

"You, my friend," the guy said sloppily and pointing wavingly at her, his gaze not entirely fixed, (a/n: I can just imagine a johnny depp thing going on here in pirates of the Caribbean.) "Know what you're talking about. You are a true woman."

"I am" she nodded, as if convincing herself.

"You know that too many gifts are stupid."


"You know, I think I want to kiss you."

"Well that's lovely, I think I want to kiss you." Ginny leaned towards him. His lips met hers, and the drunken Ginny thought she had found her soulmate.

"Gods, why was I with that bastard when you were out there?" the guy grinned and ran his hand through her hair.

"Bloody waste of time they were." He growled. Ginny lifted her beer bottle.

"Here's to being single." He clanged his bottle with hers and they downed a drink.

"Here's to getting drunk without being, . . . er,. . ."


"Yeah! Here's to getting drunk without being annoyed!" clanging of bottles and finishing off their drinks. "You are my kind of girl. I think I love you."

"Really now?" Ginny stood up, so did the guy.

"Kiss me again." He said. Ginny needed no further persuasion, and they started to make out shamelessly, until the owner came and broke it up.

"None of that here! There's a hotel next door!" with that, they were shoved outside and led by a bouncer to the hotel.

The guy who accompanied Ginny poured out a few galleons onto the counter and they made their way to their room. They had barely gotten into the room when the guy kissed her then turned to shut the door.

"I love being single." She said with a wicked grin. He smirked and they looked at each other for a few seconds, then they were savagely kissing and. . .

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