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By: aningme

Anger Management


A cold puff of cloud came out of her mouth, as she watched the small flakes of snow fall down on her face. She felt good, being here in Hogsmeade. She rarely had the time for that anymore, for everything that had came before. Ever since the war had begun, their lives became a living hell. It ought to be. It's a war for Pete's sake. But now it's over, she and her friends had nothing to worry about anymore.

"Hermione!" Harry called out, his head poked out of the door. "We're late already! What are you doing there out in the cold?"

Hermione Granger sighed and turned to her best friend. "I was just breathing in the peaceful air. Don't you think it's a beautiful night?"

"You know what I think? We're late." Ron interjected and pulled her arm. "Instead of wasting our time here and freeze to death, we better get in the party."

Hermione had no choice but to follow him.

As they entered the dark premises, dim lights and the aroma of butter beer dominated the room. In the middle was a sea of bodies, swaying in harmony with the music.

"Oh good, you all made it." Ginny suddenly approached them and gave each of them a kiss. "What took you so long?"

Harry and Ron gave Hermione a look.

"It's my fault." Hermione muttered in contrast with the loud music. Ginny smiled and took her arm.

"Well, now that you're all here, grab a butter beer and have fun." She took a mug on a table and drank. Before she would choke herself, she slammed the mug back on the table with a loud thud and wiped her mouth. "Happy Holidays to all of you."

Ron grabbed the mug from Ginny's hand and drank too. "Cheers for that. Little sis." He muttered. Harry and Hermione smiled.

They did nothing but chat on the table, spilling butter beer every where. Ron and Ginny seemed to be drunk and Harry looked dazed with the alcohol. Hermione just sat quietly in her chair and stared at her friends, all happy and... well... drunk.

"Harry…" Ron mumbled and braced an arm around Harry's slumped shoulders. "You're drunk. You better stop drinking man."

"I already stopped." Harry suddenly burped. "And you're the one who's drunk."

Ron laughed at him and abruptly slammed his face on the table unconscious.

"Ron, don't be silly. Sit properly." Ginny shook Ron's shoulder's, but never got a shrug from her brother. She sighed and decided to drink more.

Hermione decided to put a stop to this. "Um… guys… don't you think that you're drinking too mu—"

"I already stopped. I can't take it anymore." Harry interjected and turned to Ron. His eye glass was loose around his nose and his eyes were droopy for sleep already. Hermione had to smile.

"Harry, you alright there?" Hermione reached over for his hand and shook him. "Harry. Harry. HARRY!"

Harry suddenly turned to her in surprise. "What is it, Cho?"

"Cho?" Hermione pulled her hand from him. "Harry. I'm Hermione. Hermione Granger. Your best friend?"

Harry looked at her like nothing was happening.

"Don't mind him, Mione. He's drunk. He thinks you're Cho." Ginny was starting to laugh already. "He's… He's still all hooked up with Cho..."

Hermione simply stared at her and waited for a minute. And for a minute, Ginny slumped her head on the table, unconscious too.

She looked back at Harry and found him staring at a distance. Hermione followed his gaze and found where they landed. Cho.

"Harry, if you still love her, why don't you go up there and talk to her."

Harry turned to her again, his face all confused.

"Can you understand what I'm saying Harry?"

He didn't answer. Hermione sighed and stood up, forcing him to stand. "Go! Go up there and tell her you still love her!" She commanded and watched Harry walked up to the woman of his dreams. She chuckled for a while and decided to go to the bar counter for a butter beer for herself. Sitting on a stool, she watched as Harry dragged himself to Cho and talked to her. She loved the horror look on Cho's face as a drunken Harry Potter confessed his love for her. At first she seemed confused. Then surprised. Then worried. Then… She really doesn't know. But then, at the end, they hugged. And Cho let Harry sit beside her. Another love problem solved.

She turned away and stared at her own mug. She was good in helping out people with their problems. Like Ron's homework, Ginny's next outfit for the next occasion, and Harry's love life. But still, she can't six her own problems. She felt all alone.

"Your no good friends ditched you?" A man suddenly sat beside her. She quickly snapped her head at him and had to roll her eyes. It was Draco Malfoy.

"Bug off Malfoy. I'm not ditched. I do the ditching." She snapped and drank her mug. She heard him snicker, that annoying snicker of his.

"Then what are you doing here ditching your idiotic friends?"

"They're not idiotic. And it's none of your damn business." She snarled. "What are you doing here Malfoy? Why are you talking to me?"

"Is it bad to talk?" He laughed and got a butter beer for himself. "Besides, I don't like dancing. And I don't like crowded places."

She looked at him in annoyance. "Then bug someone else's ass. Leave me alone."

