Let's begin at the beginning – May 25th, 1958…

…is when George G. Goof was born on a rainy, mild spring day in Spoonerville, Ohio to the parents of Benjamin and Matilda Goof. The loving family had a small house close to the downtown area of Spoonerville, and it was quite a different time and town back then. The town was very small, usually consisting of one of everything. One barber, one garage/gas shop, one discount store, one clothing boutique. Benjamin worked in sales and was always on the road, while Matilda was a homemaker, cooking and cleaning and taking care of their newborn, George. They didn't have it all, but they had enough – just enough mind you to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. When George got older, and whenever his father had time, they would pile into his 1956 baby blue Chevrolet Bel-Air convertible and he would take his son fishing with trailer in tow on their annual trip to Lake Destiny in Idaho. These were good times for George, and he treasured these trips with his father dearly. He even went to Yosemite National Park in Northern California with his Granddad Walter on a couple occasions, learning many things about the past Goof generations. George's fondest wish was to have a son someday of his own, that he could take on trips and to spend time with.

As George grew up, it was plain to see something was different about him. In the way he walked and in the way he talked. He'd often get confused over the smallest thing, and even when you think he got it – he still didn't have a clue. It was starting to show that he was quite the klutz. A simple chore to get milk from the corner store would involve him somehow falling through or flying over something. Or getting stuck or tangled to some miscellaneous item. It was quite apparent to everyone who knew George, such as his teachers and classmates – that George Goof was becoming quite a…well, goof. His parents were worried and they could not afford private schooling for their only son. And as you all know, kids can be so cruel. George's antics often left him a lone loner, and the taunts and teases of elementary school stomped heavily on his self-esteem. The kids even started to come up with a nickname for him…"Goofy". It suited him well…to well even, and as much as he hated the name it stuck all throughout elementary school and labelled him as a mindless dunce.


It wasn't until 1972 where Goofy (henceforth he will be referred to as) entered Spoonerville High School that things were looking up for him. High school was a time to shake off those immature days of elementary school and to grow up – socially, personally and academically. A time to prove how cool you were by hanging with the right people and getting involved with the school's clubs and events. But as his luck would have it, Goofy's reputation preceded him as he entered ninth grade and the kids knew all to well of his goofy ways. It hurt him – socially, personally and even academically – mainly because he could never focus on his studies since every five minutes kids would be harassing him. He did, however, befriend one person back then by the name of Peter Percival, better known as Pete to you and me. Goofy saw Pete as a friend when he defended him one time when the kids were making fun of him. Truthfully, Pete just wanted to be the first to get his lunch money, but Goofy didn't see it that way. Unfortunately being the only "friend" he ever had, Goofy latched onto Pete and he soon regretted his decision to "defend" him as his goofy acts often-involved Pete getting injured somehow. One thing that Pete never forgave Goofy for was ruining his chance on his big receiving pass that would have won the big football game between another rivalling high school. Goofy, as bizarre as he was, became a member of the school's cheerleading/pep squad. Pete was running down the field to catch the pass that would win the game. While running down the field, Goofy, among a girl named Peg and the rest of the squad were on the sidelines cheering on doing their routine. The light wind that day veered the football off to the edge of the field almost going out of bonus. Pete caught the ball right where the cheerleaders were stationed. Unfortunately, just as Pete had caught the ball and was beginning to run to score the winning touchdown, Goofy was in the process of doing a spilt and while doing so jumped up and kicked Pete right in the face causing him to fumble the ball and lose the game. The name "Putty Fingers Pete" would haunt him for quite some time, and Pete was furious at Goofy for what he had done. Goofy, being as dense as a brick was not aware of what he had done, and just blissfully went on his way while Pete was left with a burning desire to rip the goof to shreds.

