Before You Say, "I Do"
By Starian Princess

Does he really hate her as much as everyone thinks he does?

Seto stared at his younger brother's ecstatic face, just before he had turned around to put down the receiver. The statement, apparently, hadn't fully registered and he simply couldn't stop himself from asking again.

"Could you repeat that?"

His brother stopped mid-sentence as if he had been prevented from proclaiming his love for ice cream, and he turned to face the stoic man sitting behind the mahogany desk.

Seto inwardly cringed as he watched his brother's face turn from a look of pure joy to one of true disappointment.

"You weren't listening to me were you, Seto?"

Considering his options, he decided that telling the truth would be the better choice.

"No, Mokuba. I'm sorry but I didn't catch everything you said since you were practically ranting already."

Right, honest but blunt. That didn't seem to impress the younger Kaiba at all, he noted as he watched Mokuba's frown deepen.

"Well excuse me, big brother, for being very happy. But two of our friends are getting married you know."

"And who might these two friends happen to be?"

Mokuba sighed as he picked up the invitation lying on the table top. Carefully flipping it open, he read the lines Seto had been dreading to hear all along.

"To: Seto Kaiba and Mokuba Kaiba. You have been invited to witness the marriage of Yugi Mutou and Tea Gardner."