He suddenly laughed, almost tripping his mug and spilling the butter beer. She figured he was drunk. "Ms. Mud Blood wanted to be alone? Aww… that's too bad..." He cooed and chuckled.

Blood was gushing to her face already. "You're bugging me because you don't have anyone to talk to." She muttered coldly.

He choked on his mug. "Excuse me?"

"Malfoy is all alone, no one to talk to." She cooed, imitating him.

His face flushed red. "I have company, FYI."

"Oh, you mean Crabbe and Goyle?" She pointed at his back. He looked where she was pointing at and saw the two Slytherins sleeping soundly on the table. He frowned and turned back.

"So what if they're sleeping?"

"You have no one to talk to." She chuckled, insulting him.

"So do you." He shot back.

"So what? I don't care." She answered.

Silence followed. Hermione just watched him drink and drink and drink.

"You're drunk. Stop it." She suddenly said, breaking the silence. She took the mug from his hand and held it away from him.

"What the hell do you care, mud blood?" He spat, trying to grab the mug back. But she was stronger than him now. He was swaying already and he couldn't stand up properly.

"You're helpless, Malfoy. Face it." She muttered. But he kept on grabbing her and pulling her arm for his mug.

"Give me my mug, Damn it!"

"You're acting very childish, Malfoy!" She shouted against the loud music.

"I don't fucking care! Give me my mug!"

She had enough. She punched his face, staggering him back to his chair, all woozy.

"There! You stay there and get sober." She said, settling her clothes. "Don't you dare give him another mug, alright?" she added, warning the bartender across her. And walked away.

"Why are you walking away!" Malfoy shouted, grabbing everyone's attention, and stopping her from walking further. "You scared of me, mud blood?"

Everyone turned to Hermione and waited for her to do something.

"I'm not afraid of you Malfoy. I never was."

"Yeah?" He stood up. "Prove it."

Hermione turned to him and walked up to him. "How will I do that?"

"Punch me again."

"What? You're insa—"

"Punch me again."

Everyone stayed quiet. The music turned down and everyone was watching them.

"I said punch me ag—" Before Malfoy could even continue his sentence, Hermione punched him on the other side of his face. His head snapped, but he laughed.

"You had enough?" She asked and walked away again. But he was still laughing.

"You're walking away because YOU ARE afraid of me."

"I said I am not." She turned again to him. "I proved it to you. I punched your damn face."

Everyone turned to Draco for the next move.

"You're walking away because I might punch you back."

Everyone's face turned to Hermione again. She walked up to him, her face an inch away from his.

"Fine. Punch me. I don't care."

"Hermione?" Harry suddenly turned a little sober with all the commotion. He stood up beside Cho and walked up to her. "What's going on?"

"Stay away from this Potty. This is between me and mud blood." Harry's face turned to rage. Cho pulled him back and chilled him down.

"Harry, I can handle this." Hermione said. "Now, Malfoy. Punch me."

Malfoy just stared at her.

"Punch me."

Everything suddenly turned quiet. No body was moving a muscle.

"I said punch me—"

Staggering to the floor, Hermione fell over Harry and brought both of them to the ground. Malfoy just stared down at them.

"Satisfied, mud blood?" He spat and snickered again.

Hermione cursed and stood up again. And before they knew it they were exchanging blows.

Still that night…

"I couldn't possibly believe it!" Professor McGonagall shouted from her desk. "Especially you Mr. Malfoy! Hitting a girl in a Christmas party! That is absurd!"

Malfoy grumbled as he shifted the bag of ice on his aching head. He was still having a hangover and his face ached with Hermione's punches. And so does Hermione's. "She asked for it. I wouldn't blame myself."

"But still Mr. Malfoy, you shouldn't have given in with her. And you Ms. Granger." Professor McGonagall sighed heavily. "I expected a lot from you. But nothing like this." She shook her head.

"But he was asking for it too. He was drunk and he kept on insulting me—"

"You both should have controlled yourself." She crudely cut Hermione off. "Now, I suppose you two deserve a detention."

"Detention? But, professor, it's Christmas holiday!" Draco protested.

"Yes I know." McGonagall snapped. "But you two should have proper punishments immediately."

"But what about our trips this vacation?" Hermione asked.

"You could cancel them for now."

Hermione and Draco both grumbled quietly.

"I suppose you two will be having the Anger Management Program."

"Anger Management!" Both Hermione and Draco shrieked.

"Yes. With Hagrid." Both of them felt weak in their insides. "You will be starting your chores on the day vacation starts. And that's final. Understood?"

"Yes, professor."

Damn! What could be worse than spending the vacation with Malfoy! Hermione thought, feeling the need to weep.

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