But all hope was not lost. It seemed with the more goofy things Goofy did, he was attracting attention all over the school grounds. Like the one time he somehow got himself stuck atop of the school flag pole when raising the flag, or when the school had to be evacuated when he mixed the wrong chemicals in science lab. It appeared all this commotion attracted one attractive young girl by the name of Penelope Maple (Penny for short), the head editor of the school's newspaper. She was average height with a slender build whose neck length cut dark red hair was sometimes up in a ponytail. She would often interview Goofy over the event that happened, and it looked as if with the more accidents that ensued with Goofy, Penny couldn't help but…kind of grow fond of his goofiness. It made him unique, and even though he was clumsy and downright stupid at times, he was always good-natured and well meaning in everything he attempted to do. He had such a blind enthusiasm about him that Penny seemed to cherish. Penny even loved that laugh – you know, the "Ah-yuck!"; and Goofy could even pull off the afro look he was sporting, though how he grew it like that was a mystery to her. On the other end of this growing mutual connection, Goofy also started to have feelings for Penny. He thought she looked beautiful in her winged-framed glasses and dark blue bell-bottoms. A great girl with personality and drive, bursting with life groovy-ness. Goofy wanted to be with someone like that – he loved everything about her.

It was after the school year, in the summer of '73 by the time the two friends finally got enough courage to start going out. Both sort of asked at the same time, without really saying a word. One would start talking, stumble over their words and the other would finish the other's sentence. They would often take walks in the park, go to the movies, hang out in what "hot-spots" the town had at that point like Ricky's Roller Rink and El-Babba Burgers – home of the "double cheesin, people pleasin ton of fun on a bun burger", a popular place where the teens of that era ate and had a good time. Penny and Goofy often sat around, listing to each other's records and talked about things like people, the latest popular sitcom or hit single. They were in deep…you could say "like" with each other. They both were glad they could have someone to talk to and share things with.

By the time summer was over, Goofy was getting worried with the oncoming aspect of another school year. Moreover, Goofy was unsure if his relationship to this beautiful girl would last – as he was afraid that as the first day of school came, Penny wouldn't want to be seen with Goofy as a couple. But such feelings of concern were soon abolished, as their relationship continued the blossom and grow over their high school careers. Yes, at first people were highly critical of someone actually dating "the goof", but after a while people just got used to it. Even Goofy's frequent acts of goofiness seemed to be commonplace with the school's staff and peers, and after a while the teases stopped and people accepted him for who he was. By the time prom came around, it was plain to see Penny and Goofy were inseparable from one another – and such maturity was rare at a young age like that. True love was slowly developing between the two.

After graduating as the class of '76, Goofy and Penny found themselves at a crossroad in their relationship. Goofy was going to stay in town and go to a local community college to earn a degree, while Penny had to go to another college that was in another state to earn her degree in journalism. On a warm, summers night they took a stroll in the park down by the lake and settled on a park bench. They looked closely into each other's reflective loving gaze. They were truly in love with one another, and wanted to stay together. Goofy pulled a small box out of his polyester pants pocket a presented Penny with a mood promise ring. With this ring, a promise would be kept until both had achieved their goals at college. They passionately kissed and said their "I love you's" as they looked upon the clear starry night sky.


It wasn't long though until Penny made it into town again, since with her excelling power and smarts she completed her degree in journalism at school a year early, and returned to Spoonerville summer 1978. Goofy, on the other hand had trouble in his studies. He could never focus since his mind was always on Penny, and the next time he would see her loving face again. She surprised Goofy one day after he left his last class. He was getting a drink of water at a fountain when someone tapped him on the shoulder, which resulted in him jumping around and hitting his head on the back of a locker. When Goofy came too, he thought he was dreaming because Penny was crouched over him face to face to see if he was okay. Goofy was ecstatic she was back, and she was more beautiful than ever. College blues aside for Goofy, with Penny in hand it was time to hit the floor at the Spoonerville Disco. Goofy may have been goofy in many ways, but one place where he excelled quite giftedly was in the dancing department. Penny and Goofy loved to bust a move, and both were very good at disco dancing, which was in a full crazed swing at the time. Those funky heavily bassed tunes rumbled through their souls and when that newest track from the latest disco sensation came on and that floor lit up they transformed into two totally different people. They had the looks and had the moves and even won a local dance contest where the grand prize was $500.

It was with great disappointment that Goofy dropped out of college in his third year. It would definitely come back to haunt him with the future of many multi jobs. Even with Penny back in his life, he just could not hack it and always choked on tests. Plus money was getting tighter and he just couldn't afford the rest of his classes at the time. It seemed Goofy's world was slipping out from under him, but there was one thing that he wanted to make sure didn't slip away, and that was Penny. On one faithful summers evening in 1979 they went back to that old park bench as they did before they left for college, except the surprise Goofy had for Penny would be much larger than before. Goofy got down on one knee and would make his declaration of love for the lady in his life. He couldn't afford much, but luckily that $500 prize money they won came in handy. Like deja-vu all over again, he pulled out and opened a small box to uncover a small ring with an even smaller diamond and proposed.

"Penny, will you do me the great honor of becoming my one and only? Penny…will you marry me?" he quietly spoke.

Of course, she was over thrilled with glee and happiness and practically jumped on him and they toppled to the ground. She kissed him hard on the lips saying, "I will."

The only response Goofy could throw out was, "Ah-yuck! Hot-dog, I'm getting married!"

Love was in the air, and there was magic everywhere – they were young and in love…and getting married! Or course, Penny went crazy with what to do – what band/DJ to hire, photographers, caterers, the bride and bride's maid dresses. They didn't have much money, but Penny was going to squeeze each and every…penny, to make her special day the best it could be. As the date approached, Goofy was getting cold feet and wondered what he was going to do. How would they get by and make ends meat? Where would they live? He went in his search for answers to his parents, whom were now in there mid 40's still living in that same small house, now slowly getting towered by growing urban development. Goofy was still living there, and knew he couldn't live there forever. Benjamin & Matilda were thrilled their only child was actually getting married, and they had a little surprise for him. Benjamin gave his son his old small sliver streamline trailer, the same one that was taken on those father/son trips all those years ago, to live in, plus a little funds to get the marriage started on the right track.

Soon the day came in a small ceremony hosted at the local Spoonerville Community Centre's banquet hall. All of Goofy's relatives were there along with Penny's as well. Even Pete came to the ceremony with then girlfriend Peg, who he met at the high school through his football games since she was head cheerleader. They too would be married within the year. As Goofy and Penny exchanged their vows, Goofy couldn't believe he had found a person so special, and as the priest spoke everything seemed to be in slow motion. He looked out among the crowed, looked at his loving soon to be wife, and found himself in awe that he could be so blessed. They both said their "I do's" and kissed the first kiss of man and wife. George and Penelope Goof were married on April 1st, 1980 – April Fool's Day of all days, and it seemed to fit Goofy in the most peculiar way.

With trailer in tow and Goofy barrowing his dad's new little red Jeep, the two newlyweds decided to take their love on the run for their honeymoon, and traveled across America to the one place Goofy knew and loved, Lake Destiny. Not only a good place to fish, but a excellent place for two new lovers to express that new found feeling they have for one another. Parked in a shadowy grove by the lake, with the full moon's rays gleaming onto the waters, two people passionately expressed their love in the willingness of nature, with nothing but the sound of crickets (and a rocking trailer with a squeaky suspension) surrounding the otherwise quiet and embracing atmosphere. They continued to travel the U.S. and most of Canada while taking pictures of all the sights and making a photo album's worth of unforgettable memories. The honeymoon lasted about three months before the two came home to Spoonerville, where they lived in a sheltered, quiet area of a local trailer park. Penny successfully acquired a job at the Spoonerville Spoonful, the town's local paper as a journalist/column writer. Goofy got a job at a small corner store and they both did the best they could. The time came when the two shared their first Christmas together. They sat on the fold out couch in their pyjamas and robes and exchanged their gifts to one another over some hot chocolate. When Penny said she had one more gift left and it was a big surprise, Goofy, excited with anticipation shut his eyes and held his hands out for the gift, which was wrapped in a small plainly colored box. He opened it with great anticipation and what the box revealed were a small pair of baby booties. Goofy just stared at them, and then at his wife, totally dumbfounded.

"I went to the doctor a couple days ago, Goofy…I'm pregnant."

Goofy almost couldn't find his breath. All he could say was a simple-minded, bashful "Gawrsh…I'm gonna be a dad? I'm gonna be a dad!"

Goofy jumped up with excitement. They hugged and laughed and Goofy realized his dreams had come true as a young child – he would finally become a father…that kind of father his father and his father's father was. A good father…